The Wookiee Hut News and Weather: 2003 Archive

December 28, 2003
Life is sometimes like a good computer game, where you get points, answers, kills, you can see your goals ... but you're still confused and not really much closer to the conclusion ... Shadow Chaser extols the fun of Knights of the Old Republic RPG created by LucasArts. As long as you remember to "save," you'll make it. And though Luke and Leia make it through the cold swampy planet to get help, the answers don't seem to be helpful. And of course, the closer they get to getting back, the more in danger Luke will be ... yes, you must read Renewal, Chapter Five!! As for more confusion, even though the reincarnated fellowship realize the Valar had indeed reincarnated them, the discoveries they make about their past lives include things like susceptibility to motion sickness ... but that's not as bothersome as the changed skull on Legolas's palm ... Shadows That Remain is back! Part I is over, but Part II is called "Morgoth," and starts with Chapter 28: White City. These are all in Stories & Things, listed respectively in: "Reviews," "GFFA Fanfic," and in "Other Fic." Read and recover from holiday excesses, and indulge in what you really want after all!

December 23, 2003
The Yule Holidays are approaching, for both the GFFA and in other universes! After the destruction of the One Ring, the Hobbits return to Hobbiton -- and Samwise Gamgee gets married! As the preparations progress, Sam decides that the feast would carry reminders of the great adventure he'd shared with Frodo and the fellowship, as well as recipes that meant a lot to him. Wedding Feast for Samwise Gamgee and Rosie Cotton includes long and interesting tales of how each recipe gained its place on the banquet tables, and includes gifts from the other members of the fellowship. Have some punch and stay for the party! Or perhaps you prefer to party with the likes of the residents and staff of the Errant Venture, where Booster's New Holiday: Party Bits and Pieces shows that you don't need an official day off to make it festive. This "Set Piece" gives us a bit of insight into Booster's upbringing, too. Both are listed in Hut Cuisine -- Happy Holidays!

December 18, 2003
We all have heard true tales of people who have children before they've made their peace with the grandparents of those children. And what if on top of all that tension, people accuse you of incompetence or wrongdoing? Then you'd have Renewal, Chapter 4. Ivy has written some clever and profound insights linking one generation to the next ... in "GFFA Fanfic" listed in Stories & Things.

December 15, 2003
When a woman is irritable and she tells you nothing is wrong, it's best not to believe her, but to act like you do, because you don't necessarily want to know the truth, much less handle it ... Renewal, Chapter 3 delivers the message of a tragedy to Han, but will he want to hear the rest of it ..? Listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. Things are sticky and too warm for Leia, but in an alternative universe, things are comfy and cozy -- a much more preferable warmth (unlike the seasonably snowy conditions in the northeast US right now!). We attribute the excellent recipes to Tahiri's Way with a Capon, which is based on a meal and punchline central to At the Oasis: Paddy and the Capon. It's a "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine, and it's all really good!

December 11, 2003
LOTR: Return of the King will be out soon ... very soon ... and Shadow Chaser is marking the event by completing Shadows That Remain, Part I: Sauron -- Chapter 26: Healing and Chapter 27: Leaving. Things become clear, good soldiers get paid, and you know there must be more ... finish reading it before Aragorn is back! It's in "Other Fic," Stories & Things. Iella's Many Happy Returns starts to slowly explode, and Tahiri is forced into epiphanies ... there is a similarity between her -- post-Vong abused -- and Legolas in Shadow's story ... think about it. Read Chapter 21 and Chapter 22. It'll make you agree that the NJO sucks because they killed Anakin ... It's a "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. The sagas resolve or progress ... but not completely ...

December 8, 2003
It's officially Christmas holiday season, because in many parts of the USA, it's snowing! From our geocentric POV, that's a good reason to start carolling! Gabbydriel creates a "filk" -- a poem based on a song -- and Diana doodled along: Holiday Homage to Lord of the Rings: 12 Days of Christmas is funny and pretty. Go sing, and get in the mood for the new Lord of the Rings movie (due out in two weeks!) as well as Christmas! It's listed in both "Poetry" in Stories & Things, as well as "Other Art" in Art & Stuff. And Shadow Chaser promises that this part of her LOTR-based fanfic, Shadows That Remain, Part I: Sauron will draw to a close in another three chapters in time for Return of the King! Start counting down and check out Chapter 25: Struggle, where the severity of Legolas's actions are made horrifyingly clear. It's in "Other Fic," Stories & Things. Ivy's Chapter Two of the multi-part saga Renewal also speaks of survival, struggle and sacrifice, this time not by Luke and Leia, but for them ... These are both great tales for your holiday reading list! And if you need a break, go to the Caribbean (like Orlando "Legolas" Bloom did when he made Pirates of the Caribbean), or at least eat some of that great Caribbean food at Brisas del Caribe, where SuSu wonders why a hot area like the Caribbean has food so well suited to cold weather? It's a "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine. Finally, "the Culinary Padawan" returns to cooking school to watch Jacques Torres's French Christmas demonstration and seminar. What could be more festive than an edible yule log and chocolates? It's a "Field Report" in Stories & Things. Enjoy the holidays, and read more!

December 3, 2003
Some of us just realized that Han and Leia courted for over 8 years before finally tying the knot! Yeah, a Princess/Councilor and a Pirate/Smuggler together would have caused some waves, but we think it's because they were so close they wanted to kill each other. It happens to all of us, eh? Ivy's adventure tale investigates that turmoil and much else, in the multi-chapter Renewal, Chapter One -- it's a long chapter and completely worth getting into; you'll be clamoring for more! Speaking of teases, a movie trailer is designed to tease, for sure. Kelly Grosskreutz goes a step further and gives us her Review of the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban Movie Trailer and makes moment-by-moment analyses, comparing what can be seen versus the book's details. The movie is not due out till June, but "Something Wicked This Way Comes!" Both are in Stories & Things, in "GFFA Fanfic" and in "Reviews," respectively. Obsession is a great thing, so enjoy!

