The Wookiee Hut News and Weather: 2001 Archive

December 3, 2001
Rosie and her Elves dropped in on a party where Lt. Kettch was holding court and transcribed some of the carols he emitted between bobs in the punch bowl. Their effort is Wookieehut's second "poem," so a new section is opened, in Stories & Things! Fa la la la la ...

November 25, 2001
Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all, whenever you gorged on the main meal. Is it true that this is the only holiday where Americans are required to overeat? We know we did.... and Diana took advantage of the food coma to finish writing the long-awaited story of how Kirney Slane created a life on Corellia, and did she and Myn ever hook up? It's in "Fanfic" section of Stories & Things, and rated NC-17.

November 11, 2001
Happy Veteran's Day! The "War to End All Wars" (WWI) was ended by an armistice to be activated in the 11th minute, of the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month. Around the world, it's still called Armistice Day. Alas, our reasons and need for war continue unabated, even in galaxies close by and far away. Hug a veteran, and thank him or her for their sacrifice.

Veterans will tell you that it wasn't always the battle activity that got to you. Sometimes it was something small, like the stale air in the snubfighters, that just wears you out ... standard scrubbers and filters just won't take out that dead feeling. What to do when on stake out? Use the Snubfighter Air Freshener Popcorn recipe, and enjoy a snack in your homey-smelling atmosphere! In the "Snacks & Sweets" section of Hut Cuisine.

November 5, 2001
Rosie goes to watch a certain movie trailer and enjoys the movie, too! Find out just where the monsters are really hiding, in her review for Monsters Inc., in Stories & Things Reviews.

October 3, 2001
Sometimes the service at a restaurant stinks ... but you end up thanking them for it because you got up, walked out, and went to another place where the food was sublime and the service was sweet. Susu discovered Potato Republic that way. Her review is in "Nosh Spots" in Hut Cuisine.

October 1, 2001
Rosie and Susu have been nosing around the backstories of a couple of Rogues and found some interesting histories. Gavin Darklighter remembers Lujayne Forge with Kessel Mynock, a recipe from the prison world that features not a scrap of mynock. He loves it because he loved the woman who once ate it. Myn Donos was always closed-mouth about his past, even as a decorated sharpshooter. No wonder, with poached nerf being the central ingredient in Myn's Mum's Biryani, a dish that was probably served just once. Both are under Main Dishes in Hut Cuisine.

September 30, 2001
Ees reviews the movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and is simultaneously cautionary and kind'a impressed ... see what she means, in the Reviews section of Stories and Things.

September 15, 2001
Susu dines down the street from Bill Clinton's preferred Indian place. She goes to Curry Leaf, while he goes to Curry in a Hurry. Both places are owned by the same guy, and the review for the former is in Noshery Reviews, Hut Cuisine.

September 4, 2001
You are what you eat, and once again, the Wraiths learn a bit more about their colleagues through KP duty. This time, it's Shalla Nelprin's turn, or is that Shalla Narcassan? All they know for sure is her old man is a drop-dead gorgeous cook! Check out his special recipe -- Shalla Pfüd -- created just for her, in Desserts, Hut Cuisine.

September 2, 2001
In the northern hemisphere, things cool down a bit and the air becomes breathable. In the south, however, they're coming out of a season of rugby, mud, rain and sniffles. Such is inspiration; Iella wrote The Kiwi Connection for WEB, but we find it so amusing, we whined until she let us post it, too! In Fanfic, Stories & Things -- have fun and learn something!

August 27, 2001
Kelly Grosskreutz gives the newly released Wing Commander a piece of her mind, regardless of its provenance -- check it out in Reviews, Stories & Things.

August 24, 2001
We learn a little more about Elassar's past with a recipe he made for the Wraiths just once. They resort to noctural subterfuge to get the recipe, and it's well worth it! Elassar Moilee is a delectable dish -- find it under "Main Dishes" in Hut Cuisine.

August 12, 2001
The action heats up in Iella's The Mantrusian Affair, with both Luke and Wedge finding the lovely Kerensa utterly irresistable, but for different reasons ... Read the four latest chapters, in Fanfic, Stories & Things!

