The Wookiee Hut News and Weather: 2002 Archive

December 30, 2002
You're not going to believe this ... Hut Cuisine just passed it's 200th recipe! All the cooking and yarn-spinning we've done over the holidays have pushed us, appropriately enough, to 203 recipes thus far! Fel's Salad Dressings to Help Cure Scurvy recounts how Fel saved the crew of The Pride of the Senate from an awful illness. He recognized malnourishment, and like a very stern father, he forced his men to eat their fresh vegetables. But as a merciful man, he let them choose from a bunch of dressings and dips -- hey, if mom had done this for us, maybe we might have eaten more of them ... listed in "Set Pieces" in Hut Cuisine.

December 27, 2002
Hope you are all enjoying the holidays! We've been cooking too much and making people happy -- a noble and wondrous thing! We've pinched some recipes for side dishes from Padmé's mother, logged in Jobal Naberrie's Side Dishes. We also learn how Winter became Leia's sole aide, both officially, as well as emotionally, and culinarily (the shortest way to a judge's heart ...)! The Organa palace had to admit, she's a far better princess than the Princess! She was tested during a very short interval of time that is now known as Winter's Day. Check them out in "Set Pieces" in Hut Cuisine.

December 20, 2002
Isard's clone is such a witch that she not only used Urlor Sette as a bomb, but she used Corran Horn as the detonator ... Sette died on the spot, and it ruined the party. The food hadn't been laid out yet, so it was salvaged for the memorial service shortly after, as Memorial Lunchboxes. Each offering at the party has a history dear to the Rogues, and they were relieved that the food hadn't been wasted. Check it out in "Set Pieces" in Hut Cuisine.

December 16, 2002
Tahiri and Anakin are together again, making them happy. But the place is hostile, and there is a jealous woman involved in Many Happy Returns, Chapter 5. No jealousy in The Mantrusian Affair, Chapter 31, but is Nerensai pissed off or not? These could both get ugly ... at least we hope so! Be prepared, go read! Listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.
As for ugly, how about humiliating Corran Horn, yet again? Wedge and Tycho contribute this time, in the recipe for
Booster's Slop and Leaves. Someone said it's like Corran walks around with a perpetual "Kick Me" sign on his back! In "Mains -- Stews" in Hut Cuisine.

December 15, 2002
We were discussing party food and wondered what a GFFA party would serve? Neimoidians, those shallow cowards, value stuff that is expensive, rare, difficult to make or serve -- what you or I might consider not worth the effort to produce. But their recipe for Illicit Omelet is so good, you'll get yourself a mixer and learn to make them! Listed in "Mains: Eggs" in Hut Cuisine. And while we're using a lot of eggs, cheesecake uses an enormous amount. But if you're a farmer named Carib Devist, getting eggs is easy -- just walk over to the coop. His wife, Lacey, makes the rich Pakrik Minor Cheesecake -- which she refers to as a dairy custard pie, and tops it with preserved fruit from her orchards. Whatever you call it, it's gorgeous and it's perhaps the greatest cheesecake you'll ever moan over! Completely worth the work and calories, look for it in "Desserts & Puddings," Hut Cuisine.

December 13, 2002
We've noticed that the Wraiths are highlighted as good and creative cooks, but what about the Rogues? They have culinary adventures too! First, Erisi shows her creativity in getting rid of a bad mistake, in Oeufs Nausea, or why Erisi learned to poach eggs. You might want to study the technique, rather than duplicating the recipe exactly ... but then again, it IS guaranteed to rid you of certain kind of vermin! And when Ooryl Qrygg became Janwuine, he invited the Rogues to the ceremony. After all, he felt he owed them his elevated status. What did he feed them? Apparently, he might have fed them something vulcanized, but Mirax helped him create what thereafter was called Janwuine-jika Duck. As Luke asked, what's a duck? Both are listed in Hut Cuisine, under "Eggs" and "Poultry" respectively.

December 10, 2002
Seems Corellians are not bad cooks: Myn Donos manages to cook up canned soup and Depressing Damper on Aldivy for Lara Notsil, and realizes he's in love. It's kind of romantic, despite the situation, being cooked over an open fire and all. See how, under "Breads & Sandwiches" in Hut Cuisine.

December 9, 2002
While Christmas shopping, some of us wandered into aisles we didn't intend to enter, and found the discounted DVDs. The movie Monkeybone was offered for under $10. We hadn't felt compelled to watch it in the theater, but we sort of had wanted to see it. And this was priced less than a movie and popcorn/soda combo, who could resist? And while we're not resisting, we HAD to pick up a copy of Lilo & Stitch, the "different" Disney story. How different? A robot vomits in response to extreme swearing, and there is a scene showing Stitch wearing a bra on his head ... Also released recently is Ice Age, a warm story in a chilly / chilling environment. The reviews are listed in "Reviews" in Stories & Things.

December 8, 2002
Those of us with demons in our pasts are often disturbed by them. Fortunately, there are often temporary antidotes, like Soontir Fel's Four Red Fruit Jam. For Fel, making it was a soporific. For everyone else, the resulting breakfast spread was a reason to get up early, before it ran out! It's listed within "Condiments, Preserves & Relishes," Hut Cuisine.

December 6, 2002
Some of us got into fanfic writing because of Wes Janson, the willing and fun slut of Rogue and Wraith Squadrons. He gets to suffer a Sucker Punch from each of the people who matter to him the most: his girlfriend, his best friend, his commanding officer! But all's well that ends well... Listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. (Teehee!)

December 3, 2002
Kerensa is forced to come clean in the latest installment of The Mantrusian Affair, but she's still awfully confused. I mean, who wouldn't be? At least she and Wedge get to exchange loss of parent stories. And we finally find out what that gunk is that downed Anakin; Tahiri handles it better, but she doesn't feel better ... get ready for a dirty fight, in Many Happy Returns. Iella's been busy, and boy, are we happy about that! Both stories are listed in "GFFA Fanfic," in Stories & Things.

December 2, 2002
We think the cups and plates of the clones' meals seemed to be empty, but actually they contained food and water pellets. The table settings were there just so the clones would learn to behave properly at a table. But food on Kamino was not simply processed meals-in-a-pill. Clients would be served real food: roasts, pies, salads... Both Obi-wan and Yoda found their meat especially succulent -- so much so that Yoda actually pilfered a bit of the secret so he could recreate it later. If you look at the recipe for Kamino Seawater, you'll know the secret, too! It's listed under "Sauces, Dressings & Marinades" in Hut Cuisine.