November 30, 2003
The end of Thanksgiving weekend, and we're STILL full! So no recipes today, please! Instead, we will read about other feasts. In the best of all possible worlds, life would be good and the GFFA wouldn't kill off people we didn't want killed off. To counter those murders (and they ARE murders!), we often expand on canon, or in some cases, we run counter to it and create the oft-misunderstood AU (... no, not Australia! Alternative Universe!) Iella had created one AU story a short while back, but it spawned other ideas, so now it's a series. At the Oasis now has an Introduction and three parts to the story so far: My Oasis, The Other Woman (very different from the Diana-authored story of the same name), and Paddy and the Capon, the last one told in Grandpa Han's voice ... it's funny! That story is also illustrated with Pretty Pilots, you get to figure out who those pilots are, what fun! Despite the "AU" tag, they are "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Thingsl the Pretty Pilots are "GFFA Art," of course! That's in Art & Stuff. The Solo clan had a great-sounding dinner in that story, which encouraged some of us to run out and find good food, too. While in upstate New York (i.e. -- not the city), try to get to Dinosaur BBQ, where our Hut Reporter managed to get a tour of the double-secret pit! It's good, and they sell giftpacks of rub and sauce, too! It's a "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine. If we're lucky, one of those magical rubs will help Aragorn ... Shadow Chaser looks up from exams and realizes there are rabid fans foaming at the mouth for the next chapter of Shadows That Remain. Maybe it was guilt or fear, but she realizes she's deprived us long enough and submits Chapter 24: Vernomage and promises unthinkable tortures to come ... so get caught up while she's distracted temporarily! It's "Other Fic" in Stories & Things.

November 27, 2003
Happy Thanksgiving, and may you all be happily stuffed and napping copiously! If you want inspiring stories about food and how to prepare it, we have a Corran Horn tale, where it's either him or the beast that's the Thanksgiving Roasting. As for leftovers, Luke Skywalker presents his bride-to-be with a unique gift: brown stock, the base of many soups and sauces. This and two classic soup recipes are in Nirauan Engagement Soups: Hand in Marriage at the Hand of Thrawn and there are good tips in the story for getting stock for free. If you're into spicier preparations, be sure you go to Kalustyan's, an extraordinary spice and food emporium that's been there since that section of New York was a tenement block. Taken together, it's all great food and fun times. Enjoy the holiday, we wish you were here to join us! The "GFFA Fanfic" is listed in Stories & Things, the "Set Piece" and "Noshery Review" are in Hut Cuisine.

November 23, 2003
Today's postings seem to all be concerned with a foreign place, and being a stranger in a strange land. Iella submits a "songfic" -- a fanfic based on song lyrics. It's not unusual to be inspired by a song, and Here Without You is the story of Anakin Solo, who has to learn to deal with being forced to exist someplace he's never been before and his effect on those who love him. Myn Donos must try to stay out of the land of the insane, but he has no map for that ... fortunately, he meets a guide in Tanira. (This story first appeared on other sites, but it's been revised since then. It's the first time this version has been online!) Ivy answered a challenge for another group, and opted to write about a gory ritual in a mysterious world in the GFFA. The Sending not only describes the ritual, but how that ritual is perceived by those outside the culture. And as always, one must figure out what to eat when somewhere unfamiliar. SuSu reviews Sushi Samba, where sushi is not what you think it is, and what does South America have to do with Japanese cuisine? As quirky as it sounds, it works! In contrast, there are rather alien things passing themselves off as burgers at Woody's Family Restaurant The three "GFFA Fanfics" are listed in Stories & Things, and the "Noshery Reviews" are in Hut Cuisine.

November 19, 2003
New contributor Ivy is known as a Han/Leia story spinner, a great addition to the other obsessions of 'Hut members! Welcome, Ivy, and thank you for the closed-ship, poignant tale, Restless Spaces, where Leia has to make peace with the ghost of the man who was sworn to protect her, and she uses the man she's with, who has also sworn to protect her ... Their child, much younger, is going through his own difficulties with females, but also learning control, in Many Happy Returns, Chapter 20. It's frustrating knowing about both groups, makes you want to tell Anakin where the others are! Today seems to be a Leia Organa posting day: Alderaanian Royal Training Service Project, 2: Making fleece scarves is a continuation of Alderaanian Royal Training Service Project: Making fleece blankets for refugees, making sure not to waste the scraps from the blanket-making. Leia is gratified to give the warm things away to refugees, but gets an unexpected measure of satisfaction when she sees the scarves a decade later on Tatooine. What Goes Around, Comes Around shows how an act of compassion can benefit you in unexpected ways. The stories are listed as "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, and the scarf projects are in "GFFA Art," Art & Stuff. It's Leia karma day!

November 16, 2003
A caged animal will try anything to escape ... they will even try patience, and endure the most heinous worries, if they know they will be free. Our imprisoned heros of Many Happy Returns have endured much -- including the guards forgetting to take them on refresher breaks -- and have been patient. But you need just one spot of bad luck to undo it all ... Chapter 19 piles stuff higher and deeper on the prisoners, and it's obvious they are dealing with a duplicious madman. Don't you hate that? Well, hopefully, if you're going mad from the chilly weather here on earth, you run into the two fat Saxon Witches -- Wookiee Hut creations in the Harry Potter universe. This time, they restore you with their Enchanted Orange Ginger Curried Carrot Soup, which will warm you up in many ways; if you don't feel like cooking, look at the electronic art for Saxon Witches' Carrot Soup, nearly as warming! And while we're on the topic of Harry Potter, the new trailer for Prisoner of Azkhaban is available! The movie is due out in June, so only go to Allies & Links to check out the trailer if you -- like Lando and company -- have the patience to wait for it ... Today's postings are listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things, and in Hut Cuisine. Enjoy the chills!.

November 12, 2003
The sentient planet Zonama Sekot has had it's share of run-ins with Skywalkers ... knowing that there are more out there is enough to keep a planet hidden, no matter what the gravity well situation! As it has to find refuge in places without interrupting the local gravity signature too much, it tends to move around a bit in it's search. If the planet is lucky, it can get away with people thinking it's a simple lunar eclipse. See what you think of the holo, listed in "GFFA Art," Art & Stuff. And if you get hungry, you could do worse than find an Indian Cafeteria or a classic diner, whether chasing planets or trying to patch up ruined dates. The latter is responsible for a dating second chance, and Mike Meyer's famous mother-in-law (as in "The Industrial Revolution was neither Industrial, nor a Revolution. Discuss!") reportedly loves the Sage Diner, while former President Bill Clinton enjoys the cafeteria line at Curry In A Hurry. Both "Noshery Reviews" -- for places inexpensive and good enough to satisfy a wandering planet -- are listed in Hut Cuisine.

