Star Wars: X-Wing:
Lusankya — Chapter Fifteen

Rating: R
Shadow Chaser

Author’s Warning: This fic is rated R for heavy graphic violence, torture, and imprisonment.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Star Wars characters except those of Akiba Muune, Lieutenant Dysune Tayib, and Captain Falco Avin. All other characters belong to Lucasfilm and their respective authors. I am not making a profit out of this story, it is only written for fans to enjoy.

Tycho called it foolish pride, or at least the decency to try to protect a female and the foolish pride had gotten both him and Akiba in trouble.  His mind fuzzily rose to consciousness as he heard the distant screams of someone being tortured.  The screaming got louder and louder until he finally cracked opened his eyes and to his horror he saw the blurry image of what looked like Akiba, lying on the ground, a small pool of dark black-red blood surrounding her.

A scream erupted from her lips before she coughed out more blood, curling to the side and his he realized that someone was beating her up, badly.  He tried to move, coming fully awake, and glanced up to see that he had been bound against the wall, restraints holding him in place.

He pulled against the restraints, trying to somehow break them, but they didn't budge.  Another scream came from Akiba, this one ending weakly and his gut wrenched in a mixture of anger and anguish.  "She's got nothing to do with this!" he yelled, once again pulling against his restraints which held his arms up.

The person that had been beating Akiba up finally turned and with a start of horror, he realized that it was none other than Davion.  "Ah, you're awake Celchu," he said, staring at him, "I told you that you should watch your back."

"Stop it!" Tycho felt a desperation inside of him, "she's done nothing!"

"Ah, but she has," the man replied, nudging her limp body with a booted toe, "she's helped you."

"We're on the same side!  Why are you doing this?!" Tycho asked, pulling against his restraints even though it was a futile attempt to free himself .

"Do you honestly think that Davion here has been your ally all along, Celchu?" a new voice said and he turned his head to see the familiar looking Captain standing a bit away, a sadistically amused smile on his face.

"I know you…" Tycho struggled with his memories, trying to place the mysterious Captain and saw the smile widen further.

"You honestly don't remember, do you," the Captain stepped forward, ignoring neither the feeble moans of pain coming from Akiba nor the faint buzz of the vibrodagger that had just activated in Davion's hands.

"Please ..." Tycho could hear his own voice cracking as he realized what Davion was going to do with the vibrodagger, "stop it.  She had nothing to do with killing that stormtrooper!  It was all mine.  I threw it, I killed him!"  A stray thought floated through the back of his mind, the thought that he had been broken so badly, to the point where he was begging ...

"Still, you have been seen in her company a lot," the Captain leered, "perhaps trading carnal favors?  If so ... watching her right now would stab you through the heart wouldn't it, Celchu?"

Davion snickered unpleasantly and knelt down next to Akiba's prone form.  His vibrodagger began to slash through whatever remained of her clothing, exposing her naked body, the bruises that littered her salmon colored skin, the blood seeping through her wound flowing more freely now not hampered by cloth.

"No ..." Tycho closed his eyes in anguish as Davion unbuckled his pants, lowering them slightly before he forced himself on Akiba, making her scream in pain from the pressure he was putting on her and on her wounds.  He wanted to close his ears, cowardly as it was for him to do so, but he didn't want to see nor hear her being raped.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case ...

His eyes flew open once again as he suddenly cried out, a painful electrical jolt running through his body making him convulse against his bonds.

Just as suddenly the shock stopped and he slumped against his restraints, his breath coming in heavy, his ears ringing from the aftermath mixed with the shriek of terror and pain from Akiba.  He looked up to the Captain who now had a electrical prod in his hand, a nasty smirk on his face and suddenly, a memory clicked in Tycho's head.

He remembered who this man was.  This was the man that had delivered him to Lusankya, to Isard's lair.  The man who had transported him from Lusankya to this barren waste of a planet called Akrit'tar.  He vaguely remembered that this man's presence had been near him during his fuzzy memories of Lusankya ... and pain had been associated with his presence.

A quiet rage that had been filling him ever since his imprisonment on Lusankya rose up to the surface of his thoughts.  The words fell from his mouth sounded even alien to the rational part of him, but his anger made him see red.  "I'll kill you!" he screamed, pulling hard against his restraints, trying to lunge himself at Captain Falco Avin.  "I'll kill you!"