December 1, 2002
Hut Cuisine is a popular destination, especially now that the Thanksgiving leftovers are tasting the same and some new flavors are needed. To make the menu more usable, we'd been discussing adding and removing some categories, and adding the "Set Pieces" menus to the general list. In addition to this, having a "Vegetarian" section seemed too limiting, so we adopted a labelling system. Check it out, the Revised Hut Cuisine! And be sure to let us know what you think! (By the way, the Hut Cuisine Directory page is not yet revised -- we're working on that, coming soon!)

November 28, 2002
Happy Thanksgiving! And we hope you are stuffed full of good food and surrounded by friends and family! When the GFFA characters get together, it's always a fun event ... but weddings are more fun. Especially when the food comes courtesy of many friends' efforts, as detailed in Potluck Wedding Feast. If you've read Csillag's "Hobbie's Saga," and especially the chapter called A Second Chance, you'll get right into the spirit of the menu. (This is actually loosely based on Wookiee Hut's own Thanksgiving feast, mmmm ...!) Listed as one of the "Set Pieces" in Hut Cuisine.

November 26, 2002
Kelly M. Grosskreutz went to GenCon 2002, and enjoyed the company of several Star Wars authors, including Mike Stackpole and Aaron Allston! She also enjoyed the company of a certain Jedi Knight, as depicted in Protecting the Creator and the Keeper, emphasizing the special relationship these three have! Listed in "GFFA Art," Art & Stuff.

November 22, 2002
W.E.B. established that the perfect date for a W.E.B. girl was "Denny's and a movie," and alas, Wookiee Hut had failed to figure out it's equivalent during it's cons (we were too busy cooking, perhaps?). We think that if a movie is part of the equation, we seem to love Chinese food best. The restaurant Peking Duck, though it lacks the universality of a place like Denny's, is a good start in this search! Diana reviews the place, named for it's pièce de resistance, listed in "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine. Do you agree?

November 20, 2002
This has rapidly turned into a Harry Potter site as well, and why not? Not only does the Potter series parallel our favorites GFFA, but they are a rollicking good time all on their own, so far! Despite Richard Harris's untimely death, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was a great movie. Wookiee Hut even had a mini-con for it. Read the review, but only if you think the series rocks! Listed in "Reviews," Stories & Things.

November 18, 2002
Our good buddy Kettch got asked some important questions while he was happily downing quesadillas left over from the Mini-Con this past weekend. Alas, he had one too many, but never fear ... between appreciative belches, he penned some advice. Take it or leave it ... but Ask Kettch is always worth reading ...

November 17, 2002
This weekend was the official MiniCon and MovieFest: Star Wars (IMAX) and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! What did we eat? A lot ... but we not only made Breakfast Quesadillas and messily devoured them, but while some of us had to do homework, (or help clean up the devastation resulting from making the quesadillas), some of us doodled ... and you know us... we'll post anything! So enjoy the illustrated version of the recipe for Breakfast Quesadillas, for those of us who refer to ourselves as "visual types"! The first is listed under "Breakfasts" in Hut Cuisine, and the second is in "Other Art" (though it was during a SW MiniCon, it's not actually SW art ...) in Art & Stuff. Coming soon -- reviews for other stuff we ate, and Ron & Hermione & Harry Hit Puberty at Hogwarts ... bet you can't wait for that one!!!

We couldn't leave well enough alone, and have another entry for today! In keeping with our theme of movie-inspired dishes as well as flat food, we ate
Hagrid's Chinese Chicken Fireplace Pizza for supper. Need many hands to do all that chopping, but it cooks in a trice! We even had leftovers for breakfast! For dessert, one of us made brownies from a box mix -- the American classic -- but we were also fortunate to be served a delicious, crispy Apple Strudel for a Hungry Hungarian Horntail. Made for a dragon, but the rest of us were moaning with pleasure ... What a great mini-con this was! It's listed in "Snacks & Sweets" in Hut Cuisine. Bet you wish you were here!

November 15, 2002
For those of us who want to give an inexpensive but heartfelt gift, why not make your own? Try Honey Lemon Jelly, which Baron Soontir Fel was inspired to make when short on time and cash. It turned into a classic! Listed in Hut Cuisine under "Condiments, Preserves & Relishes."

November 14, 2002
The pieces of Iella's novella, Many Happy Returns: Chapter Three, are starting to come together ... what do they do now?? And if the "wife and girlfriend" pair come up with the goods, I'd say Tag is toast ... but who can say? Iella, write more! Lists in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

November 12, 2002
You know, we suspect that Dooku is a Count by virtue of the fact that Christopher Lee is most famous in his role as Count Dracula. Trade one bloodsucker for another, eh? But what if the Count actually has another agenda? The story The Count of Serenno investigates some loopholes left in George's Ep2 effort and attempts to close them. We think it's neat, very thoughtful. See what you think, when you go to the story listed in "GFFA Fanfic" under Stories & Things, by the formidable pair of Diana DeRiggs and Csillag!

November 9, 2002
Some restaurants have really rotten service (they say service is king), but the other stuff is good enough to overwhelm that big negative. Murray Hill's Chez Laurence is the least of many French bistros in that historic neighborhood, but give it a try anyway! Listed in "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine. And Lt. Kettch gives his inimitable advice to people we sort of recognize ... Four of them, on Ask Kettch.

November 8, 2002
In actual fact, Booster and Corran aren't so different. They love the same people, and they are on the same side of good and evil, even if they approach it from somewhat different angles. This story is inspired by a Wee Wookiee, thus is listed in that section, even though it's GFFA! The Only Thing They Have In Common shows how these adversaries can agree, yet still pick on each other! Listed in Stories & Things.

November 7, 2002
Is there such a thing as being too young to love? Even among precocious Jedi? Sprained Heart peeks at a diary entry for a very young member of the Mighty Bear Clan, and her heart's secret longing for an older man. It's a sweet story, set just before the events of Ep2, listed as a "Wee Wookiees" story, in Stories & Things

November 6, 2002
Without Quidditch, what's a school to do to keep the students focussed? Why, plan for Christmas, and have them cook their own food, and calculate house points to spice it all up! Hogwart's Yule Feast Showdown logs the wins, losses and recipes submitted by Gryffindor and Slytherin! Read along and enjoy the suspense, listed in "Novelties & Set Pieces" in Hut Cuisine.

