Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia, Chapter 8
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Bethany Handcuff

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Less than ten minutes later, Mirta, Ta'tan'ia, and Trista arrived at the Royal Dungeons. Trista led them inside one of the punishment rooms, the same one Ta'tan'ia had submitted to Moff Fel the previous night. Mirta Gev hit a button on the remote Chief Daala had given her, and ordered Ta'tan'ia to strip. While she did, Trista began showing Madame Gev where everything was.

Once Mirta was satisfied, she ordered Trista to wait outside, and make sure they weren't disturbed. Trista assured her that she would, and left. Then she turned to watch Ta'tan'ia get undressed. When the submissive Jedi got down to her durasteel corset, Mirta told her to take it off as well. In less than a minute the purple-skinned Twi'lek was down to her tracking collar, chrono, comlink, and chastity belt.

Once again Ta'tan'ia thought of herself as a speeder being loaned to a friend. Or a submissive sex-slave being loaned to a friend. Maybe Chief Daala gave Madame Gev the code to unlock her chastity belt this time, though.

Mirta Gev was still in her full armor, including her helmet. She slowly circled Ta'tan'ia, inspecting her from every angle. “I must say, Ta'tan'ia, you look really sexy in beskar restraints,” Mirta said as she reached out and tugged on Ta'tan'ia's tracking collar from the rear. “Like a purple-skinned slavegirl, ready to please her Mistress.”

“Thank you, Madame,” Ta'tania replied cheerfully as she felt Mirta pull her hands behind her back, and lock her chrono and comlink together with a short chain. “And I'm very eager to please you, Madame Gev.” While she might submit to others, only Chief Daala was Ta'tan'ia's true Mistress.

“I'm wearing a beskar collar as well, Jedi,” Mirta said as she raised her head to show what looked like a collar just inside the bottom lip of her helmet. “The difference is, mine protects me from attacks, while yours is a symbol of your submissiveness.”

Ta'tan'ia certainly couldn't argue with that. She loved the fact that Chief Daala could track her anywhere in the galaxy with her tracking collar. She also loved it when she attached a leash to it, or used her chrono and comlink to cuff her. “Yes, Madame Gev,” she replied with a smile.

“Kneel, Jedi slave,” Mirta instructed her.

“Yes, Madame Gev,” Ta'tan'ia replied, still smiling. As she knelt, Mirta came back around in front of her.

Then Mirta began taking off her yellow and gray armor. In a couple of minutes she was naked except for her boots. Ta'tan'ia admired her toned body as she walked back towards her.

Mirta stopped standing directly in front of her. Ta'tan'ia gazed up at her as she put a hand on each side of her head. Without saying a word, Mirta gripped each of her lekku, and guided her mouth to her pussy.

Just like the night before, Ta'tan'ia began licking the pussy of a virtual stranger, just because Chief Daala had told her to. Actually, Ta'tan'ia wouldn't have minded licking either Moff Fel's or Madame Gev's pussy, but she knew that she was doing it to please her Chief of State. Come to think of it, Chief Daala hadn't even actually told her to submit to either of them. She had just made her wishes clear, and Ta'tan'ia had eagerly obeyed, just like she should.

Ta'tan'ia quickly set those thoughts aside, and concentrated on pleasuring Madame Gev. In a couple of minutes, she was moaning and grunting in arousal. Ta'tan'ia gently blew on her clit between sticking her tongue into her wet snatch. Every time she groaned particularly loud, Madame Gev would squeeze her lekku, which hurt quite a bit. Still, Ta'tan'ia kept her tongue busy pleasuring her as best she could.

Finally, Ta'tan'ia sensed her arousal surge, and felt her squeeze her lekku hard as she moaned out in orgasm. Ta'tan'ia had to use the Force to stay conscious as Madame Gev crushed her tender tchin-tchun. Still, she kept licking until she recovered, and told her to stop, just like she had learned from her ProCorps training material.