November 9, 2003
A Jedi, we all know, shall have compassion, but shall have no attachment -- it's absolutely forbidden. It turns out there are good reasons for this; you don't want a defender of your galaxy to have "allegiances" of any sort ... as a sample, find out The Price of A Kiss. If one is attached is one's opinion ever truly impartial? This story appears as "GFFA Fanfic," listed in Stories & Things. And when Harry Potter was in the lake during the second trial in Goblet of Fire, he panicked and chose compassion over following the rules. One could surmise he did it for love, but what if he did it to shut up some voices in his head? A funny idea, illustrated in "Wee Wookiees" Art & Stuff, called Friends and Hallucinations; it could be a crossover thing! And more art: if you want to see the best samples of what NJO characters probably SHOULD look like, check out the latest link for some inspiring book cover art, listed in Allies & Links.

November 7, 2003
Wedge, as big a hero as he is to some of us, has always been kind of slow on the uptake for other stuff. Like women, for example. Even supernatural women. Chapter 38 of the absorbing The Mantrusian Affair starts finding some keys to put into some of those mysterious locks ... but as you may have suspected, there are more layers of intrigue in this "GFFA Fanfic," listed in Stories & Things. (By the way, the 5-minute episodes for the The Clone Wars animated microseries starts tonight! Listed in Allies & Links.)

November 2, 2003
Yesterday was "All Soul's Day," or "Day of the Dead," which doesn't seem to bode well for Lando, Tendra and their fellow prisoners. But tenacity pays off -- but timing is EVERYTHING, as evidenced in Chapter 17 and Chapter 18 of the very popular Many Happy Returns listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. On a more celebratory note, the Fellowship didn't mention any party at the end of their great adventure, but that's not to say they didn't have one. How best to dispel the horrors of captivity and torture by Orcs? By creating a Mocking the Orcs Centerpiece, for mockery can reduce a horror into a mere memory ... Check out the images of Merry and Pippin's artistic rendering of their tormentors in the "Other Art" section of Art & Stuff. (Some of you will love this one ... some will be made queasy ...)

October 28, 2003
As Hallowe'en approaches, thoughts often turn to candy, but to stay in the spirit of a good American-style All Hallow's Eve, what could be creepier and slimier than ... sea monsters? As gross as some people would believe fish and seafood is, they're simply wrong about most of it, especially if it's cooked very well and allowed to shine in the simplest way possible. Bigelow's Seafood is one of a dying breed of old-fashioned clamshacks that fry or grill seafood, and they sell t-shirts that read, "I got my belly at Bigelow's!" You'll need to either go there or read the review to figure that one out (but if you know already, you are one of us!) As for genuine creepiness, it turns out that Slytherin House has an "inner circle" of members who have to get past the idea of crawly sea beasties, but in fact, the recipes produce delicious fare. For Hallowe'en, try a seafood-based menu, limned in Slytherin "Inner House" Fishy Initiation Feast. The "Noshery Review" and "Set Piece" are listed in Hut Cuisine.

October 22, 2003
In the victory parade on Naboo, there are very young girls dressed in finery standing on the presentation platform behind the handmaidens, and they were described as "royal princesses." How had they come to that position? They applied for the job, and Queen Amidala picked them based on an interview. PrincessChippy got her position thanks to sketches she made of Impressions of Coruscant, Top & Bottom. Kid's drawings, for sure, but they showed a maturity beyond her four years of life! But she did partake in kid foods, albeit rather sophisticated versions of them, like the cakes in Cupcake Café, but not the tongue tacos at Salon Mexico, which is across the street in New York (not Naboo). The drawing is classified under "Wee Wookiees" in Art & Stuff, and the "Noshery Reviews" are listed in Hut Cuisine.

October 20, 2003
It seems with the gorgeous autumn weather we've been having, some Hutties have been going out to eat a lot more, but it's all to our benefit when they hand in restaurant reviews! There is Arharn Thai, which doesn't do the silly "fusion" stuff that many Thai places try to do (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't); Chat 'n Chew, which is actually MUCH more palatable and charming that it sounds from the name of the place, we promise; Fifth Avenue Restaurant, which is the best of the Greek style diners, and even better, it doesn't have those bloated menus with their vacuum-packed freezer bags for instant reheating (thank goodness!); and finally there is The Chipper, which is the PERFECT fare to have when watching the Rugby World Cup matches, which are currently in progress (hard to overshadow the baseball World Series, eh? But the players are cuter in rugby than in baseball, according to some Hutties ...). They're all listed in "Noshery Reviews," which is a section of Hut Cuisine.

And how does all this dining get paid for? There is a new short "GFFA Fanfic" about the consequences of not knowing who's going to pay the check in a restaurant ... do you split it evenly? But what if you had the salad and no drinks? Is that fair? Read
Split Check and pick up some pointers about how to NOT handle that situation! In Stories & Things.

October 18, 2003
You know that old adage, about how "no experience is ever wasted"? It's actually true, despite what you may think about the boredom or suffering at the time it's happening. Non-trivial stuff like being abandoned in a jungle or more trivial stuff like watching your old man and his mates trying to walk while drinking too much! Iella's Many Happy Returns, Chapter 16 seems to let us know that success is at hand ... but in the world of fanfic, you never know! Listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

October 16, 2003
We all have to grow up sometime, even those who are famous for their giddy youthfulness. The one known as "The Naked Chef" is grown up, and has become a mentor and father figure to young wannabes who otherwise might have had no hope ... Of course, some of us might have killed for the opportunity to work with the young master (who is very much like a mix of Anakin and Obi-wan) but will settle for a book signing to meet the man himself! The "Field Report" filed for this event can be found in Stories & Things, and is called Jamie Oliver Book Signing, Barnes & Noble, Union Square, NYC. (Bonus signing by Jamie's mentor, Gennaro!)

October 14, 2003
When one is young and silly, one makes young, silly decisions about young, silly things. LepChick94's confession is told in the "Field Report" The More Things Change... A Field Report from an Evolved Lep-Fan. There are benefits to growing older after all, among them not being so foolishly silly anymore (and yes, it does feel good!). Feel better about all those dumb things you do, for someday you, too, will grow out of them! The report is in Stories & Things.

October 11, 2003
As Peter Parker's uncle told him, "With great power comes great responsibility," and the Royal House of Organa, knowing the secret of Leia Organa's secret heritage, made sure she understood this simple but profound concept. One of the first things she learned: compassion for others, through Alderaanian Royal Training Service Project: Making Fleece Blankets for Refugees, a simple project that filled her with satisfaction and happiness. There are complete details with photographs, so with the cold weather coming, make one with, or for, a loved one. Take a look in "GFFA Art," Art & Stuff.