November 4, 2002
The rabble have been roused with promises that Queen Nerensai will come -- but at what price? And what emotional price is Wedge willing to pay, now that he's lost and found the woman he dares to call his soul mate? The Mantrusian Affair: Chapter 28 and Chapter 29 reveal the sadness that is an inevitable part of life, whether to an oppressed population, or to a rebellion hero. These are listed under "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things.

November 3, 2002
At long last, a Star Wars movie on IMAX! A marriage made in heaven, you say? More like a marriage made in an ill-fitting suit, beleive it or not. Diana is more than mildly upset, and tells us why in her review of Star Wars: Episode 2 -- Attack of the Clones (IMAX), which was released on Friday. She still saw it multiple times though, just to make sure! Catch it in "Reviews," in Stories & Things.

October 30, 2002
We're not sure, but we think some Hogwarts students might have been raiding the pumpkin patch and expressing themselves with a seasonal art form! Pumpkin Carvings have shown up, and they look great! Check them out in "Wee Wookiees" in the Art & Stuff department.

October 29, 2002
The venue was so catchy and unexpected that Quaker Steak & Lube nearly caused a car crash! Gotta be kidding? Check out "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine.

October 24, 2002
New contributer, HappyShinyBugBoy, submits a review for the terribly misunderstood Fight Club -- the trailer did a huge disservice to this favorite. Should have been a classic, find out why in "Reviews" in Stories & Things.

October 20, 2002
Diana and Runt tell a tale of what happens when a handsome man is ordered to initiate an affair with a very special woman, in Agnus Dei, where, like the Lamb of God, a sacrifice is kind of necessary. It's adventure, romance, with a nice set of explosions, and it's listed in "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things.

October 19, 2002
All this rainy weather has been good for going out! Some new reviews: Irish Cottage for a nice dose of Ireland, that rainy land with cozy pubs, and Homestead Gourmet Shop for a German-style deli. However, Pizzeria Uno suffers from lousy training of their staff. Don't go there; go to the other two places instead! All of these "Noshery Reviews" are listed in Hut Cuisine.

October 18, 2002
What with school back in full swing, we've just been run off our feet with stuff we'd rather not deal with, so our content for the Hut has been going too slowly. Still, there are those among us who produce, and they do a great job! Evidence of this: Iella's second chapter of Many Happy Returns thickens the plot, casting more than casual confirmation of the depths of treachery. It's listed in "GFFA Fanfic" of the Stories & Things section. And if all that makes you hungry, you should check out Heidelberg Haus, which isn't exactly Heaven, but could certainly be located by the Pearly Gates! It's a "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine.

October 11, 2002
Slaves are forced to be creative in order to survive; in the area of cuisine, they are especially so. Eating and preparing food often makes their lot more tolerable. But how to transform one elegant dish made for the master into a hearty, "new-looking," tasty meal for the slaves? Banquets of Masters, Leftovers for Slaves, details five pairs of recipes, including one created by Princess Leia when she was imprisoned in Jabba's palace! It's listed under "Novelties & Set Pieces" in Hut Cuisine.

October 5, 2002
Wedge Antilles has a secret that he's even uncomfortable telling his wife, Iella. Curious? It's detailed in "Mrs. Antilles'" Cracker Brei, a breakfast treat listed in Hut Cuisine.

October 4, 2002
Kell's father did a panicky runner before the Battle of Yavin, and Wes Janson was forced to shoot him down. Think he knew he'd die that day? What do the dying think about? According to observations of dying soldiers, many smelled homemade bread. He might have dreamt of his wife's cooking, as in Mrs. Tainer's Nut Pie as described by Kell. In contrast, he never would have dreamt of the Santa Fe restaurant! Don't go here, unless you want chili! That restaurant review is in Hut Cuisine. So is the recipe, but in "Desserts & Puddings." Oh, by the way, it suddenly struck us that Hut Cuisine's list of recipe categories lacked Salads! We've repaired that omission and moved some recipes into there, where they belong!

September 30, 2002
We had a nice mini-con in Michigan last weekend, and went around a few places in our quest for great food. There are Noshery Reviews for Guernsey Dairy Farm for fantastic ice cream in lieu of dinner on Saturday night; Franklin Cider Mill for fresh, fragrant, sticky cider; Cracker Barrel where breakfast at this franchise is better than you can make at home! These are listed in Hut Cuisine.

While some of us we partying around Michigan, Iella was hard at work, writing the next two chapters of The Mantrusian Affair --
Chapters 26 and 27 -- hey, Kerensa is pregnant! Uh ... never mind ... well, go read about it, in "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things.

September 29, 2002
We still can't help mourning Anakin Solo, and how he'd been taken from us after such a great build-up! So we write fanfic, filling that ache as well as informational holes. Iella starts a new multi-story tale, called Many Happy Returns: Chapter One, where Lando and Booster see Anakin as a no longer a child. Read it and remember, and anticipate more to come, in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

September 27, 2002
For those among us who secretly think Ysanne Isard is da bomb, Mara Jade is tons more interesting than the Emperor, feel Leonia Tavira and Admiral Daala were shafted by various canon authors, check out Allies & Links for a link to Imperial Women, by Devi. While you're there, Ask Kettch shows our favorite problematic Ewok doling out inept yet appropriate advice to all! Both questions have to do with phony friends.

September 26, 2002
Those who would protect the galaxy need to have some R&R and a bit of fun once in a while, don't you think? They did enjoy themselves and ate pretty well to boot, as the Jedi Temple Festival Feast set piece indicates, in Hut Cuisine.

September 23, 2002
Hut folks are survivors -- they can find good food and good times just about anywhere, even at an airport! Believe it or not, Figs is destined to be a favorite "litmus test" of a date. How? Read all about it in "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine.

September 20, 2002
* Ever have a craving for food your mom was supposed to be able to make, but she never really could? Stuff like hotdogs, shakes and patty melts -- those things tend to be a lot better at a luncheonette or diner. U.J.'s Luncheonette makes all that and more, in good retro 1950's diner style. It's listed in "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine.
* Dia Passik, despite her cool, controlled demeanor, had serious and desperate cravings for certain dishes. Why? You should look at Mistress's Nectarine Crisp for the answer to that one. It's a "Dessert & Puddings" entry in Hut Cuisine.
* And while you're here, check out the links to the new Harry Potter movie trailers for Chamber of Secrets, coming out in theaters in mid-November. The links are in Allies & Links (click on the navigation bar, to your left, or click here if you don't have the full frames view.