“That was fantastic, Ta'tan'ia!” Mirta said as she sat down on the throne-like chair against the wall. “Are all Jedi as talented with their tongues as you are?” she asked as she leaned back and relaxed.

“Um, I'm not sure, Madame,” Ta'tan'ia replied as she licked the last of her pussy juice off her lips. “I only know about a few personally,” she added with a smile. Ta'tan'ia knew of quite a few Jedi that had very talented dicks, but she didn't think Madame Gev was interested in that.

While she had had her pussy licked by a few Jedi before Chief Daala had locked her into her chastity belt, she couldn't judge if they were as good as she was. Ta'tan'ia missed getting fucked by Master Durron in particular, though.

“That might have even been more fun than fighting you, Jedi,” Mirta responded as she absently traced a finger over her still moist pussy.

Ta'tan'ia wondered if she had actually faced any Jedi in combat. She knew she had trained against Jaina some, and fought against Darth Cadeus a little. “Thank you, Madame,” she answered. “I certainly enjoyed pleasuring you more than I would fighting you,” she said with a smile.

Mirta smiled back at her as she stood up. “How do you know, if you've never tried to fight me?” she asked as she walked back over to her.

“Um, I don't know, Madame,” Ta'tan'ia replied tentatively, looking up at her. “And I'd really rather not try and find out, Madame,” she added politely.

Actually Ta'tan'ia was a little curious how she would fare against a Mandalorian, especially the Mandalore's granddaughter, but she knew that Chief Daala wouldn't want her to fight Madame Gev, or fight at all for that matter, and she definitely didn't want to disobey Chief Daala.

Mirta smiled down at her. “Well, as much as I'd love to beat the shavit out of you, I wouldn't want to injure Chief Daala's pet Jedi,” she said as she gave her a light kick to her stomach with the toe of her boot.

Ta'tan'ia wasn't quite sure how to respond to that. She was relieved that Madame Gev didn't seem to want to put her in a bacta tank for a day, though.

“At least in a fight,” Mirta said with an evil smile as she reached down and pinched her nipple—hard. “Luckily Chief Daala didn't say anything about me putting you in a Jedi healing trance for awhile.”

Ta'tan'ia yelped in pain as she pulled against her cuffs. Just as she had been trained, she didn't even try to flinch away. “I'm sure she meant to, Madame,” Ta'tan'ia protested. She tried to sense if Madame Gev was serious about hurting her enough to make her go into a healing trance, but she couldn't be sure. She would just have to trust Chief Daala to take care of her.

Mitra pulled up on her nipple, and Ta'tan'ia obediently climbed to her feet. Next Mirta guided her—by her nipple—to a chain that disappeared into a small hole in the ceiling.

Mirta pulled about a meter of the chain down from out of the hole, and locked the end to the chain between Ta'tan'ia's chrono and comlink. Ta'tan'ia watched her walk over to the control panel on the wall, hit a button, and felt the chain rise into the ceiling, pulling her cuffed wrists along.

When her arms where raised high enough to force her to start bending over to relieve the pressure, Mirta stopped the chain. Then Ta'tan'ia watched her pick out a spreader-bar that looked about a meter long, with cuffs welded to each end. Mirta leaned down and locked one cuff around her left ankle. Then, Ta'tan'ia obediently spread her legs apart as she locked the opposite cuff around her right ankle.

The spreader-bar felt about three meters long. Since her legs were spread so wide, it put more of her weight on her arms and shoulders. To make matters worse, Mirta promptly raised the chain again, until she was practically standing on her tip-toes.

Ta'tan'ia grimaced in pain as she eyed the control panel. It would be easy to reach out with the Force and lower the chain a few centimeters to relieve the strain on her shoulders. She didn't though, because Chief Daala wanted her to be a good, submissive Jedi for Madame Gev, who wanted her in a strict strappado. Ta'tan'ia was also more than a little turned on by the tight bondage. She definitely hoped Chief Daala had given Madame Gev the code to her chastity belt. Maybe she would fuck her from behind with a strap-on or something.