October 9, 2003
Sometimes life changes so fast, it can't possibly make sense until a lot of time has passed. At long last, the players of Iella's Many Happy Returns are back, trying to make sense of all the changes in their situations and in their feelings. Chapter 15 goes beyond the expected Tahiri/Anakin pairing ... it shows all the signs of a very complex and very interesting scenario coming up! And as for big, fast changes, separation and divorce are always sad, difficult changes, but often it can be for the best, and everyone ultimately benefits. However, we'll bet few women have left a legacy as profound as that of Padmé Naberrie Skywalker when she chose an abrupt single motherhood. Winter of My Life describes her mental state in the days and weeks following that decision ... and a surprise discovery, too! Even though the arrival of Ep3 (in 554 days!) might make this tale (and others!) all wonky, it's a good one to mull over while we're forced to wait ... Both tales are "GFFA Fanfic," and they're in Stories & Things, go take a look and see if they make sense to you.

October 5, 2003
We know you know all the words ... we know you were terrified that they'd be caught before they could get to Switzerland ... and if you pair that with a beautiful, ornately decorated gem of a theater, you could only be making the trip to see The Sound of Music National Touring Company Performance at the Fox Theater. Despite the bad signage misdirecting you away from the venue, it's a positive "Field Report," in Stories & Things.

September 30, 2003
If you've never wondered how an apparently unattractive man could manage to have a beautiful woman on his arm ... then you don't know all there is to know about women! Myn Donos wants to see Lara Notsil again, but he needs help, even if he doesn't know it. And the men of Wraith Squadron are the ones to supply the help in the form of a Makeover for Bubbie, which, though funny, is really educational, and men need to take note! It's "GFFA Fanfic" and listed in Stories & Things.

September 28, 2003
After Princess Leia betrayed the location of a rebel base to Governor Tarkin, a raid was made. Though the base had been abandoned for some time, in fact something of real significance had been found. Lucky for us the Imps never realized what they had ... to them, it's merely a Mysterious System Model Found on Dantooine. However, someone must have realized the significance of the third planet on the system, as evidenced by Ehh-Arth Under Death Star Surveillance ... it might yet be out there! The hand-painted model and the outer-space tableau are listed in "GFFA Art," Art & Stuff.

September 27, 2003
It's no secret that not everyone is happy with the sequence of events in the "official" NJO, so what's a fanfic writer to do? As in religion, it's often possible to ignore the bits you didn't like, and still retain the passion. And though some might revile such a thing, "AU" (alternate universe -- not Australian, apologies to that place!) plots often feel much more "official and right" than what the pros do to our favorites. Plus, when a talented, fun writer like Iella writes the tale, you KNOW it's right! At the Oasis gets into the heads of two lovers who have matured a tiny bit, to see what life should have held for them. We think "AU" stories can sometimes be ... therapeutic. It's a "GFFA Fanfic," in Stories & Things.

September 25, 2003
What ever happened to that Vong girl who had been "activated" when Tahiri had been captured? Sleeping With the Enemy is the most recent story in NJO: Warrior of Light, the tales of Anakin and Tahiri ... and now of Riina ... listed in Stories & Things as "GFFA Fanfic" of the best sort!

September 20, 2003
Safe in the Elven haven of Lorien, Inc. the reincarnated members of the Fellowship and their allies are extremely worried about Legolas and the effects he suffers from absorbing Sauron's essence. Tensions mount as aspects of their former lives emerge during preparation for the next battle for the White City. Chapter 23: Preparation of Shadows That Remain outlines the ways they cope; listed in "Other Fics," Stories & Things. And Lt. Kettch lets everyone know how to cope with life's little irritations, as he is wont to do ... Ask Kettch is always a slightly surreal read ...

September 10, 2003
When a soldier is sent to war, it is a sobering thought that he or she may die in the line of duty, by design. And yet death is not necessarily the worst thing, as those in Shadow Chaser's Shadows That Remain know, when they hear the worst in Chapter 22: Shadow. As many in the USA are now asking, what is the acceptable cost of victory? Listed in "Other Fics," Stories & Things. At least the owners of the 5 Burros Café know that the acceptable cost of bad service is great food and "ambiance"! Read this "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine.

September 1, 2003
It's Labor Day, time to celebrate work by ... not working! It means a lot of things, most significantly it signals the end of summer in much of the northern hemisphere. In the GFFA, it also means other things, like working to deliver a baby! Hobbie's first child is due, but is born early in Labor Day. Part of the Hobbie's Saga story arc, it's Part 7, listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. And after mother and child were declared fine and healthy, they got to go home for dinner cooked by the new papa: Retread Chili, and it's better than the original meal! In "Mains: Stews," Hut Cuisine.

August 28, 2003
When Legolas and his ilk kill evil ones, they absorb their energy; the larger the evil, the more energy to be absorbed and the more hazardous. So what happens if you kill the likes of say ... Sauron? By killing him, are you committing suicide? Shadow Chaser's Shadows That Remain, Chapter 21: Power comes to Wookieehut, and we wonder how much it was influenced by that power outage a couple of weeks ago! (Kill evil entity, run the AC ... hey, it works!) It's in "Other Fic," Stories & Things, and the longest chapter of this epic yet! Is the energy like food? If so, then try food from elsewhere, like Cendrillon for someone's childhood memories from the Philippines, or Tandoor for a more sophisticated type of Indian buffet weekend brunch. Both are listed as "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine. Yum ... and yum!

August 25, 2003
Leia learns something about sexuality in general, and about a special man in particular when the nagging question, Is He ... Corellian? keeps coming up. It's racy and rated R, logged in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. The question is really, does it matter??

August 23, 2003
Members of the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic are pretty handy with their fingers. When stressed and in need of relaxation, they 've been known to put their hands to Rebel Arts & Crafts and make themselves some very nice, useful pillows and blanket sets -- these came in very handy on Hoth. And Tyria Sarkin, who gave the nickname "Wraith" to Gray Squadron, also gave them an Unofficial Squadron Symbol. When they became an Intelligence unit, she remade it in green, and it was referred to as the Original Wraith Patch (Intel) even after they were issued an official patch. These are listed in "GFFA Art," Art & Stuff. And the Northeast Travelogue comes to a close with a report for the final Day 7: Ottawa to Home. The WookieeHutters traveled home via IKEA and Toronto. At the Swedish store, not only did they buy a lot of stuff, they had meatballs for breakfast! Why? Check out the restaurant review for IKEA Cafeteria, where a date has family and social implications! Listed in "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine.