September 19, 2002
You never know who you'll run into in a New York City restaurant. The
Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station has very fresh, very well-cooked sea creatures, suitable for everyone from Gungans to the Supreme Chancellor. It's also a great place to begin or end a date -- posted at "Noshery Reviews" of Hut Cuisine. Don't defer your desire to read about it!

September 17, 2002
The Hut gets it's very first BOOK REVIEW! Kelly M. Grosskreutz gives us individual reviews for each of the ten stories in the anthology,
Tales From the Empire: Stories from Star Wars Adventure Journal. For those of you who missed the magazine, don't miss this book, and don't miss Kelly's salient reviews! Check out the new entry in Stories & Things, in the "Reviews" section. Be forewarned, spoilers ahead!

September 15, 2002
Hut Cuisine has become our favorite cookbook -- recipes we want and use, and we don't have to carry it with us! The list of recipes feature many concoctions that were created to use up leftovers.
Post-Post-Debriefing Party Steak Salad continues in this tradition, and answers the question: what to do with grilled steak leftovers the next day? Can't really re-serve it as a steak, and sandwiches are so obvious. It's listed under "Appetizers," but can be a full meal in itself. Hut Cuisine is also good for restaurant reviews, and for a special birthday, some of us went to Morels: A Michigan Bistro, a place that is all about the fungus! It's delicious -- read Runt's review in "Noshery Reviews."

September 14, 2002
In Ep2, Anakin Skywalker was surprised to discover his mother no longer belonged to Watto, and that she was now free, and married! He never found out the details of how these things came to pass, but in fanfic, all things are possible! DieFliedermaus continues her tales on the hidden moments of the Skywalker clan, in
Last Days, where it's apparent that there are many "last day" considerations. It's linked under "GFFA Fanfic" in the Stories & Things list.

September 12, 2002
Any girl will tell you, there is stuff guys do that can only be classified as "it's a guy thing." Case in point, a practical joke played on Hobbie by Wes that results in a friendly fist fight!
Manly Shrimp Cocktail is a classic example of this (to women) bizarre behavior. By the way, it's simple to make and very, very good, and listed in "Appetizers" in Hut Cuisine.

September 7, 2002
It seems just too sad that Luke knew very little about his parents. It would have at least comforted him to know he was conceived by two people who loved one another very much, don't you think? He experiences a little hint of it, in
Vision From the Past, a story about how Luke finally got the momentum to create a new order of Jedi. It's listed in "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things.

September 5, 2002
This has been a topic in the 'Hut chat for a while now: why did Padmé never return to Tatooine to free Shmi Skywalker, or even to thank her? After all, the poor woman gave up her son, and Padmé and Naboo certainly owed her some gratitude! We can only offer the recipe for Shmi's
Vaporator-Foraged Mushroom Stew, dedicated to the mother of the man who became Darth Vader! In "Recipes" in the "Soups & Stews" section of Hut Cuisine.

September 3, 2002
Harry Potter's godfather is a fugitive, having escaped from prison. While in hiding, he relied on Harry to supply him with food. We know that Harry once sent a haphazard menu consisting of a loaf of bread, a whole ham and some radishes, but other times, he was more organized and provided a much better meal.
Picnic Hamper for Sirius gives a full description of the recipes Harry and his friends used to provide for the man who was framed for the murder of Harry's parents. It's listed in Hut Cuisine, under "Set Pieces."

September 2, 2002
Happy Labor Day! Despite the name of the day, many people are actually on vacation and relaxing rather than laboring. What do we at the 'Hut consider a restful -- yet labor-intensive -- time? Improving the site, of course! We added a
Sitemap a few days ago, and now we've added a way to search for content on the site! Since there are a lot of entries now, we divided the databases into three parts: the Sortable Stories & Things Directory (containing all the fanfic, reviews, essays, reports, etc.), the Sortable Art & Stuff Directory (containing all the paintings, drawings, photographs, needlepoint, etc.), and the Sortable Hut Cuisine Directory (containing all the recipes, menus, noshery reviews). You'll need Internet Explorer 5 or later in order to use the sorting feature. We've added a link to the bottom of the navigation bar (which should be to the left of this page; if not, please click here) so you can find it any time you need it. Think of it as the friendly Jawa in Ep2, who helped Anakin Skywalker find his mother ...

August 30, 2002
Even though baseball players have decided not to strike, some of us have decided to dedicate our free time to readin' and writin' ... fanfic, that is. To heck with them ball players! We have ball players of our own ... Iella's story of sibling jealousy is a lot more tense than a good ballgame!
Monsters of the Id details the core of Jacen Solo's angst and confusion in the hours and days before he "disappeared." It's in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

We started to feel sorry for all the folks who got lost in our now kind of biggish site. So a
Sitemap page was created. See if it helps you!

August 29, 2002
We are each the product of things that have happened to us, as well as things we bring about by our own wills. So, how did the senator from tiny Naboo get so close to the Supreme Chancellor so as to bring his downfall? According to Diana DeRiggs, he couldn't help himself.
The Boy With No Name, is rated X, and is a story of what is essentially the "old boys network." That means slash, at least in that author's hands! All you wimpy types are herewith forewarned! The rest of you, catch a dark and twisty story in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

August 27, 2002
Iella just sent a fresh shipment of The Mantrusian Affair --
Chapter 24 and Chapter 25, where Kerensa finds a new use for a tractor beam in a twist worthy of the great Antilles, and Han nearly crisps Wedge into a charcoal briquet! Exciting stuff, so read it all! Catch it in "GFFA Fanfic," in Stories & Things.

Seems the Alliance is really good at making use of leftovers, to the point that some applicants to Wraith Squadron underwent the interviewing and testing just for the chance to sample the food!
Folor Frittata is a great supper or lunch or brunch dish, and it cleans out the 'fridge! It's listed under "Main Dishes" in Hut Cuisine.

August 26, 2002
We never thought we'd see a delicious recipe of any sort attributed to the Neimoidians! But
Vaguely Neimoidian Stuffed Peppers are delicious, try it! If that makes you squeemish, try Elassar Targon's TIE-Roasted Gornt, baked on Kidriff V! Both recipes are listed in "Main Dishes" in Hut Cuisine. Go forth and bake!

