Jade's Scion: Chapter 16 — Ben Rating: PG

Ben is sitting in the common area of the Jade's Scion. On the table in front of him is the silver handle of Jysella's lightsabre.

He reaches out to touch it, and at the last second pulls back. He does this in much the same way he has been doing for the past six hours of this jump.

"Go ahead and pick it up, after all, the lightsaber is in your blood. Skywalkers are naturals with the weapon."

Ben looks up at the ghost standing before him. "How wonderful! Yet another visit from beyond the grave. What can I do for you today, Anakin?"

Ben watches as the ghost smiles at him. "You can trust the Force. Pick up the sabre and turn it on."

Ben reaches out and grabs the sabre, and ignites it. It's silver shaft sparkling, as an occasionally purple wave would run up to the tip. Ben stands and quickly falls into one of the katas that were drilled into him at a young age.

Ben stops and holds the sabre up in front of him, closing his eyes. He lets the thrum of the sabre fill him and can feel the pure goodness that went into the making of it. As he stands there holding the sabre, he can feel the wholeness of the galaxy, the diversity of existence.

"Can you feel it?"

Ben's eyes pop open, he had forgotten about his visitor. He shuts down the sabre and tosses it onto the table before looking at the ghost. "I felt nothing, nothing but an archaic and useless weapon."

"You can lie to me all you want, but you should never lie to yourself."

"I don't want the Force!"

"The Force doesn't care. You have a destiny to fulfill, and fulfill it you will. The pieces are already set, the game is in play."

Ben sits back down on the couch. "My life is not a game."

"All life is a game."

"Why me?"

"I believe I have already answered that question."

Ben can feel himself grinding his teeth, and with an effort he forces himself to stop. "Do you realize just how annoying you are?"

Anakin throws his head back and laughs. As he continues laughing he sits on the table across from Ben. "Actually, you would be surprised just how much I do know. My Master used to say such things, and I despised it. Of course now I know just how right he was."

Ben gets up and walks into the cockpit slipping into the pilot's chair.

"You can't run from it anymore Ben."

Ben looks over his shoulder and sees the ghost sitting in the copilot's station. Frowning he says, "I got a horizon class because I didn't want a copilot besides Fiver, you can go away anytime."

"With the Force or without, you will face your destiny."

Ben turns back around to watch the blue swirl of hyperspace. Letting its swirls soothe and calm him. When he turns back around the ghost is gone once more. Sighing, he leans his head against the headrest and wonders just what those final words meant.

The beeping from the navicomputer takes his attention, and Ben prepares to drop out of hyperspace. As the timer reaches five seconds he suddenly grasps the levers, and pulls them back, dropping the ship out of hyperspace early.

With a flicker of pseudo-motion, the stars reappear around him, as well as three X-wing star fighters. They are sitting slightly ahead of him, aimed where his ship should have dropped out of hyperspace.

Frowning, he activates the defensive systems, and arms the torpedo array. As the X-wings begin to turn around and face him, he gains a quick target lock on the first X-wing and lets a torpedo fly.

Not waiting to see if it hits, he pours power into his sublight engines and the Scion jumps ahead, twisting around the fighters.

An explosion to his starboard aft, tells him that he now only faces two fighters. He sends his ship into a dive, as a warning light tells him that he is in a target lock himself.

Muttering curses under his breath, he releases the counter measures, and spins the Scion around. Running straight toward one of the X-wings, he activates a turbolaser. Sighting the weapon instinctively he fires and can feel a surge of triumph as the blast rips away two of the s-foils. He fires a second time, and can see the nose of the X-wing shred away, dumping proton torpedoes out into space.

The feeling of triumph is short-lived as he notices that his aft shields are down to fifty percent.

Ben looks into his rear scopes and sees the last X-wing there, taking potshots at him. He can feel a surge of anger at the anonymous fighter pilot and quickly shunts all power into his aft shields.

Then he puts full power into the reverse thrusters, throwing the Scion at the X-wing.

There is a growling sound of stressed metal as the X-Wing is unable to fully evade the Scion. Ben sees it flash past the cockpit, one of its wings pulled back at an odd angle and wonders just how much damage to his ship that caused. He aims the turbolaser again, and presses the fire button.

Instead of the weapon firing, Ben hears the sound of a small explosion from his own engine compartment.

Cursing loudly, he spins the ship, and once more activates the torpedo array; he gets a lock, just as his own warning system lights up. He quickly fires his torpedo, and shifts all energy to the bow shields.

Both torpedoes impact nearly at the same time, Ben's quickly overpowers the X-Wings shields and destroys the fighter. The fighter's torpedo explodes against the Scion's shields, the energies released in the explosion quickly over powering them, sending her into an uncontrolled tumble, dead in space.

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