August 22, 2003
Arthur Weasley finds out it's one thing to admire Muggles, but totally a different thing to try and live their life! At the Quidditch World Cup Barbeque, he tries -- and fails -- to cook like them. To the rescue come two formidable, fat, food-wise witches, who show them how to cook all manner of things on a grill, including what they drink! This fun Hut Cuisine "Set Piece" is accompanied by a drawing of the Two Fat Witches showing Hermione and Ginny how to turn a roast! That's in "Other Art," Art & Stuff, and the other is a "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine. You should always listen to women who drive around in a motorbike and sidecar!

August 21, 2003
The latest chapter of Shadows That Remain has a shift ... there is doubt of the ability of Legolas. And if he falls, what would they do? Chapter 20: Concern is titled a touch subtly! Read it in "Other Fic," Stories & Things.

August 19, 2003
Happy Birthday! A couple of Huttites have birthdays today; it's sometimes a happy event (if you're younger) or a melancholy one (if you're older!), but Voort saBinring knows how to deal with the blues and make himself -- and his guests -- happy about his birthday! He presents a manly menu, with instructions on how to grill the perfect steak, and has a very unusual birthday cake featured ... It's the "Set Piece" called Piggy's Macho Birthday Dinner, and it's a winner! Check it out in Hut Cuisine. And if we're talking about fun and steak, do it in Chicago, where cattle were formerly shipped for slaughter and distribution! These days, it's a big city with lots of amenity and LOTS of fun for a pack of "Girl Sprouts" (as one of the maternal Huttites refers to them). The "Field Report" by Dancing Queen is called The Girl Scouts Invade Chicago! and it shows what you can do to get what you want if you persevere. And it may look easy, but selling cookies can be rough! That report is listed in Stories & Things, and there are photos, too!

August 18, 2003
Iella Wessiri has always been a mystery ... why marry Diric? Why reject Wedge? It turns out that the thing she needs most from a man is something that no decent woman would openly admit to ... she's The Other Woman, and she likes it like that! Rated R, "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. Because even law enforcers have needs, too!

August 17, 2003
The traveling Hutties have been taking turns writing reports, so they are coming in ad hoc, but it's worth it! Plenty of photos and restaurant reviews accompany these reports, too. One big tip -- always make sure the hotel has a pool ... The Northeast Travelogue "Field Report" wedges in a report between days 5 and 6 with Day 5 II: Concord to Ottawa where they encounter the memory of the Old Man on the Mountain, in Stories & Things. They picnicked on donut peaches en route, but went to Yesterday's Restaurant & Parlour for a comforting dinner. It sounds quaint, but that's because they've been around for nearly half a century. It's a "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine.

August 16, 2003
That big trip across the northeast USA that was an extended HutCon seems so long ago, but the reports are still percolating through. The Northeast Travelogue "Field Report" explains why they were so ready to crash into a pool or into bed every night on Day 4: Glenburnie to New England and Day 6: Ottawa, Ontario. Those are listed in Stories & Things. To support these reports are restaurant reviews for A&W; for rootbeer and poutine, Tucker's Marketplace for a great all you can eat style buffet restaurant, and The Weathervane for superlative seafood just about on the ocean. The last three are listed in "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine.

August 15, 2003
Where were you when the lights when out? That's not so clear; what IS clear is how many of us survived the Blackout of the Niagara-Mohawk Power Grid. Some writing will be coming along inspired by that rather tense event. But what were some of us doing just before? Eating out, actually ... on the west coast, there was Coldstone Creamery and on the east, there was Culinaria. At least we started the angst with full bellies? Both are "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine.

August 12, 2003
When frenetically traveling from place to place, it's a good idea to stop and smell the roses ... or at least to look at cool old mortars and Hogwartian schools! The Northeast Travelogue "Field Report" stops at Fort Ticonderoga and at St. Paul's School on days 3 and 5. (Day 4 report to be filed soon; we hear it has something to do with being Scottish?) Listed in Stories & Things.

August 11, 2003
There will always be people whom you want to come to your wedding who don't for some reason. But sometimes, even the Wraiths can't keep certain people from crashing the party! Leia receives some interesting gifts, in On Your Wedding Day ... it's in "GFFA Fanfic," in Stories & Things.

August 9, 2003
New Yorkers have a tendency to feel their world (which consists of Manhattan island, and not all of it, either!) is the only one ... anyone who ventures further afield tends to be escorted by the hand or have a really, really good reason. Trotters provides the perfect reason! It's a beaming "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine. But in the newest chapter of Shadows That Remain, Chapter 19: Fear makes everyone involved in the pitched battle wish they had gotten out of town! Read it in "Other Fic," Stories & Things.

August 7, 2003
Legolas finds himself absorbing more than energy through the extraction of Mage souls, and the effects are doing things to his judgement. The Chapter 18: Transference of Shadows That Remain might not be that benign; listed in "Other Fic," Stories & Things. Instead of consuming souls, try having a nice sandwich at Junior's. Diana reports it's a nice place for goodbyes. As for Solleys, better to just say goodbye to it ... They're both listed in "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine.

July 30, 2003
Like many battle preparations, the war to kill Sauron needs to be thought out carefully, and everyone must know their part. Too bad that personal feelings and arrogance can get in the way, even before the fighting starts. Chapter 17: Defense of Shadows That Remain brews with anticipation ... in "Other Fic," Stories & Things.

July 27, 2003
SuSu has submitted the last of her Culinary Padawan reports. She can't believe it's over, and we made her promise she'll get cracking on all those Hut Cuisine submissions that have had to wait for her these past months! While we're waiting, here are the final two reports: Lesson 21: Puff Pastry & Pot au Feu and Lesson 22: Seafood. SuSu also mentioned that she'll try to add photos and revise back reports and the glossary later on this summer. Though hastily written in some cases, these are interesting "Field Reports" and are listed in the Stories & Things section.

July 26, 2003
You did notice that there were a LOT of dead people in Order of the Phoenix, the most recent Harry Potter series book. Not only were people killed, but people who worked with Harry's parents are back from the dead, in the sense that Harry is told who those people were. It's a way to connect the past to the present. Kelly M. Grosskreutz does us all a favor and tallies and explains the deaths in her essay, Harry Potter Death Toll. It's good to keep score! Listed in "Essays & Rants," Stories & Things.