August 24, 2002
Rosie spent her summer holidays in Santa Claus. Hey, you have dirty minds! It's a resort town in Indiana, we swear! Go read the review and see for yourself ... even better, the resort is called
Holiday World -- we're not kidding here, either! It's listed under "Field Reports" in Stories & Things. We also have a review for a restaurant with roots in kitsch: Tung Shing House, listed in "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine. We've also found another website we admire -- it belongs to Alton Brown, foodgeek extrodinaire! It's listed in Allies & Links, check out the other "allies" while you're there!

August 21, 2002
There seems to be a run of visitors in Columbus, OH, with two restaurant reviews submitted for eateries in that city:
Justin's and Engine House No. 5, listed in "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine.

Also, it's come to our attention that Wookieehut is linked from various and sundry places around the world. We are becoming insidious, and we are looking forward to being overrun by the Dark Side! Thank you, all you fans! Keep the
e-mails, comments, harangues, compliments, requests, etc. all coming!

August 20, 2002
Another one for Harry Potter fans: what the heck is up with Severus Snape? Diana DeRiggs has some thoughts, declaring that
Snape is a Plant. Whatever she means, her theory isn't that "out there," considering all the evidence. Catch it in "Essays & Rants," Stories & Things.

August 18, 2002
Remember when Darth Vader was dying on the Death Star, he became Anakin Skywalker as he gazed at his son, and thought he smelled spring flowers? He remembered his wife, specifically, he remembered the
Meadow Picnic he shared with her on Naboo. Look at the description and recipes in the "Novelties & Set Pieces" section of Hut Cuisine.

August 16, 2002
Our first Harry Potter themed recipes cover Hermione Granger's efforts to force the Witches and Wizards of Hogwarts to appreciate the efforts of nearly enslaved House Elves. The result is a high tea, that very civilized British tradition. Check out the recipes and the tales and efforts behind them, in
Hogwarts House Elves Emancipation Tea.. It's a group authorship effort, and you can find it in the "Novelties & Set Pieces" section of Hut Cuisine.

August 13, 2002
It's reported that Padmé was dismayed to find herself falling in love. It started on Coruscant, of course, but she discovered it on Naboo, over a formal and civilized dinner. Maybe it was the menu:
Romantic Formal Dinner on Naboo. details what they ate. Find it in the "Novelties & Set Pieces" section of Hut Cuisine.

August 12, 2002
When one falls in love for the first and only time, the prospect of losing the object of one's affection can cause one to move -- or destroy -- worlds and galaxies.
She Says She Loves Me! gets into Anakin Skywalker's head in the brief seconds he fears the worst. It's rated G, and listed in the "GFFA Fanfic" section of Stories & Things.

We're always on the lookout for other sites filled with good, fun content, and stuff that's helpful in crafting fanfic, art, etc. We stumbled across SuperShadow's website. To get there, check out the entry on Allies & Link.

August 6, 2002
Some dads believe they know everything.
Father Knows Best lets us look into Corran Horn's head when dealing with a rebellious, talented son. It's rated PG (despite being written by the sometimes naughty Diana DeRiggs), and listed in the "GFFA Fanfic" section of Stories & Things.

August 5, 2002
You're flying standby, the airline rep tells you that you have a 5 hour stopover in Minneapolis, Minnesota. What do you do? You cheer, for you can go to the
Mall of America, listed in the "Field Reports" section of Stories & Things.

August 4, 2002
The clones of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones are really a composite of Temuera Morrison, with some data input from Jay Lagaia -- who played Captain Typho -- to make the clones look younger than Morrison. They and Daniel Logan -- who plays young Boba Fett -- are Maoris. The Maoris are great lovers of the hangi, a word that describes the pit oven, the food that cooks in it, and the social event created around it. As the clones are good Kiwi blokes, we could imagine them creating a hangi to celebrate their victory over the Separatists' 'Droid Army! How to put together a Kiwi-Maori-Clone feast? Susu writes it all up, in
Clones' Hangi, Geonosis, listed in the "Set Pieces" section of Hut Cuisine.

Wraith6 and Susu visited a nice Irish pub in the neighborhood where Spiderman lives! It's a nice place, where young locals go for dinner as well as beer, called
Bloom's, listed in the "Noshery Reviews" section of Hut Cuisine.

Booster Terrik hates ryshcate! So his daughter bakes him
Rum Cake, not Ryshcate, to be found in the "Desserts & Puddings" section of Hut Cuisine. (It's been a busy day!)

August 3, 2002
The Wraiths were allowed a short vacation after the battle that crippled Admiral Zsinj's flagship, Iron Fist. They took advantage of the sun and surf on the recently liberated Borleias, and they all learned the joys of fishing and gathering seafood. Waste not, want not, so they used it all making lots of different seafood dishes. All the recipes are flexible in terms of the type of seafood or fish, and how much of it you might have on hand.
Borleias Seafood Medleys are delicious and pretty economical. And find out what they did with the money they saved! It's listed in the "Set Pieces" section of Hut Cuisine.

August 1, 2002
You know that the Director of Intelligence for the Empire, Ysanne Isard, is a hard woman. She chose to populate her prison with men only, whom she tortured, broke, and rebuilt as her brainwashed time bombs. How did a nice girl from Imperial City pick up such a lethal hobby? Perhaps a woman scorned is really a dangerous woman. Think twice before you decide not to return her calls, and read
An Eye For Vengeance. You'll learn a lot about what makes Isard tick. Warning! It's Wookieehut's first XXX story, for graphic, extreme sex and gory violence. Try it, you might like it, but only over-18s, please! It's listed in the "GFFA Fanfic" section of Stories & Things.

July 30, 2002
When Tycho and Winter got married, Princess Leia insisted on making the cake. Too bad princesses are not really taught how to bake. Winter simply prayed it would be edible. She needn't have worried -- the cake is a snap to make and is really, really good. Check out
Easy Enough for a Princess Lemon Poppyseed Cake in the "Puddings & Desserts" section of Hut Cuisine.

Rosie was inspired by a multitude of Christmas cards and created the oil painting,
Chapel in the Woods It's quaint and lovely and resides in Art & Stuff, in the section "Other Art."

July 27, 2002
Sometimes omissions are not obvious till you try to fit something into a category that doesn't exist. In Hut Cuisine, there's a new section: POTABLES & BEVERAGES! This will include drinks, cocktails, smoothies, anything you can drink in a glass that isn't soup. Our first entry: Rosie's
Medicinal Ginger Limeade.