As she tried to relieve some of her pain, Ta'tan'ia watched Madame Gev pick out a thick nerfhide blindfold. A few seconds later, it was securely wrapped around Ta'tan'ia's head, cutting off her vision completely.

Ta'tan'ia strained to hear her movements as Madame Gev walked barefoot around the room. Luckily she could sense her through the Force without to much trouble, though. She sensed her go back to the supplies, then return.

There was a moment of silence, then Ta'tan'ia felt the hard bite of metal on her nipple. Ta'tan'ia winced in pain, and felt Madame Gev put a second clamp on her other nipple. Suddenly Ta'tan'ia felt the sting of a multi-tailed flogger hitting her ass and upper thigh. She screamed in pain, and felt it hit her again.

Thanks to the spreader-bar and tight strapaddo bondage, Ta'tan'ia could barely move a centimeter, and Madame Gev was hitting her too fast to anticipate the blows. She just did her best to keep her sensitive lekku out of the flogger's path.

Madame Gev stopped, put her hand on top of Ta'tan'ia's head, and lifted it. “We are going to have so much fun, Jedi!” she said with glee.

With that she let go of her head, and Ta'tan'ia felt the flogger hit the back of her head, and lekku. She gasped in pain, and almost lost consciousness.

“Please don't do that, Madame Gev,” Ta'tan'ia begged her, after several seconds, once the excruciating pain had subsided somewhat.

“I just wanted to see how sensitive your braintails really are,” Madame Gev said as she gently stroked her right lek—her tchun. Then Ta'tan'ia felt her set the flogger down on the middle of her back. “You're still conscious, so I don't know why you're complaining anyway,” she added as she gave her tchun a not-quite-hard squeeze.

Ta'tan'ia gasped in pain again. She barely sensed Madame Gev walk back to the bondage supplies. A few moments later Ta'tan'ia felt a synthrubber gag at her mouth.

Ta'tan'ia really didn't want to be gagged by Madame Gev. She just didn't trust her enough since she might be planning on putting her in a bacta tank. She defiantly kept her mouth shut, even though she knew how helpless she was.

“Open up,” Madame Gev told her with a light squeeze of her tchin.

Ta'tan'ia automatically opened her mouth to cry out, and Madame Gev pushed the cockgag past her lips. It stopped at the back of her mouth. Ta'tan'ia tried to push it back out, but Madame Gev had the strap pulled tight in a flash. Ta'tan'ia groaned in frustration, and gave up struggling.

Then Ta'tan'ia felt her pick the flogger up off her back. A split-second later, she felt it land on her lower back. She moved the tip of her tchin out of it's path in the nick-of-time.

Suddenly Ta'tan'ia sensed Madame Gev pause a moment, then step over to the bondage supplies, and return. Ta'tan'ia sensed the barest flicker of a warning before she felt the sharp sting of a crop strike the back of thighs.

“I've come up with a fun game,” Madame Gev announced from behind her. “I'll use this crop to try and hit the pink tips of your braintails, and you try to move them and make me miss,” she explained.

Frakk, Ta'tan'ia thought in horror. While the ends of her tchun-tchin weren't quite as sensitive as thicker sections near her head, she definitely didn't want them getting hit with a crop. Ta'tan'ia groaned into her gag, and vehemently shook her her head no, causing her tchun-tchin to move back and forth as well.

“That's the idea!” Madame Gev said as she lashed out with her crop.

Ta'tan'ia felt the crop hit her mid-back, near her right side, missing the tip of her flailing tchun by millimeters. A moment later she was barely able to flick her tchin out of the way, and felt the crop hit her again, this time on the top of her ass, just below the waist belt of her chastity belt. Ta'tan'ia heard Madame Gev laugh, and felt the crop hit her again, with Ta'tan'ia barely getting the tip of her tchun out of the way this time.