Even the Captain was not prepared for such an outburst and backed away at the sight of a very pissed and angry Tycho Celchu, his electrical prod held forward, as if to ward him away, but Tycho strained his muscles against his restraints, trying to break free of them.

"I'll kill you, you sick son of a sithspawn kriffing bitch!" Tycho didn't seem to be aware that his anger had startled Davion who had lifted himself off of Akiba, and was now staring at him, something akin to fear on his face.

On the ground, next to him, the Mon Calamari's pool of blood had grown larger and Tycho barely noticed that her eyes were glazed more than usual, and her breathing was shallow, her breasts rising up and down just a bit too slowly.  Instead, he was focused on Avin, letting all of his murderous hate and rage fill him.  He would pay ... all of them including that sick man Davion would pay ...

I give you ... my last gift ... Tycho ...

Akiba's voice in his head startled the anger out of Tycho and briefly lifted the red veil that had fallen over his eyes as he glanced over to where Akiba laid and saw her eyes dim before the life vanished out of them.  It was also then that he felt the click of his left-hand's restraint break ... and he realized that she had died ... using the last of whatever small power she had in the Force to give him the opportunity to free himself.

Davion and Avin noticed his gaze upon Akiba and both turned before the former Rebel nudged her limp body with a booted toe, a disgusted expression on his face.  "Oh ... she's dead," he said in a simple voice, "too bad ... can't kriff with a dead body, I guess ..."

That last comment sent the anger that had been knocked away briefly by Akiba's voice right back into the core of Tycho's being, but this time, he could feel that it was a different anger.  This anger was a righteous one, and he would avenge the Mon Calamari who had sacrificed her life for him.  An inhuman yell escaped his lips as he ripped his left hand out of the broken restraint and swung around; grabbing a blaster one of the two stormtroopers standing next to him had and pressed the trigger.

A red bolt lanced into the trooper's side and he fell to the ground, dead.  Tycho took advantage of the surprise move and turned the blaster upon the other trooper, shooting the soldier in the eyepiece.  The second trooper fell to the ground before he quickly readjusted his grip and pointed the weapon at the restraint holding his right wrist up and shot at it.

A brief flash of pain tore through his hand as part of the blaster bolt singed his skin and some of the broken debris of what was once the restraint shattered onto his hand, embedding themselves into his skin, but he ignored it and instead, hefted the blaster and pointed it at Captain Avin who backed up, terror plastered across his face.

"D-Don't shoot ... I'm unarmed ... p-please, don't s-shoot!" Avin dropped the electro-prod in shock and fear before holding up his hands in a gesture of surrender as Tycho stepped forward a menacing look on his face.

"You ..." he started in a dark voice, "had me imprisoned, tortured ... confined, electrocuted.  Why should I let you live?"

"P-Please!  You're an Alderaanian, aren't you?  Y-You're supposed to be pacifists!!"

Tycho grunted in dark laughter before he fired two shots in the man, one hitting his naval, the other hitting his head, dropping him to the ground like stone.  "I'm somewhat of a black sheep amongst my people," he muttered before he turned, his eyes searching for Davion.

He saw the tail end of the man fleeing from the detention area he had been held in and raised his blaster to get off a few shots, but they just hit the plaster wall, sending flakes of debris everywhere.  He cursed silently under his breath before he realized that he would have to make his escape soon.  The guards, if not alerted by Davion, would be alerted by the sounds of blaster fire coming from where he was.

Running across the room, he stopped abruptly as he ran past Akiba's body and the anger that had filled him drained away as he stared at the body, his blaster hanging limply from his fingers.  Walking slowly over, he knelt down by her still opened eyes and gently closed the lids on them.  She could have been one of Luke's newest Jedi recruits, but instead, found herself gunned down in the midst of an imperial prison.

"I'm sorry, Akiba," he whispered, "I should have never gotten you involved."

Seeing that there was nothing around he could cover her body with, he shook his head and got up.  As he headed out of the detention area, he only wished there was more he could do.  But he would make her sacrifice as a means for him to get off this pit of a planet.

He slid along the metallic wall, letting his ears, still sensitive from the electrical shock he had received only moments earlier, but attuned enough so that he could hear the booted feet of stormtroopers running past him in an intersecting hallway.  There were no signs that pointed out which direction he was going, but Tycho hoped that he was headed to the hanger bay at least.  The halls looked vaguely familiar in ways, almost as if they were designed like an imperial star destroyer's halls.