July 25, 2002
Rosie took a step back when preparing a couple of dandy potluck appetizers and realized she'd gotten the recipes from a man who cooked for Ysanne Isard! She was a maniac, as you recall, but beautiful. He imparted a few of the Director's tips for staying slim. And the recipes produce beautiful food --
Dragon's Breath Spread. and Vegetable Canapés, Served Cold are really great party recipes. The links are stored in "Condiments" and "Appetizers" respectively, in Hut Cuisine. Rosie didn't see Isard in her viewing of Lilo and Stitch, and she's glad she didn't. Its an unusual, yet very Disney movie. See what it's about, in "Reviews," Stories & Things.

July 23, 2002
At last the field report for the Wookieehut Lost Weekend is finally in! If it was a contest, the city that never sleeps beat up our reporter soundly:
Lost Weekend: NYC. Hard to believe the group did all that in a couple of days! And look at all the pictures! A lot of what they did had to do with faith: Tour des Churches compares Catholic and Anglican buildings and tenents. To keep with the theme, they watched Keeping the Faith, which was -- appropriately -- set in New York, and is a story of friendship and love and faith. The first two are in the "Field Reports" section of Stories & Things, while the movie is in "Reviews" of the same department. Take, eat, this is my body, I give it to you; do this in remembrance of me ...

July 18, 2002
When is a cookie not a cookie? When it symbolizes a marriage that didn't have a chance. Koyi Komad created
Ibtisam & Nrin's Memorial Racial Harmony Cookies in memory of this couple's love. Don't be fooled by the clunky recipe name -- it's an elegant cookie, and its something for everyone! Make a batch up and celebrate harmony among species. Locate it in "Snacks & Sweets" in Hut Cuisine.

Diana DeRiggs raises some hackles in her story of young love and an emotion just as old -- jealousy. It makes you do funny things.
I Want That Man is a declaration, almost a battle cry. Does she get him? Beware, it's Rated X! If you're of age, check it out in "GFFA Fanfic" in the Stories & Things section.

July 17, 2002
Troy Denning, author of Star by Star, stated once that a steamy interlude of sorts was meant to be written for Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila, but couldn't fit it in. So Iella did, in
Star by Star, Chapter 14.01, rated PG-13, so be careful out there! You'll find the young lovers to be surprisingly mature, yet passionate and sexy ... run and read it, in "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things -- you'll feel better. Well ... some of us cried, but we did feel better!

And if you don't feel better, witness the other end of the spectrum -- the movie not worth the film it was shot with. Should've just've been shot, is basically Rosie's opinion of
Scooby Doo. Thank her for saving you time and money!

July 15, 2002
The final recipes from the "lost weekend" in NYC --
Ferrara's Italian Bakery and Café and Pio Pio: Pollos con Brasas. The field report is yet to come, but get a taste of what they did for now! Look in "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine. AND ... as of today, we will provide direct links from this page to any new featured item announced here. Use the links and read more Hut stuff!

July 12, 2002
When it's hot and you're tired, you don't really want to cook. Less so if you're an inanimate stuffed toy! Lt. Kettch puts everyone to shame by overcoming this apparent and obvious handicap, and creating a quick and delicious pasta salad for dinner one night. So ... how did it come about that he needed to cook??? Check out
Kettch's Chicken Salad Pasta from Leftovers , listed in "Accompaniments" (though it could serve as a Main Course) in Hut Cuisine. Yum yum, Commander!

July 10, 2002
We've all heard chefs talking about food that is "architectural" -- built up on a plate for height and effect. Wraith6 prefers to think of his creation, Chopped Salad Still Life as "sculputural." Inspired by the Hut Cuisine recipe called R2D2's Chopped Salad for Padmé, he constructed a piece of art good enough to eat! View the results in "GFFA Art," in the Art & Stuff section! Iella also reports she's made Vegetarian Chili, also in the same section, and served it with fish fillets to great effect. Do some cooking, impress your family, even create some edible art -- that is the Wookieehut way!

July 9, 2002
Iella has sent four chapters of The Mantrusian Affair -- and at last! Now we can find out where those foul pirates are taking Kerensa and Tiirau, and did she really feel anything for Wedge after all, despite that macho display he committed in her name back in chapter 16?? The action heats up in more ways than one, leaving some of us char-broiled! Look at "GFFA Fanfic" in the Stories & Things division of the Hut! Chapters 20 to 23 are now posted!

July 8, 2002
Susu continues reporting on some of the NYC eateries we visited on our "lost weekend" (see entries for June 26) with reviews of the almost-famous Empire Diner, and the not alliterative Knish Knosh. Why almost famous? And how do you pronounce knish?? Check out "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine!

June 27, 2002
Anakin and Tahiri -- like Anakin's uncle and the former Emperor's Hand -- got together under stressful times, and their relationship blossomed when they thought they would die. (Come to think of it, this is a disturbing element among those with Skywalker/Naberrie blood, don't you think???) Iella's story describes the moment these two transitioned from being "attracted" to being "them." For all you nosy types, be the fly on the wall, and read Beginnings in "GFFA Fanfic" in the Stories & Things section.

June 26, 2002
There are many approaches to visiting a cosmopolitan place like New York City. You can see all of the tourist spots, you can go for the shopping, you can go for the shows or museums, or you can explore the different cuisines and ethnic neighborhoods ... Guess which approach we chose? The city that never sleeps is the city where fine eateries reign. Check out the first reviews about our "lost weekend" in the Big Apple: HSF, TenRen Tea Shop, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, and The Park Avenue Café, in "Noshery Reviews," under Hut Cuisine!

June 17, 2002
You'd think it fortuitous that a open-cockpit speeder with a racing engine happened to be parked outside of Padmé's senatorial apartments. Not at all -- many senators stayed there, for the superlative security and central views of the city planet of Coruscant. Among them was one Simon Greyshade, Senator of the Vorzyd Sector, and admirer of race speeders. Ironically, Greyshade had heard rumors of a human boy once piloting a podracer to victory over other better-suited species; he doubted the stories were true, but he fantasized that he was that boy. As a wealthy senator, he had a podracer type speeder especially built for him. What became of that? Read Transcript of a Holomemo to My Mechanic and Right Hand Man, in Stories & Things, in the "GFFA Fanfic" section.

