Jade's Scion: Chapter 4 — Ben Rating: PG

Ben smiles as he watches the stars elongate and the tunnel to hyperspace reach up and engulf his ship.

To him the jump into hyperspace has always appeared so magical. He finds something about it so transcendent, so mythical.

As he stands up, he wonders why exactly he brought the woman on board. He knows it was a prompting from the Force and for the thousandth time he wished the Force would just leave him alone.

With a scowl on his face, he stomps back to the cabin where he had dropped off the Jedi. He opens the door and sees her there on the bed, limbs in disarray, and her head at an odd angle, one that guarantees she would awaken with a hurting neck.

His features softening, he silently goes about straightening her up on the bed, he then removes her boots, and grabs a thin blanket from the overhead compartment.

He places the blanket over her, and takes another moment to run his hands through her silky black hair.

"Jedi or not, she's beautiful."

The sound of his own voice startles him, and he quickly stands and backs away from her, going into the common room.

Once back out into the common room, Ben picks up a data pad from the work bench and throws it across the room. Once more wondering why the Force refused to leave him alone.

He collapses onto the couch, placing his hands over his eyes.

"The Force does not leave you alone, because you are the Force's own."

Ben looks up at the blue form before him, the far bulkhead visible through the shimmering being. Ben frowns at the Jedi robes, shaggy shoulder-length blonde hair, and the smooth boyish face, marred only by the scar over the right eye.

"Who are you?"

The Force ghost smiles at Ben. "That does not matter right now Ben. Just trust in the Force. There is usually a reason for these things."

"But you see, there lies the problem. I don't trust in the Force, I trust in my blaster and my ship. What else do I need?"

The blue form chuckles as it begins to fade, and says one last word. "Lunch."

Ben heaves himself up from the couch, noticing for the first time his hunger and goes to prepare a small meal for himself and his guest, prisoner, hostage, confessor, confidant. He wonders exactly what she is to him, and what the Force expects from him now. What it expects from her.

As he works, and wonders, he hears the sound of her cabin door opening and sees her step out of the cabin she was in. Feeling mischievous, he asks, "Sleep well?"

He watches her face as her eyebrows come ever so slightly closer together. "Where are we?"

Ben theatrically looks around the common area. "If I didn't know better, I'd say my ship."

He feels a slight amusement as he sees the anger flash in her eyes. "What are you doing?"

With her question, he lets a smirk tug at his mouth. "Fixing some lunch, would you care for some?"

As he watches, he can see her work through her confusion. "Am I your prisoner?"

He sets the small table and looks at her. "Well, that would be fitting since you attempted to arrest me. What do you say, are you my prisoner?"

He pulls out her chair, and motions for her to sit. As she does, she looks at him curiously. "If I am, this is the strangest way I've ever seen a prisoner treated."

He serves them both, and then sits across from her. "True, but I am all out of fresh shackles, and from my understanding they often don't work against Jedi."

"So are all of your prisoners feed in this manner, and have this type of discussion with you?"

He laughs slightly. "Well, if you decide that you are my prisoner, then I would have to say yes, because you would be my first."

This time, he notices that she lightly bites her bottom lip as she considers his answer. "Well, if I am not your prisoner, what else could I be?"

"This I have been asking myself and the possibilities of what you could be are prisoner, which is the obvious one, then there is hostage, kidnap victim, and guest. Then we have the more esoteric ones such as confessor, confidant and of course my personal favorite, romantic interest."

As he says that last one, he gives her a wink, causing her to laugh. "You know Whitesun; you're not what I was expecting."


Somewhat startled at hearing himself say his own name, he almost fails to hear her reply as she asks, "Excuse me?"

"Ben. My name is Ben. So, how many smugglers have you known to give you an expectation on a smuggler's behavior?"

"Okay Ben, I'm Jysella, well my mother used to be one, long before I was born. My mother and ..."

Ben feels himself sit up straighter at her name. Old memories of his time at the Jedi Academy right after the Swarm War surfaces. He remembers a slightly older, but pretty girl, with brilliant green eyes. He can remember sitting behind her during lessons on negotiating, and never quite being able to work up the nerve to actually talk to her.

He recognizes that pretty girl now, in the tilt of her chin, the color of her eyes. He can see those brilliant green eyes, though they have been dimmed slightly by life and adulthood.

She pauses, a brief look of confusion on her face. Then she continues. "Yes my Mother used to be one of the best. But when my dad became a full-time Jedi Knight she stopped the trade. To stay home and raise me and my brother, but when I was growing up, she would tell me stories of those times."

From the look on her face, Ben thinks that it might be best to switch the topic from the past, back to the present. "So you still have not answered the question. Which shall you be? Prisoner, hostage, or guest?"

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