It didn't take Ta'tan'ia long to become exhausted from the stringent strapaddo, and trying to keep the ends of her lekku out of the crop's path. Even when Madame Gev missed, she still hit her back or ass. A few times Ta'tan'ia was sure that she didn't even aim for her lekku, and just cropped her somewhere on her helpless body. Eventually Ta'tan'ia dropped her tchun-tchin to either side of herself, so when Madame Gev would miss her lekku, she wouldn't hit her somewhere else anyway.

“You will keep the ends of your braintails on your back, Jedi,” Madame Gev instructed her, giving the thicker part of her tchun a few hard taps with her crop.

Ta'tan'ia screamed into her gag, then obeyed with a groan of frustration.

Every time Madame Gev's crop hit the tip of her tchun or tchin, Ta'tan'ia gasped in pain. That usually distracted her from trying to anticipate the next blow, which would often hit her lekku as well.

Eventually, Ta'tan'ia grew so weary Madame Gev was able to hit the tips of her poor lekku consistently. Besides her throbbing tchun-thcin, Ta'tan'ia's shoulders were killing her, and her entire back, ass and sides hurt from so many misses of Madame Gev's crop. Somehow, Ta'tan'ia started being able to anticipate where Madame Gev was going to hit her, but she was so tired she couldn't move her lekku out of the way fast enough.

Madame Gev finally stopped cropping her after hitting her lekku half-a-dozen times in a row. Ta'tan'ia hung exhausted in her restraints. After a few moments, she felt the chain holding her wrists up behind her back being lowered. She dropped down from her tip-toes, and somehow managed to stay on her feet.

“Well, I guess that's enough fun for now,” Madame Gev commented as she unlocked the spreader-bar from Ta'tan'ia's ankles.

Ta'tan'ia listlessly brought her near-numb legs closer together. She felt Madame Gev's hand behind her back, and suddenly her wrist cuffs were unlocked from the ceiling chain. Ta'tan'ia fell, and Madame Gev caught her, then lowered her to the floor, with her wrists still cuffed behind her back.

Ta'tan'ia looked up at Madame Gev. She didn't know if she wanted to Force-hurl her into a wall for keeping her in the painful strapaddo so long, and cropping her tchun-tchin so much, or thank her for keeping her in the tight, strict, bondage for so long, and catching her as she fell. After a couple of moments, Ta'tan'ia just groaned into her gag, and dropped her head onto the duracrete floor.

As Ta'tan'ia watched from her prone position on the floor, Madame Gev nonchalantly began putting her armor back on. Ta'tan'ia assumed that that meant they were finished. She was a little disappointed that she wouldn't be opening her chastity belt and fucking her, but she really just want to rest awhile. Once Madame Gev had her armor in place except her helmet, she called Trista back in.

“Yes, Madame Gev?” Trista asked as she entered the room.

Ta'tan'ia glanced up at her, and saw her smile down at her.

“I'm finished with Jedi Ta'tan'ia,” Madame Gev told her. “Help her get dressed, then both of you report to Chief Daala.”

“Yes Madame,” Trisa replied with a smile.

As Mirta walked out, Ta'tan'ia saw her key the remote to her restraints, weakening the maglocks, she assumed.

“Wow you're sexy,” Trista said as she knelt next to her. She ran her hand down her side, caressing her breast. “It's too bad we're both wearing our chastity belts.”

Ta'tan'ia looked back up at her, and grunted her agreement into her gag as gave her a flirtatious wink. While she wouldn't mind having some kinky fun with her, she was far too worn-out at the moment. Ta'tan'ia pulled against her cuffs, and the chain popped free from her comlink.

Trista carefully helped her sit up, then climb to her feet. She helped her shuffle over to the throne, where Ta'tan'ia sat down wearily, and ran through a Jedi-rejuvenation exercise.

Nearly twenty minutes later, Ta'tan'ia and Trista were at the Royal offices, reporting to Regent Daala. Ta'tan'ia was dressed in her Jedi ProCorps-style uniform once again. Regent Daala told her that Mirta Gev had been quite pleased with her performance, and told Ta'tan'ia to rest for a few hours, and that she would summon her when she needed her again.

