Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Golden Coin Purse
by SuSu

Viktor Krum never had any trouble attracting women to him, but he considered them distractions. He worked hard to be the best student at Durmstrang Institute, as well as to be the very best athlete in the wizarding world. His efforts paid off when he was selected to be the starting seeker for the Bulgarian national team, something which gave him more happiness than any girl could possibly, or so he thought.

After he was presented at Hogwart's for the Tri-Wizard Tournament, he had to suffer the gaggle of Hogwart's girls following him around as he physically trained. The only place he seemed to get some peace was in the library and study halls, where silence was strictly observed. Excused from exams, he didn't need to study, but he enjoyed not having to "perform" for either the girls or for his classmates who pressed him to train harder, better, faster!

It was while sitting and daydreaming in the library (he had learned to ignore the stares of those who would ogle him) when he noticed a girl NOT staring at him. He wondered what was wrong with her, for everyone else was staring at Viktor Krum! And as he inspected her from a safe distance, he realized that she was not like any woman he had known before. For one, she had no interest in him at all, no matter how long he stared at her as she studied.

The Yule Ball was approaching, and the young men of Durmstrang selected the "best" of the Hogwart's and Beauxbatons women to divvy up between themselves. Viktor did not participate in the selection, saying he would choose from the other boys' "leftovers." They were all agog at his "generosity," not understanding that Viktor was focussed on a small, mousey, disinterested, 14-year old bookworm whom they wouldn't want; but how to get her to come with him?

He studied Hermione more closely than he'd studied anything ever before — even more intensely than he'd studied Quidditch! He noted that she was researching books on particular topics ... and knowing she would take a particular book off the shelf at a particular time, he slid a note on the page she'd last looked at the night before. It read, "Come to the lakeshore before breakfast, to the spot where I saw you reading this book. I will give you a purse containing a golden coin, in return for an answer to my question." It even sounded dorky to him, but what could he do? He found he could not do more than look at her and smile self-consciously when he was near her ... he could not afford to be a bumbling paramour to her, not in public!

She did come and without a word, he handed her an egg and motioned for her to crack it into a pan holding hot oil. Hermione jumped at the splattering, but he put his hand on her arm to assure her she was safe, and he skillfully flipped what otherwise would be a fried egg into an little semi-circular purse. Hermione watched in fascination as he handed her a small plate of hot rice, over which he carefully lifted the cooked egg. Viktor next handed her the salt and pepper, so she could season the dish to her preference, then he spooned a small amount of hot sauce over that.

When she opened the "purse," the warm, soft yolk ran into the rice as a sauce, and the two of them ate in silence. They were sharing a meal which they'd made together. He took her hand when they were done, kissed her gently on the cheek, and whispered gratefully, "Thank you for consenting to be my escort to the Yule Ball."

Was it Viktor's arrogance and strong presence that made her say yes? Or did an artfully prepared fried egg tell Hermione everything she needed to know about this romantic man and serve as his unspoken request?

(In truth, she hadn't responded at that moment, being undecided and giddy ... but she'd decided to go with Viktor after that scene when Ron implied she was such a loser that no one would ask her to the ball! Obviously, she was the type of "loser" whom the likes of Viktor Krum would take to the Yule Ball.)

  • 2 teaspoons oil
  • 1 egg
  • salt, to taste
  • pepper, to taste
  • 1 cup rice, cooked, hot (reheated rice is fine)
  • hot pepper sauce, to taste (optional)
Heat a small pan over high heat, then add the oil, turning it this way and that till the bottom is coated with oil. Break the egg into a cup or small bowl, then slide it into the oil, being careful not to let the spattering oil hit you! Season the egg with salt and pepper now, if you wish, or wait till you've served it. When the bottom of the egg is browned and crispy, use a heat-proof spatula and carefully turn the egg over itself so that it forms a semi-circle, or half-moon shape. Put light pressure on the edges of the "purse" so that the edges seal together. When the whites have cooked and the yolk is still rather runny, carefully remove the egg from the oil and place on top of hot rice. If you'd like you can add salt and pepper now if you haven't already, and hot sauce, if you'd like it.

Serves 1 person as a lght meal, or two romantic people.

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