July 25, 2003
It often helps to see an item to remember stuff associated with that thing, whether it be something benign or something murderous ... Gimli seems to be more than a geologist when he reveals his stash of acquired stuff to the Fellowship. Chapter 16: Black City of Shadows That Remain is online now at "Other Fic," Stories & Things.

July 22, 2003
When people fall in love, there is often a measure of doubt and unhappiness involved. You can imagine the turmoil suffered by the likes of Padmé and Anakin; or you can read their mental diary, Like A Gentleman in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. In every way, they are like every pair of lovers in the universe.

July 20, 2003
It's sweets week for the Culinary Padawan, and she got to make romantic, classic treats that are sure to impress! Lesson 19: Mousses & Soufflés and Lesson 20: Génoise will make any date or potential lover swoon. Isn't it grand that food can be used so decadently?? It's a "Field Report" in Stories & Things.

July 18, 2003
Anakin and Tahiri have survived their escape, but now they need to drum up some support to help rescue Lando and Tendra. Sometimes it helps to be beautiful and blonde, or the son of someone notorious, or both! In Many Happy Returns, they meet some people who don't seem nearly as scary as they look ... right? Chapter 13 and Chapter 14 help toward the planning, and finally give the kids some time together. Go read them, in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

July 16, 2003
Wormholes are marvelous things, but you do get kind of sapped by them. A bit like when Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon went through the membrane into Oto Gunga, and came out pretty dry on the other side ... only this happens to Kerensa and she's not wet. Um ... the next chapter of The Mantrusian Affair, Chapter 37, makes you wonder just what the heck Nerensai is up to! In "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

July 15, 2003
Summer time, and the livin' is easy, or so the song goes. You have to work hard to find your fun! But the rewards of summer are great: thunderstorms watched from a covered porch, clean rest stops, yummy cherry pie ... ah, the simple pleasures! A bunch of Hutties continue their Northeast Travelogue as they Cross New York State on Day 2. There are pictures with interesting forest denizens in them ... It's listed in Field Reports in Stories & Things. Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain ...

July 14, 2003
Happy Bastille Day ... and we like the French because we've been pretty well fed with Susu's efforts as Culinary Padawan. She cooked some more fish and moved on to duck and a great idea for a summer grill party: Lesson 17: Fish II and Lesson 18: Duck (and Grilled Chicken). She had a hard time of it, but it's worth it, at least to those of us who are imbibing in her leftovers! Speaking of leftovers, those left from the Fellowship are now set to return to the Black City to face the forces of Darkness. Too bad that questions and premonitions plague those left behind; and one member of the Fellowship is given an additional burden in Shadow Chaser's Shadows That Remain, Chapter 15: Decision. Leftovers can be good and bad things. Both sets are in Stories & Things.

July 13, 2003
Again, sorry for the long week of no new material, but the Hutties have been around and about, some even without Internet access ... the result is some grumpy people suffering withdrawal! (Both readers and writers!) So the stuff is trickling in ... today, some restaurant reviews, from opposite ends of New York -- both geographically and conceptually: Bohn's in western NYS and Raoul's in ultra-trendy SoHo in NYC. Big, hunkin' pieces of steak and white boy rap on one side, tropical tapioca and jazz in the other. Listed in Hut Cuisine Restaurant Reviews, ingest and moan!

July 12, 2003
It's been a busy week, and we are all sorry to have not posted much this week. But no one is more sorry than Iella, who apologizes to everyone who wrote to her clamoring for more installments of The Mantrusian Affair and Many Happy Returns. In the next few days, more of these chapters will be posted! Today, there is Chapter 36 of The Mantrusian Affair, in which some of those cards held so closely to the various chests start to show ... In "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. (More things are scheduled for the next few days, so some back soon and often!)

July 6, 2003
Several Hutties decide a vacation is overdue, and when that happens, they vacation in a BIG way. Seven days to do 2000 miles. Follow along in their Travelogue which is organized day by day. As reviews for restaurants go up, links will be made. Day One saw them in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The "Field Report" tells all, listed in Stories & Things. There are photos, too!

July 5, 2003
The Culinary Padawan has a fridge and freezer full of leftovers from the most recent cooking classes: Lesson 15: Salads and Lesson 16: Fish. Because of the holidays and the heat, no one wanted to take perishable food home. But you know Susu, she hates wasting anything, and she goes prepared with about a gallon's worth of Tupperware containers. She even made a fish stock from the filleting trimmings. She even describes eviceration, if you're into that sort of thing ... they're "Field Reports," Stories & Things.

July 4, 2003
Hope your hometown is hosting a fireworks spectacle. Nothing like it in the world! Diana makes sure Wes sees fireworks too, but they aren't really the kind he's used to. Since it's American Independence Day, we figure a good escape story is appropriate. Wes Janson is held prisoner and he discovers his captors want him to say, Eat Me? (NC-17/Slash) ... yeah, Wedge thought so, too. It's a bit disturbing, so beware before you see if you're right, listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

July 3, 2003
Before the fireworks start tomorrow, we have some of our own! The Fellowship is gathered together, and you should see the bomb that's dropped on them ... well, at least Rivendell has been reincarnated to an extent also. The Shadows That Remain, reveals the purpose for gathering them together, and introduces those who control what knowledge the reincarnated ones are allowed to possess in Chapter 14: Fellowship in "Other Fic," Stories & Things. As for explosive, is there anyone who doesn't remember or get Monty Python? You need to read melobeeda's essay: Every Sperm is Sacred, or Why You Need to Love Monty Python. Actually, the title is a good summary in and of itself, so go read it! It's listed in Essays & Rants in Stories & Things.

June 28, 2003
The Culinary Padawan is a bit flustered with the change of partners and stations, but like the French, she'll survive, though not in quite the same way. She also took the results of her work to a Wookiee Hut gathering and comments include, "yummy!" and "best ever!" Hey, it's worth the suffering! The reports are in "Field Reports" and cover Lesson 13: Pork & Garnitures, where she has a revelation on how the French get away with so much and why some people might mistake cleverness for arrogance, and Lesson 14: Potages (Soups), done on a hot summer's night. The padawans make mistakes and have to decide how to fix them. Hum along to that Meatlof song, and read these in Stories & Things.