“Thank you, Your Highness,” Ta'tan'ia replied.

Ta'tan'ia went back to her room, and stripped off her uniform. Once she was down to her tracking collar, chrono, comlink, and chastity belt, she laid down on the bed, and went to sleep.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

That evening, Regent Daala hosted a dinner for some of the Hapan Noblewomen, celebrating the Empire's departure from the Hapes Consortium. After a few hours sleep, Ta'tan'ia's chrono alarm went off. She instantly woke up, quickly got dressed, and reported to Chief Daala. DP was helping her get dressed for the dinner.

Ta'tan'ia cheerfully began helping DP get Regent Daala ready. After a while, Regent Daala dismissed DP to get ready herself, while Ta'tan'ia stayed to continue assisting her.

“You look beautiful, Your Highness,” Ta'tan'ia told her with a smile as she made some adjustments to the gorgeous scarlett, black, and white gown that the Hapans had prepared for their Regent.

The bodice of the nearly floor-length gown was inspired by Regent Daala's Admiral's uniform she had worn for so long. Underneath that she wore a body-shaping under-bust waist cincher. A pair of glossy black boots with ten-centimeter heels were on her feet. Regent Daala was also wearing an extremely expensive jeweled bracelet on her right wrist, with a matching ring on her finger, and matching earrings.

“This looks like something Ysanne Isard would wear,” Regent Daala commented derisively.

Ta'tan'ia giggled, more out of an automatic desire to please Chief Daala than anything else. All of her jokes were funny, no matter what. Ta'tan'ia knew the former head of Imperial Intelligence—dead over thirty-four years now—wore a scarlet Admiral's uniform.

“She couldn't possibly look as stunning as you do wearing this, Your Highness,” Ta'tan'ia assured her.

Chief Daala let out a hmmph in response.

A few moments later, Ta'tan'ia stepped over to a dresser, picked up a heavy, ornate, wooden box, and brought it to the table near Regent Daala. Then she opened the box, and presented her with her crown.

Regent Daala lifted the dazzling crown out of the box, and set it onto her own head with satisfied smile.

“You look amazing, Your Highness!” Ta'tan'ia gushed.

“Thank you, Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala replied with a genuine smile. “I like this much better.”

Regent Daala stood regally in front of three large floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The ones on either side were at an angle, so she could see either side of herself without turning.

Ta'tan'ia climbed onto a small stool behind Regent Daala, and began adjusting her crown. Then she began methodically checking every square centimeter of her and her gown for the slightest speck of dust. Ta'tan'ia even knelt before her, and buffed her glossy boots to perfection.

“You know Ta'tan'ia, I never get tired of a Jedi kneeling before me,” Chief Daala commented with a smile.

Ta'tan'ia paused a moment, and looked up at her. “And I for one, never get tired of kneeling at your feet, Your Excellency,” she replied with her own smile. Ta'tan'ia promptly returned to her task of making Regent Daala as beautiful as possible for her dinner.

“These heels are killing my feet,” Chief Daala complained after a moment. “I don't know why I ever let Tenel Ka talk me into wearing them.”

“You look fantastic in them,” Ta'tan'ia told her. “Very elegant.”

Ta'tan'ia thought of the eighteen-centimeter stiletto heels she wore—locked on at her ankles and just below her knees—everyday, all day long. DP, Jaina and several others wore similar ones as well. Kriff, the shoes Ta'tan'ia wore to the gym had ten centimeter heels, the same height as the ones Chief Daala was complaining about.

“Well, someone will be giving me a long, relaxing foot massage tonight,” Chief Daala declared.

“I'll be happy to,” Ta'tan'ia assured her. She was also sure that DP would be happy to, and possibly Tenel Ka, Trista, or Taryn.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A few minutes later DP returned, along with Taryn Zel. Both cheerfully greeted Regent Daala upon entering the room.

“DP, Ta'tan'ia, this dinner will be for Hapans only,” Regent Daala said. “You two will prepare for our departure in the morning.”

“Of course, Your Highness,” DP replied pleasantly.