Another human who might have admired a human piloting a podracer was Falynn Sandskimmer, but instead, she ended up admiring a man who was all-too-human. To warm him and to win him, she baked Tofu Lasagne, Bacon Flavor. Why the strange moniker? You'll have to read the background story, given in Hut Cuisine, in the "Vegetarian" section of the recipes section!

June 11, 2002
Since yesterday, we've enjoyed investigating the recipes that have brought pairs together. Today, we have two more pairs:
  • Soontir Fel and Syal Antilles are bonded by Strawberry Rhubarb Jam and Citrus Curd, both found in Hut Cuisine's recipes section under "Condiments." Relegated to attending a work camp when Syal's brother was born, this was where the feeling that she was unwanted was first manifested. But she also remembers the dark-haired boy who admired her at her most petulant and disheveled!
  • The other pair is everyone's favorite bachelors, Wes Janson and Hobbie Klivian, who have their own rather clever ideal meal together, which involves very little preparation and no dishes! Find it, called Eternal Bachelor's Dinner -- it's our first "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine recipes!

June 10, 2002
Anakin and Padmé spent many hours together when he acted as her bodyguard. Imagine the stress for the soon-to-be young lovers on that refugee ship! R2D2 to the rescue -- he made sure they were at least fed properly! Check out his recipe for R2D2's Chopped Salad for Padmé and the recipe for Refugee Ship's Biscuits & Gravy. Both can be found in Hut Cuisine, in "Mains" and in the newly organized "Vegetarian" sections. Young love should be enjoyed before the Sith become involved ...

June 9, 2002
"The darkest hour is just before dawn," could almost be the title of Iella's pensive story, starring the investigative mind of our favorite ex-Corsec ex-pilot Jedi. She calls it Soon, Then, and though the topic under discussion is sad, it's filled with desperate hope. It's the third story in Iella's NJO: Warrior of Light, in Stories & Things, "GFFA Fanfic" section. This should make some of you feel better, but then again ...

June 7, 2002
Remember the baby Jedi Yoda was taking through lightsabre drills? They are Younglings, and are placed in 'clans.' That group was the Bear Clan, and though they are so young that their learning is still in the 'games' stage, Yoda is quick to discipline them when they require it. Dancing Queen studies the viewpoint of a Youngling named Vicktorkrumm who was being properly quiet and attentive, but still had to write an essay as punishment for talking when it was inappropriate. Vicktorkrumm seems to be pointing out what is wrong with the galaxy in general in Self Control. Find it in Stories & Things, in the "Wee Wookiees" section. AND, a young wife and almost mother has a problem some of us can't understand ... well, we all can. But Kettch understands it best. See Ask Kettch for his pithy answer!

June 4, 2002
Don't know if you've noticed, but our collection of links and connections has grown. We decided it should be more than a list of our friends' pages (though that's a perfectly valid reason to be included), and have included resources and other stuff we admire. If your site should be on this list, let us know! Contact the Wookiee! In the meantime, check it out, the Allies & Links page!

June 3, 2002
If you invite a Gamorrean for dinner, what and how much should you make?? Never fear, for Piggy will bring a dish to share, and it's really good! You won't need an excuse to serve Piggy's Stuffed Peppers and Tomatoes, but it's simple, it's cheap, uses up leftovers, and eveyone will want to know how you did it! Check "Main Dishes" under "Recipes" in Hut Cuisine.

June 2, 2002
Diana watched AOTC again, and put in some quality thinking time about that tiny gravestone in the Lars's backyard. Read her thoughts on the subject in an essay called The First Grave Is For My Brother and find out who Owen Lars might be related to, in Stories & Things, in the "Essays & Rants" section.

June 1¾, 2002
Um ... what happened to the site? Got rearranged, sorted and new more useful navigation schlepped out of the storage shed. Hope you like it! (If you don't,
be sure to send a detailed complaint or comment, thanks!)

June 1, 2002
It's nearly summer, and the weather has changed. Thunderstorms, dense humidity, low pressure zones, and hot! She has a lot to do today, but Susu procrastinated, justifying her time by writing up a movie review for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and her report for Celebrations II in Indianapolis last month. One is under "movie reviews" and the other under "nonfic: reports" in Stories & Things. Get a cold drink and procrastinate along!

May 30, 2002
One of the enduring mysteries in a Star Wars script is where the heck does the silly dialogue come from? Anakin Skywalker has -- undoubtedly -- the worst pickup and courtship lines in the galaxy ("Are you an angel?"). However, it turns out that Mr. Lucas is not completely or directly responsible, in that we have evidence that he lifted Anakin's whole declaration of love/lust to Padmé from the work of Russia's equivalent of a poet laureate. Read Ewok Yobwoc's email essay in Stories & Things., under Essays. It's called George Rips Off Big Russian, Really! Hey, we're convinced!

May 28, 2002
If you saw the movie Coneheads you remember that to calm himself during execution proceedings, Baldar sang a song he'd learned on earth. The title for a new fanfic is the same as for that song, where Dia Passik falls victim to a sort of disease. Imagine her singing along, "Sometimes I feel I got to UNH UNH run away..." (Speaking of which -- didn't the execution on Geonosis seem a LOT like the one on Remulak???) Anyway, Diana DeRiggs crafts a story which goes a long way toward explaining why Dia killed Castin Donn! Read Tainted Love in Stories & Things.

May 26, 2002
Do you ever wonder what Jedi Knights dream about? How about Masters? For Obiwan Kenobi, what did he dream during those long years as a hermit on Tatooine? Here's one image, created like a dream, by Wraith6, in Art & Stuff.

May 20, 2002
Chewbacca must like the soon-to-be winter weather in the southern hemisphere, for she's been sited there again! This time, she reinacts a scene from ESB for us, and predicts the future. In the meantime, you wonder how Yoda managed to evade the Sith's Jedi purge? He became mother to all of England's royalty, hidden in plain sight. True! Look for both Chewie and Yoda in Art & Stuff.

May 18, 2002
We've each seen it at least twice. We've waited two years. How do we describe it? Iella did it best, in an email to the Hut. So it's been posted as the pithy but ultimate review for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. It's in "Reviews" in Stories & Things.

May 10, 2002
It seems natural that someone with horns growing out of his head would have a fondness for Deviled Eggs, don't you think? Elassar justifies collecting egg plates by throwing a dainty party once in a while, and he passes along two of his favorite stuffed egg recipes. Look under "Appetizers" in Hut Cuisine.