August 10, 2001
Lots of stuff, all at once! First, the Crackens missed Pash while he was away, undercover at an Imperial Military Academy. Real notes were written to him in a surreptitious, but delicious manner. Find out how in the recipe for Raspberry Yogurt Pops in Snakcs & Sweets, Hut Cuisine. Second, Rosie and Ees give us their takes on some newly released movies -- Cats & Dogs and Jurassic Park 3 under Reviews in Stories & Things And third, Kelly Grosskreutz reports on the happenings and highlights of GenCon 2001 and was bestowed a rare accolade and benediction by none other than Mike, himself! Read all about it in Reports, Stories & Things.

August 1, 2001
What the heck happend to Hut Cuisine?? Who cleaned up and put everything in it's place?? This does NOT bode well ...

July 31, 2001
When is tempura not tempura? When it's oven-baked and coated in potatoes ... believe it or not, the men of Rogue Squadron have found success and love with this recipe! Check it out -- it's called Pompura -- in Hut Cuisine!

July 24, 2001
With inimitable style, Lt. Kettch tackles the age old problem of meddlesome inlaws, in Ask Kettch. And Rosie offers her review of the latest dinosaur epic Jurassic Park III, which can be found in Stories & Things. Hmmm ... dinosaurs and inlaws ... Could there be a connection???

July 22, 2001
We're not sure if Diana submitted a movie review, or a rant about her type of guy. But The Emperor's New Groove is a funny animated feature. We slotted it in "Reviews" in Stories and Things.

July 20, 2001
Wookieehut receives it's very first essay, with Diana's Don't Cry for Me, Corran Horn, which argues that Corran's failure on Ithor is actually not failure at all, but rather a welcome mat. Read it in Stories & Things and see if she's tripping!

July 15, 2001
In their very first time as commandos, Wedge let Kell take charge. Nerve-wracking enough, then he ate meatballs out of a field cooker while being briefed. We think the recipe for In-the-Field Meatballs is what he had. In which case, it was worth letting Kell be in charge! In Hut Cuisine. And Lt. Kettch gives us a piece of his mind -- he's burrowed his way to the surface of his email and come up with solutions to three vexing problems. See them in Ask Kettch.

July 10, 2001
In the events following Escape From Hoth and leading up to The Rescue, Csillag gives us Fit to Command -- the tale of Wedge Antilles and the rebuilding of Rogue Squadron from choice scraps. The birth of this manifestation of the Rogues is a difficult one, but our favorites are here to ease it! Read this new tale in Stories & Things.

July 9, 2001
Family gatherings can be stressful, but not when Championship Fruit Dumplings occupy everyone's time and efforts! From the making to the eating, it's all tradition and ritual. And they taste great! The recipe is available at Hut Cuisine. If you'd like to go out for a great, inexpensive meal instead, try Maurya Indian restaurant. They do weddings, parties, or just plain feed you well. Check out the review in Hut Cuisine.

July 8, 2001
Touching the sky in two ways -- Dancing Queen renders a world-famous skyscraper in brilliant living color and Susu translates a photo by Rosie into a magical journey in the Skyboat. See both in Art & Stuff.

July 4, 2001
Happy Independence Day! But remember, waste not, want not! Try Emtrey's recipes for condiments that not only prevented commodities from being wasted, but actually turned a profit for the Rogues. The story behind the creation of Too Ripe Mango Peach Chutney and for Too Many Kiwis Chutney (hey! -- is that a double entendre???) can be found in Hut Cuisine. Come to think of it, they'd be great on a hot dog ...

July 2, 2001
Alliance aid is requested by the Iicini'ians, and Mon Mothma realizes that our favorite flyboys are in need of some R&R. What's more restful than embroiling yourself in a planet's intrigues and woes? Hey, if it comes to a shoot-em-up -- hapy coincidence -- the Rogues would consider it a vacation from escort duty! Catch up to chapters 6 and 7 of the The Mantrusian Affair in Stories & Things.

June 18, 2001
We should all be grateful that Kell Tainer's nickname didn't turn out to be "BoomBoom" considering the mishap that may have decided his career. Check out Demolitions Spaghetti Squash in Hut Cuisine -- it's really very good!

June 17, 2001
Rosie is intent on collecting recipes from the field of battle, and she presents a recipe that might have cemented Soontir Fel's quick rise. >From the worst of conditions comes a sublime Inside the Pumpkin Stew, in Hut Cuisine.