“Yes, Your Highness,” Ta'tan'ia answered.

Then Regent Daala glanced at Taryn in the mirror. “Will Her Majesty be ready on time?” she asked her as Taryn touched up her hair, and made sure her crown would stay in place throughout the evening.

“Absolutely, Your Highness,” she assured her. “Trista is with her now, making sure she is dressed exactly how you wanted her.”

“Good,” Regent Daala replied with a nod.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A while later, Regent Daala, Queen Tenel Ka, and nearly two dozen Hapan noblewomen had a formal dinner to celebrate the Empire's withdrawal from the Hapes Consortium. Tenel Ka was surprised to find nearly half of the noblewomen wearing tracking collars. Most of them had jeweled chokers around their tracking collars, disguising them.

On Regent Daala's instructions, Tenel Ka wore an ankle-length nerfhide hobble skirt, along with a matching corset, and eighteen-centimeter high ankle boots. She was also wearing silver durasteel armbands on her biceps, along with her beskar chrono/comlink, and tracking collar.

In spite of the constricting outfit, Tenel Ka was surprised at how enjoyable the dinner was. She was also pleasantly surprised that Regent Daala didn't try to embarrass her or anything like that, other than wearing the corset top, hobble skirt, and tracking collar. At the same time, she was a little disappointed that she didn't though.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

While Regent Daala was attending the dinner with Tenel Ka and the other Hapan nobles, Ta'tan'ia and DP went to Regent Daala's office. There Ta'tan'ia helped DP go over Chief Daala's gift list for the upcoming weeks. Chief Daala regularly sent gifts to friends, political allies, and others on various occasions, and DP was primarily responsible for ensuring that the appropriate presents were delivered to the appropriate people at the appropriate time.

Ta'tan'ia was amazed at how many people Chief Daala sent gifts too. Between her friends and associates in the Empire, Galactic Alliance, and elsewhere, it was a major task to keep them all organized.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

After dinner, Regent Daala had Mirta Gev escort Tenel Ka to her suite. Taryn and Trista accompanied them, along with a couple of Tenel Ka's bodyguards. When they arrived, Mirta instructed the bodyguards to wait outside. To Tenel Ka's relief, they glanced her way and awaited her nod before obeying.

Inside Mirta walked through the suite of rooms, while Taryn and Trista assisted Tenel Ka in getting ready for bed. When they went into the Queen's 'fresher, Mirta didn't follow them. A few minutes later, Trista stepped out to retrieve something for Tenel Ka to sleep in. She returned with a red lashaa silk baby-doll nighty the Queen's clear plastex heels.

When Tenel Ka emerged from her 'fresher, Mirta Gev was sitting on one of her pouf couches, wearing a black body glove, and a gun belt. She immediately ordered Trista and Taryn to leave.

“Good night, Your Majesty,” they told her.

“Good night,” Tenel Ka told them as they left. Then she turned back to Mirta Gev.

“You can sleep on the bed,” Mirta told her. “For now.”

“Um, thank you, Madame Gev,” Tenel Ka replied politely.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

When Regent Daala returned from dinner, Ta'tan'ia and DP helped her get ready for bed. That included a nice, relaxing foot massage from Ta'tan'ia, while DP massaged her shoulders. Once Chief Daala was in her bed, Ta'tan'ia and DP stripped down to their collars, chronos, comlinks, and chastity belts, and climbed into their bed.

The following day, Chief Daala, Ta'tan'ia, and DP departed for Coruscant, along with the rest of Chief Daala's entourage and guards. As soon as they broke orbit from Hapes, Chief Daala settled into her suite, accompanied by DP and Ta'tan'ia.

Mirta Gev stayed on Hapes, overseeing Tenel Ka's security arrangements, and keeping the Queen on a tight leash. Thanks to the tracking collars, Regent Daala would be able to keep track of the Queen, her cousins, and a lot of the Hapan nobles from Coruscant. Mirta and Regent Daala's spies would be able to report on the rest.

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