May 9, 2002
Tonight, Susu seems to be in a judgemental mood, having submitted reviews for Ruth's Chris Steak House in "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine, and for the DVD Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, found in Stories & Things. Mmmmm... steak with meatheads!

May 8, 2002
In Star by Star, Tahiri lost her nearly life-long friend. But he left her with more than simple memories -- there is a fine recipe he whipped up for her any time she needed cheering up. It's called Tahiri's Sweet Special Surprise, and ignore the spoilers if you haven't read the book yet! Its listed under "Snacks & Sweets" in Hut Cuisine.

May 7, 2002
Don't you love when guys act like meatheads and fight over some slip of a girl, who ends up beating both of them up herself, and then everyone is really sorry they weren't nice to each other later on? That's what starts the trouble in the four-chapter installment of Iella's Mantrusian Affair. The plot, set to simmer, is now reaching a boil. Go read it! Under "Fanfic," in Stories & Things.

April 24, 2002
Rosie and Susu have a girls' night out, and end up concocting recipes and little stories for everyone to enjoy! First, a pasta salad that won Soontir Fel's admiration, if not his heart, and then a Chicken Curry that was much too spicy. Count on food technology know-how to salvage the dish and sympathy for Tycho Celchu to stir up a story for it. Check out "Accompaniments" for Queen of the Ball Pasta & Veggie Salad and "Main Dishes" for Vengence Soothed Chicken Curry in Hut Cuisine, for the initial fruits of their labors.

April 6, 2002
Tissues are still required, no matter how many times some of us read Star by Star. Maybe we keep reading it over and over, hoping the inevitable doesn't happen in *this* reading?? We don't know, but Iella is determined to not let the dead rest easy. Perhaps in the Force, memories hang in the air like tangible things? Whatever, read fanfic Early Days Yet in Stories & Things, the "other point of view" to Tahiri's Vigil. Together, the are a matched set, called New Jedi Order: Warrior of the Light. Celebrate young love, in your own way.

April 4, 2002
Okay, who read Star by Star? Who gasped at the demise of a certain someone? Who, among us, is going to pretend they didn't cry out in distress?? We wailed and screamed and some of us punched holes through doors. But Iella, her craft honed and ready, wrote a tale of friendship and loss in response. This should make us feel a little better, or a lot worse. It's called Tahiri's Vigil and makes the GFFA's loss all the more wrenching. Bring tissues, before entering the Fanfic area in Stories & Things.

March 24, 2002
Rosie takes a ride in the time machine and reviews Steven Spielberg's E.T.: The Extraterrestrial, newly released as a "special edition" in what has become a George Lucas-style tendency to touch and fix what was already this close to being perfect anyway. But it works, and Rosie tells all! Read her assessment in "Reviews," in Stories & Things. (Beware: Spoilers abundant!)

March 23, 2002
Men and women in forced conditions tend to fantasize a lot. A common practice among prisoners or soldiers in high-stress projectes is to design their perfect house, every screw, every stick of furniture, in loving detail. Or to create their perfect meal, arguing sweet vs. savory, rich vs. lean. For some, their ideal banquet is homey and straight-forward, a dish of baked beans, or a simple sandwich. Elassar and Runt argue the perfect dish of beans, but are forced to concede that their individual recipes are actually second best. Face Loran gives his recipe for pickled onions, simple to make, perfect for cheese and onion sandwiches, and an investment of faith in the future. See "Baked Beans, Compromised and Improved" and "Pickled Onions," both under "Accompaniments," in Hut Cuisine.

March 18, 2002
Diana spent a quiet weekend walking around and listening to other people converse, and eavesdropping yields inspiration! (It always does, hahaha!) Some were titillating enough to be included in Death Isn't the End, a story of what some of the Wraiths do while on leave on Coruscant. Under "Fanfic" in Stories & Things.

March 9, 2002
It's not as cold as it should be, nor is it warm enough for ice cream. Time to get a new movie into the DVD! Susu and Wraith6 watch the Disney adventure Atlantis, the Lost Empire and tell us about the discoveries within, "Reviews," Stories & Things. And it is the right weather for chili cheese burgers, but since we all are trying to be svelter, a low-fat version is in the offing. Believe it or not, Kell Tainer is the source of that recipe. Wondering why? Look under "Main Dishes" in Hut Cuisine, and find Vegetarian Chili, for Vegetarian Burgers. Assembly instructions included!

February 24, 2002
We're feeling kind of blue at the Hut, since watching the closing ceremonies for the Salt Lake City Olympics ... no more exclamations of "serious air" or "soul patches." But Iella has been doing some research, and came up with the perfect antidote: Carrot Cake! Not just ANY carrot cake, but THE carrot cake that caused Pash Cracken's name to be limned into the annals of history! Make up a batch, complete with Cream Cheese Icing (with the option to double the recipe for a super thick glaze!) for the perfect antidote to the blues or to convince pilots to follow you wherever you may call! It's called Pash's Passion and it's located under "Desserts" in Hut Cuisine.

February 18, 2002
President's Day is more than a celebration and remembrance of presidents... it's also a 'catch up' day, for filing reports and reviews. At least, that's how Rosie spent it! She submits her Review for Lord of the Rings and her report for The Magic of Myth Exhibit, both of which can be found under Reviews and Nonfic, respectively, under Stories & Things. While in Toledo, Rosie went to the nearly famous Tony Packo's, which sent hot dogs and fixings to the 4077 M*A*S*H* at the pleadings of Corporal Klinger! Log into Hut Cuisine, and check out Eatery Reviews.

February 8, 2002
Iella heats up our winter with more chapters of The Mantrusian Affair. She writes in the cover note: "I'm attaching chapters 14 and 15 in which the evil but sort of sexy Kuzhak furthers his machinations, Wedge finally overcomes the forces of water and animals, and the luscious but lascivious Neekau seeks his revenge - nyahaha. Ah, how I love that "stags in the paddock" rivalry. Question: is that where we get the word "horny" from?" Now, you KNOW you'll regret not reading those chapters! In "Fanfic," under Stories & Things.

January 31, 2002
Iella heats up The Mantrusian Affair as the dashing but shy Wedge Antilles starts to fall for the beautiful, talented, brave Kerensa. Feel like peeking in on the courtship? Read Chapters 12 and 13, in Stories & Things, Fanfic Section!

January 18, 2002
Ees shakes her stick at Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring for good reason! What did this movie do wrong? What did it do right? Read her lucent review in the Review Section, in Stories & Things.