If so, he mused to himself as he peeked out and quietly ran to another adjacent hall, then the direction he was going was definitely towards a hanger bay.  After a few minutes of ducking into random hallways to avoid the patrols and occasional mouse droid that skittered along the corridors he breathed a sigh of relief as he stepped past a bulkhead only to see the vast expanse of Akrit'tar's hanger bay.

Crouching low, he slid up to a bunch of crates stacked in one of the corners and peered out, trying to figure out which fighter sitting in the bay was his best hope for getting him off this rock.  There were a few bombers and fighters in the bay, but a few of the interceptors caught his eye.  They looked like the older models, ones with little to no shields, but definitely a lot of speed to them ... and he needed speed to get himself out of here.

Suddenly a wail of alarms began blaring overhead and Tycho knew that Davion had successfully convinced whoever was in charge of the prison that he had escaped.  Or they had found the bodies of the stormtrooper and Captain Avin.  Either way, he knew that he had to move.

Deciding to take an interceptor he moved quickly behind crates and various objects, trying to keep himself as low of a profile as possible and also not to attract the attention of the pilot that was coming out of the interceptor he planned to hijack.  He was nearly successful until he ran over a mouse droid that he hadn't seen skittering across the hanger bay, startling both him and the pilot he had been about to ambush.

The pilot spun around, his hands gripping his helmet tightly and Tycho saw that the pilot was no more than just a kid ... a teenager really.  He raised his blaster so that it was pointed straight at the kid's head.  "Don't move or I will shoot you ..."

"Please ... don't shoot ..." the pilot looked nervous, "it's just my first tour ... I mean —"

"Shut up," Tycho said harshly, and the pilot's mouth clamped shut, his eyes wide with fear.  "Step away from the cockpit slowly," he motioned with his blaster and the pilot complied, "make like you're doing something."


"If you don't want to die, do as I say," he ordered before the kid bent down to a pile of tools and picked at it, looking at them with far more interest than one normally showed.

Tycho kept his eye on the kid as he moved towards the interceptor's ladder.  "Good," he said quietly before flipping the switch on his blaster and fired off a stun shot that enveloped the young pilot and dropped him to the ground.  Wasting no time, he scrambled up the ladder just as the shouts of technicians and other pilots who had heard the crashing of tools falling to the ground started to jog over, wondering what the commotion was about.

Tycho quickly seated himself in the interceptor's cockpit and threw his blaster to the back of his seat.  Buckling in the crash webbing, he flipped on the switches to warm up the engines and heard the familiar whine of its twin ion engines rumble to life.  In the bubble-like hemisphere of the cockpit he could see that some of the other pilots had already started to gather, shouting at him, blasters pointed at him for him to come out.

He ignored them and finished his pre-flight check before his hands gripped the throttle and he pushed forward.  The interceptor sprang to life and shot him out of the hanger bay and into the bright skies of Akrit'tar.  He squinted against the light for a few seconds as his eyes adjusted to the glare, having been underground for so long, and glanced down at his targeting visual.

There were at least four TIEs or so that had gotten up in the air and he suspected that there was probably more coming.  He glanced at his navicomputer and punched in a few coordinates.  He didn't know if the Fleet had moved since his imprisonment and he didn't know how long it had been since his capture, but he hoped that they were still in the same spot as when he left them.

He suddenly broke left as laser bolts flashed past his cockpit before juking right to avoid another barrage.

"This is Akrit'tar patrol, stand down or you will be shot down!" the static buzz of an imperial pilot crackled through his comm. systems, but Tycho hit the off button to ignore whatever the man had to say.

He glanced at his navicomputer again ... only a few more seconds to go before the calculations to the coordinates were done.  He pulled back on the stick and watched as the stars spun around him bringing him around to the rear of one of his pursuers.  Triggering a burst of fire, he blasted one of the fighters to pieces before throwing himself to the right again as more lasers tried to target him.

Finally his navicomputer beeped a confirmation of the coordinates and he punched the button to activate the interceptor's hyperdrive.  The stars elongated themselves and he shot into hyperspace.

* * * * *

One wouldn't usually expect a woman such as Ysanne Isard to enjoy the simplest pleasures of life, such as reading the latest news from the Holonet, but then again, there were times when people could be surprised.