June 23, 2003
You know how sometimes talking to your relatives can put you in a towering, rotten, moody rage? Legolas seethes in a quiet place after a confrontation with his father, when he runs into an old friend -- a VERY old friend -- and his mood is lifted! And small things are now in bigger packages. It's all laid out in The Shadows That Remain, Chapter 13: Comrades in "Other Fic," Stories & Things. Hey, you can't pick your family, but you gotta have friends!

June 21, 2003
J.K. Rowling comes through, and today Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is out! Yeah, some of us tried surreptitious ways to get a start on our reading -- some work in bookstores and stole peeks at the stock ... some swallowed up "stolen" chapters on the 'net (bad! bad!) ... others stayed up all night and loitered in the store till midnight, when the book officially went on sale! We couldn't get the first two groups to write a "Field Report," but the loiterers did, and had a great time -- even coming away with official promotional hats! Read all about the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Pre-Launch Bookstore Event and a non-spoiler Book Review -- the first in "Field Reports" and the second in "Reviews" -- in Stories & Things. (We KNOW that you spent all day -- and night -- reading it ... we did!!)

June 19, 2003
The Culinary Padawan is over halfway done with the culinary arts course she's taking! She'll get a new working partner in the next lesson, but for Lesson 11: Beef & Veal and Lesson 12: Mixt, things are as they've been. Hope the heat and the fatigue, and now a new partner, don't make her lose it? Or maybe we do ... It's a "Field Report" in Stories & Things.

June 17, 2003
A subcommittee of the Jedi Council must decide what will happen to Padawans who will not become Knights. The rule: if a Master does not choose you to train by year 13, you have to leave. But where to deliberate a Padawan's fate in complete privacy? To hide, Master Yoda says cover up completely, or expose completely. The Fateful Deliberations at Dex's Diner is in "Set Pieces," Hut Cuisine. Funny, no one ordered potatoes, which can be found in just about every cuisine even though it's a relative newcomer, historically speaking. SuSu skips around, submitting the Field Report for Lesson 9: Potato of The Culinary Padawan series after she had submitted Lesson Ten -- too hot in the kitchen? Time to get out? It's listed in Stories & Things.

June 16, 2003
Like preparations for a chess game, the pieces of the Fellowship regroup and plan their positions for the assault to come. While moving into position is hard enough, Legolas is given an even more difficult assignment -- he must face his past and overcome a bitter family dispute to request troops for the Elven Alliance. Chapter 12: Friction of The Shadows That Remain will be uncomfortable to anyone who's ever needed to ask for help from kin who don't speak to you anymore. It's in "Other Fic," Stories & Things.

June 15, 2003
The Lord of the Rings has feasts and parties, the most famous being Bilbo's Farewell Birthday Feast, which fed hundreds with almost as many dishes. This Set Piece reports Bilbo's very favorite recipes. The Hobbit, like most of us, loves slow-roasted pork! We've had it, and it's awesome, check it out, in Hut Cuisine. SuSu submits another Culinary Padawan Field Report, for Lesson 10: Chicken, where she describes the reaction of some classmates to addressing and dismembering a whole fowl. Eeuuw? Look in Field Reports, Stories & Things.

June 13, 2003
There is a difference between being taken against your will, and being made to want it ... Annallisa's Corsex sizzles and pops in the next two chapters of this PG-13/NC-17 tale. There is implied slash in Chapter 2 and out-and-out, no-holds barred fun and slash in Chapter 3, so caveat emptor and enjoy it responsibly, in Stories & Things. For something milder but not nearly as good, see the movie review for 2 fast, 2 furious, in "Reviews," of the same Wookieehut section!

June 9, 2003
A boisterous family reunion -- at least on the part of the twins, is a light-hearted moment in an otherwise tense interlude as the Fellowship gathers in the Golden City to be healed of their wounds and begin to form their plans. Read Chapter 11: Reunion of The Shadows That Remain, Stories & Things.

June 8, 2003
It's been a serious foodie week. Inspired by Susu's Culinary Padawan Field Reports, several Huttites and hangers-on went to visit Jedi Grand Masters of cuisine, and came back groupies all because of The Demos of Two Jacques. Then they paid homage to the students of these Masters, by going to the student-staffed L'École for dinner and had a wonderful meal for not as much as they should have paid. The two-part Field Report is in Stories & Things and the restaurant review is listed in Hut Cuisine.

June 7, 2003
Nazgul, Orcs, Undead ... the contemporary incarnations of these horrors are just as dangerous and deadly as their originals. Will the Fellowship make good their escape to plan their defense and attack? Read Shadows That Remain, Chapter 10: Flight for the latest skinny! Listed in Other Fic, Stories & Things. The Culinary Padawan has significantly fewer things to worry about, though how the eggs behave and how to turn out a perfect crust are troublesome enough! Two Field Reports this time, for Lesson Seven: Crèmes & Custards and Lesson Eight: Tartes, also in Stories & Things.

June 5, 2003
Corran Horn serves time on the Errant Venture bottling Penitential Banana Chutney for Booster's trading currency. No one else wants to do it, so let's get Corran to do it! (Hey, he likes it!) To be found listed in Condiments, Preserves, & Relishes in Hut Cuisine. In the latest installment of the LOTR-based tale Shadows That Remain, Chapter 09: Escape witnesses the "awakening" of the hobbits. It's inevitable, but not easy, for not only do the light ones know it, the dark ones do, too ... Look for it in Other Fic, Stories & Things.

June 4, 2003
The Culinary Padawan has a bad day, but the eggs are good! Check out Lesson Six: Eggs in Field Reports, Stories & Things.

June 1, 2003
It's making sense now, and the players are being identified. In the LOTR-based future tale Chapter 08: Reincarnation of Shadows That Remain those who were alive before start to understand. But if you know what happened in the past, is it a blueprint for the future? Check it out, listed in Other Fic, Stories & Things.

May 30, 2003
The Culinary Padawan realizes that many foods that are preserved are more than mummified remains, and learns to use some in Lesson Five: Preserved Foods. It's listed in "Field Reports," listed in Stories & Things.

May 26, 2003
Happy Memorial Day, and may the memories be heroic and grand, though admittedly tinged with sadness. Let us give thanks to those who fight for what they believe in, no matter what side, and let us hope that "right" prevails, for the betterment of all.