June 14, 2001
Wondering what to do for Dad on Father's Day? Make him dinner -- it'll be like the old days in those military war films, back in the mess tent with Slicer's Dump and Chop Bean Soup. Then take him for a spin on the living room floor -- pretend he's your favorite retired pilot -- and serve him that dessert Runt Ekwesh did in that memorable formal dance: Lemon Cottage Cheese Filled Crêpes. A sophisticated dessert, for a more elegant time! Both in Hut Cuisine.

May 27, 2001
Iella continues her covert tale ... and though Palpatine is freshly dead, there are other Dark Side users to be wary of ... in The Mantrusian Affair. Read the newly posted chapters 4 and 5 in Stories & Things.

May 4, 2001
Wes Janson is actually wiser than most will give him credit for ... but his brand of culinary and relational wisdom, though good and accurate, maybe shouldn't be given out to those without Wes's level of mojo. Peek, at your own risk, at the recipe for Impress 'em with Pancakes, in Hut Cuisine!

April 24, 2001
This may be the first and last game C3PO ever creates out of a recipe! Triple Ginger Cookies are a bit of effort, even if you're not a nanny droid, but they are tasty! Posted in Hut Cuisine.

April 23, 2001
Seems like those who cheat at cards can still be superlative breakfast cooks! Rosie provides the secret ingredient in Cheater's Muffins, in Hut Cuisine. Wraith6 shows us two paintings of the same sunset, at slightly different times -- before the death of the man viewing them. And VCrisp's original study sketches of kowhai flowers are as fresh as springtime. They're posted in Art & Stuff, so go take a look!

April 18, 2001
Lt. Kettch give us a reply which could qualify for Hut Cuisine, but it so practically solves a dire post-Easter problem. Thus, the question and answer are posted for all to see and learn and awe, in Ask Kettch!

April 17, 2001
A diligent and hardworking Bunny reveals the source of the delightful things you found in your Easter Basket (also implying a secret connection with the legendary Willie Wonka!). Take a peek in Art & Stuff. And field reporter, Susu, manages to extract another recipe from a Squadron Quartermaster -- Emtrey's Gornt Olé! works pretty well with other cattle-types, and is dutifully logged in Hut Cuisine.

April 7, 2001
Isabella Taylor was minding her own business when she found herself caught in a commotion! The journalist in her grabbed a camera and ... look who she got! Eeeek! Look in Art & Stuff!

April 6, 2001
Iella's novel, in the tradition of the great Zahn, progresses with the addition of chapters two and three. The intrigue and swinging loyalties toward the Alliance in the months between Hoth and Endor make for gripping reading! Find it under the story title, The Mantrusian Affair, in Stories & Things!

April 1, 2001
Remember that day when Ton died, and how Castin died shortly after? How Dia Passik became Diap'assik? When Gara Petothel snuffed from that plane of reality? Ever wonder what the Wraiths did when Wedge was away? Girls' Night Out by Diana and Csillag is an "April Fools" type of tale, surmising how the women of the squadron kept their sanity with death and entanglements around them. The latest addition to Stories & Things!

March 30, 2001
Sometimes it helps to look at a scene again with fresh eyes ... or to look at it at all! Wraith6 submits two paintings, the first illustrating the until-now unseen scene just before Pash Cracken's A-Wings show up and help Booster Terrik catch his heart's desire, in Fly Trap. His other depiction, He Tricked Me! shows there is still beauty in desolation and despair. Look at them in Art & Stuff!

March 23, 2001
Hut Cuisine, we suspect, doesn't harbor recipes for food they ate in that Galaxy Far, Far Away ... for it did, we'd be reading more about the food than the fighting! The recipe posted there for "Opportunistic Mushroom Soup" is luscious!

March 21, 2001
So why is it that some animated television series get a measly 13 weekly series (one paltry season), while others go on to become festering legends? There is a third category of works -- those which were never given a fair chance to shine, yet shine they do. Kelly M. Grosskreutz's review of Clerks: The Animated Series presents and reviews this Kevin Smith work well! Read it in the Reviews section of Stories & Things.

March 17, 2001
Happy St. Paddy's Day to one and all! Seems like certain Rebel pilots do not have any luck of the Irish nor of anyone else. In As Soon As Possible, Diana and Carmen tell the tale of how having no luck may be better than having both good AND bad luck! Read it in Stories & Things.

March 13, 2001
Dancing Queen reports back from Inner Space, in the region called The Mammoth Caves -- cold, dark, filled with graffiti ... read all about it in Stories & Things.