The beeping of an incoming Priority One message brought Isard out of her musings on the latest news regarding the propaganda the Rebels had fed out, declaring that General Skywalker had been successful in his campaign in the Milagro System.  She pushed a button on her work station's console and stared blankly at the harried image of the commander of the Akrit'tar prison base.

"Madam Director," the commander spluttered, "we have a problem."

"I can see that," she replied dryly.

"Its ... the prisoner, you see ... the one ... you sent to us from," he gulped visibly, "Lusankya ..."

Inwardly, Isard raised a mental eyebrow.  News about Celchu?   This was far more interesting than reading about Rebel propaganda.  From the weekly reports she had been receiving from Captain Avin regarding Celchu, she had been pleased with the results.  Even though she had considered Celchu to be a failure through her program, she knew that his stay on Akrit'tar would perhaps rehabilitate him enough so that when he was brought back to her facility for a second attempt at programming, he would be completely successful.

"H-He's ... escaped, Madam Director," the commander quivered.

A cold anger filled Isard at the words and she directed her malevolent gaze towards the cowering fool who was in charge of the prison base.  "Escaped."

"Yes ... ma'am.  W-We think he's attempting to head back to the Rebels ... I have sent orders to the Victorious and Adelphus to track his coordinates and hunt him and the rebels down."

"Belay that order, Commander," an idea started to form in her head as she realized she could use this to her advantage.  "Let him escape."


"You have your orders," she abruptly cut the comm. and patched a secure call through to one of her most trusted agents.

"I'm here, Madam Director," the agent's voice was male and a monotone, a by-product of what had happened when she reprogrammed him.  Though his true self couldn't really understand what was happening, as if he had been forced to sleep, the agent personality she had molded was quick to respond.

"You have an AT3 directive to give to the Commander," she said, "then you will wait."

"As ordered," the connection abruptly died but Isard wasn't finished yet.

She patched another secure call through and this time an image appeared one of a woman who had shocking white hair and aristocratic features.  "Grania."

"Ma'am," the woman replied, "I am at your service."

"I need you to meet with another agent of mine.  His name is Kirtan Loor.  You will coordinate with him to bring down the rebel cell that is currently there."

"Ma'am," she bowed her head slightly before her image faded away, leaving Isard alone again.

A crooked smile worked its way up her face and she glanced out into the setting sun of the Imperial Center.  Things were going as planned.

* * * * *

It took at least two jumps before Tycho's interceptor actually reached the edges of the Alliance Fleet, but by the second jump, the Alderaanian was already unconscious, having succumbed to his wounds and now his fighter drifted through space, sending a distress beacon, calling out Champion Squadron who had been doing patrol runs throughout the fleet.

They secured the interceptor and dragged it back to Home One with tow cables, both pilots of Champion Squadron not realizing who it was that sat in the cockpit of the TIE.  General Cracken had been notified immediately as soon as the TIE had appeared on the long range sensors of the capital ships and was waiting for the two Champion pilots to settle their load onto the hanger deck.  All unnecessary personnel had already been cleared and as soon as the two Champion pilots unhooked their tow cables, they took off with explicit orders from General Salm to continue their patrols.

Cracken was eager to see who was the bold TIE pilot, but he also knew that the fighter could be a trap.

"It's clear, sir," said one of the technicians holding a scanner had held it up towards the immobile ship, doing an initial check to see if there were any traces of explosives.

He nodded to the other techs that had attached a ladder and were climbing up to force the cockpit open.  From his vantage point, he could see that the TIE pilot wasn't wearing any helmet of sorts and was clearly unconscious, which left him puzzled.  As one of the technicians scrambled inside and started to unstrap the pilot's unconscious body from his crash webbing before dragging him out, Cracken's eyes narrowed.  He could see that parts of the pilot's flightsuit were heavily tattered, ripped in places ...

And then when the technician eased himself and the pilot out onto the ladder, Cracken's eyes widened in surprise.  By the Force ... !

Even with bruises littering his face, Airen Cracken recognized the face of the unconscious pilot.  The pilot they all thought had died on Courscant ... the one that had been missing for so long, only to come home, severely battered.

Tycho Celchu, son of Alderaan had finally made it home.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes: Six plus years in the making and I wanted to write that last sentence when I first wrote this story.  Of course, it's not over yet folks!  We're now on to the third part, which details Tycho's recovery and how High Command reluctantly lets him become part of Rogue Squadron once more.

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