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What was this "Wookieehut"?

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy not as far away as it used to be ...

WookieeHut was conceived by a small community of like-minded lovers of all things Star Wars, but also of all things in life in general. We founded WookieeHut so that we could ramble and report and write in a more unfettered way than was available to us in the pre-blogging world.

The adventure lasted from 2000 to 2012 a baker's dozen years! But after so many years, even as the GFFA grew, and George Lucas changed his mind about no one ever doing another Star Wars movie, we have decided to move on.

We will always love the GFFA and all the stuff it inspired. We leave behind this archive of wookieehut.com, and hope you enjoy what we'd done all these years.

    Some notes to remember as you use this site:

  • wookieehut.com addresses no longer work. If you wish to contact the admin, please email wookieebunny at gmail.com; it will be checked regularly, though infrequently. Thanks for understanding!

  • Some links will not work and some files may be missing, depending on how they were coded originally, or if they were misplaced in the transfer. Our apologies.

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Thanks, and please enjoy our 13 years of WookieeHut our collective contribution to the joy of fanfic and beyond!

(Our original "crawl" below )

Pull up a chair, stay a while, and please excuse the mess. Of course, this is a Hut, and is bound to be a bit messy, but we like it that way!

Browse around! We post everything from Star Wars stories (YAY! CHEER!) to fiction written by children. We at WookieeHut know that there are many children who are much more mature than some adults we know (us included!), so we ask all adults or children to use discretion when reading some of this material. Ratings will be posted at the link of each story. Please read them and use your own good judgement. WookieeHut is not a babysitter, and we firmly believe people are generally not dumb.

SO GO TO IT! And if you like what you see (or even if you don't),
send some of your stuff in, okay?? You'll feel better, we promise ...

This site has no affiliation with any company or organization, and is a fan site. This is for fun. Neither profit nor harm are intended.