March 3, 2001
In an alternative universe, what would the world be like for Rogue Squadron? What if the Vong had attacked earlier? What if all creatures in the known GFFA had died, except for a small handfull? Kelly M. Grosskreutz offers her rendition, Survivors, to be found in Stories & Things.

March 2, 2001
Kelly M. Grosskreutz reviews the rest of Kevin Smith's movies, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma, which comprise the Kevin Smith funpack! As always, she follows her gut, for nice, honest reviewing; read it in Stories & Things, in the Reviews section!

February 25, 2001
Kelly M. Grosskreutz reviews Kevin Smith's first movie Clerks, the first in a series of assessments of Smith's work. She has good and bad here, read it in Stories & Things, in the Reviews section!

February 20, 2001
Sister Shen reviews two things: the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? and the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL. The latter features photographs from the Wookiee. Take a look, at Stories & Things, in the Reviews and NonFic sections!

February 18, 2001
Chewbacca is alive and living in the southern sectors! Iella has managed to get her (she's a she!) to come down for a bit of fun. View the photographic evidence of a way good time in Art & Stuff!

February 17, 2001
Sithlord_8 had been fooling around with a clay-like substance, and created a figurine! Take a look at his talent in Art & Stuff!

February 13, 2001
Interactive dinner description from Rosie, as a review of B.D.'s Mongolian Barbeque, in Hut Cuisine. I can *so* see our favorite flyboys manning the grille!

February 12, 2001
Hey, you hosers! Valentine's Day is coming up, and you need to think of a place to take your sweetie! Check out the new restaurant review in Hut Cuisine.

February 11, 2001
Ton Phanan is a complex man, cybernetic, with a superior intellect and wit to spare. It's all in the attitude, but how'd our man get placed on that path? Diana puts forth scenarios! Read, Rest Easy, Friend, on Stories & Things.

February 10, 2001
Iella will post her epic romance, The Mantrusian Affair, chapter by chapter. Come back and look at Stories & Things, make sure you're all caught up in this romantic adventure story, au Zahn! (She even gives us a pronunciation glossary!!)

February 9, 2001
The REVIEWS section of Stories & Things opens with two reviews of the same movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Rosie and Wraith6 agree -- thumbs up!

February 7, 2001
Sister Shen treats us to a vignette of hope and inevitable loss, in The Sooner the Better, in Stories & Things.

February 6, 2001
We had a Kettch hunting party -- the little furball had raided the piesafe one time too many. But when the trap was sprung, we found blueberry pawprints and flimsi with the answers to questions we all have. Thanks, Lieutenant! Check them out in Ask Kettch. In the meantime, Rosie and Susu have been cooking stuff and feeding it to happy masses: Nona's Sauce & Meatballs and Hummus à GoGo!, in Hut Cuisine. One takes a lot of time, the other, no time at all! (That's what they mean by a "balanced meal.")

January 24, 2001
Csillag's classic pilot tales have come to roost at the Hut! Prelude to Rebellion and Escape From Hoth go a long way toward explaining what happened in those moments and hours to the pilots when they weren't fighting and dying. And lots of other stuff! Check them out, in Stories & Things.

January 19, 2001
You put your left hand in, you put your left hand out, you put your left hand in, then you shake it all about! You make the Hokey Pokey (recipe's at Hut Cuisine), that's what it's all about!

January 12, 2001
Okay, time to get the ol' juices flowin' again. No time to settle for a long winter's nap! To fortify ourselves, Susu is bringing along recipes for 'Fred's Modernized Spaetzle and for Marriage Proposal Fudgings, both which are quite tasty despite their odd monikers. They are, of course, to be found on the menu of Hut Cuisine.

January 3, 2001
Kelly has written a first-time-for-the-Hut Harry Potter / Monty Python cross-over, on how to do away with a troublesome villain and his minions, in The Killing Joke, in Stories & Things. (It's vaguely familiar, eh wot?)

January 1, 2001
Happy New Year! We've taped the Iron Chef marathon, and have good stuff to read and look at! First, Diana misspent days off writing the story of Soontir Fel's love life, or lack thereof, in A Choice Must Be Made, to be found in Stories & Things. Second, Sister Shen and the Wookiee have turned in their report and photo scans of the Star Wars traveling exhibit, currently at the Field Museum in Chicago. The photo links are in the report, which is found in the newly opened "Nonfic" section of Stories & Things! Check it out!