You may have noticed an influx of Tycho torture tales, and we think that though she's been working on the latest submitted story for a while, Diana was positively inspired by Shadow Chaser and Annallisa's stories, and she was at last able to finish
Time, Time, and Again a story where memories hold the key to the relationship between Tycho Celchu and Corran Horn! It's rated NC-17/Slash, so go forward if you aren't going to scream in horror ... speaking of Shadow Chaser, Chapter 07 of the LOTR, PG-13 tale, Shadows That Remain is about remembering too, via dreams. But ... what is Alec remembering? This story is listed in Other Fic, while the Tycho/Corran tale is in within GFFA FanFic, both in Stories & Things.

May 25, 2003
The mission and danger for Legolas is revealed to him, and we learn what dreams really are ... Chapter 06 does some major foreshadowing! Read it, and soon the rest will come ... Shadows That Remain is listed in "Other Fic," within Stories & Things.

May 25, 2003
The experience of going to a football game in America is more than merely going to a game at a stadium of screaming fans. It also includes food, planning ... and pit stops! Our first sports arena Field Report is for The Meadowlands: The Great American Football Experience, accessible as a link within Stories & Things. While we're on great American institutions, there is apparently great, authentic barbecue in the middle of an outer borough in New York! Check out the review for Pearson's Texas Barbecue, listed in Noshery Reviews in Hut Cuisine and go "Yee-hah!" Or if you are Prickly Bear, you might need to say "Ouch!" and hope no voodoo is involved. Listed in Other Art in Art & Stuff

May 23, 2003
The sauce saga continues for the Culinary Padawan, in Lesson Four: The Mother Sauces. She apparently has quarts of it at home ... dinner at her place! It's not in Hut Cuisine since it's a "Field Report," listed in Stories & Things.

May 22, 2003
In Iella's multi-chapter tale of a birthday surprise gone awry, it's finally time for the clouds to be lifted and for action to be taken, for both sets of prisoners. And help can be found by those who see it -- often right in front of them. What do we mean? Check out Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 of Many Happy Returns, listed in "GFFA FanFic," Stories & Things.

May 21, 2003
Up till now, the NYPD and the LOTR have been rather separate things. Sure, Legolas needed to help them out once in a while. But Chapter 05 ups the stakes, the latest installment of Shadow Chaser's Shadows That Remain, listed in "Other Fic," within Stories & Things. The latest Culinary School Journal Entry describes dinner, bread, bones, and sauce breaking, all part of Adventures of a Culinary Padawan in "Field Reports," Stories & Things. (By the way, some photographs were added in Lesson Two journal entry, showing tournage.)

May 19, 2003
It would seem that with good, there must be a pairing with evil ... it's true in the GFFA, HP, and in the LOTR (Galaxy Far, Far Away, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings). In an almost Buddhist twist, Chapter 04 of the multi-chapter LOTR-influenced saga Shadows That Remain explains the hows and whys of many of humanity's great tragedies. Shadow Chaser's story (along with technical notes) is listed in "Other Fic," listing within Stories & Things. Contributors GilArda ("starry sky?") and the Cave Troll are inspired by the LOTR activity, and submit a lucious recipe for Lorien Mushroom Risotto. Samwise managed to glean the recipe from the Elves who sheltered them after the loss of Gandalf ... Look for it in Mains: Pasta, Noodles & Rice in Hut Cuisine.

May 18, 2003
Sometimes the food is good, but there are other aspects of dining (including the price!) that make or break the opinion of an eatery. After all, why eat out if not for the "ambiance" or the fun of it? It's cheaper to have delivery at home! This is lesson is one the otherwise friendly proprietors of Umberto's Clam House should note. In contrast, Ben's Best does well as long as you eat in. If you order take-out or delivery, you need to time your order, or you'll end up standing in line for hours, waiting for a mere chance to put in an order for their superlative pastrami. Both Noshery Reviews are listed in Hut Cuisine.

May 17, 2003
Our very first LOTR-based recipe! Samwise Gamgee may be slow, but he cooks and he pleases every member of the Fellowship with a recipe he makes. But it's not for them ... his loyalty to Frodo defines everything he does, and the creation of Frodo's Favorite Mushroom Soup pleases himself, since his companion loves it best of all. Re-create it for someone you'd give your life for! In Soups, Hut Cuisine.

May 16, 2003
SuSu, our Hut Cuisine editor, has decided to spent some free time formalizing her culinary training, explaining to us that she wants to be a Jedi ... chacun à son goût -- to each their own! We promised to hold the job for her, but she had to submit a journal of what's she's experiencing. She's tired and grumpy, but she did as she was told, good girl! Have a look: Adventures of a Culinary Padawan will make you feel that you're there ... and grateful you aren't ... but kind of jealous, too! She reports that's she had one abrasion, one cut (from cleaning a sharp knife) and one blister. That's progress! New entries will be added to Field Reports, Stories & Things.

For a journal of another sort, here's another chapter of the 20,000 year old Legolas:
The Shadows That Remain, Chapter 03, where he gets to change his setting to see an old, old friend. This LOTR story is listed as Other Fic in Stories & Things.

May 15, 2003
Hutties should all know that Hobbie Klivian is married now, thanks to Csillag's Hobbie's Saga, the very popular multi-story series about the man who is more than merely Wes Janson's sidekick! In the latest installment, called The Announcement, Hobbie finds out that his wife has some news for him, that will definitely change his life ... and change how he thinks about her. Look it up in GFFA FanFic, Stories & Things.

May 14, 2003
The fate of Tycho seems to depend on more than merely Ysanne Isard, in Chapter Eight of X-Wing: Lusankya. The tale takes an unexpected angsty twist that might just do the trick to break our favorite tortureboy ... Check it -- and the accompanying chapters -- out, in FanFic, Stories & Things.

May 13, 2003
Elves are immortal, and "immortal" is not a relative term. Legolas roams modern day Black City with certain marks on him, in The Shadows That Remain, Chapter 02 and we get to read where he lives as a 20,000 year old Elf. Wonder if he ages well? The story is listed as LOTR Other Fic, Stories & Things.

May 12, 2003
We know it's been under discussion, but yes, Lord of the Rings fanfics and content are accepted by Wookiehut. And just as that discussion was wrapping up, Shadow Chaser sent notice that she wishes to submit The Shadows That Remain: A Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion fic, and would we take it? Well, heck yeah! It's a sort of futuristic, gritty, urban, alternative universe extension of the classic Tolkien tales. You'll need to embark prepared, and we promise, it's worth it: Story Notes, Technical Notes, Prologue, and Chapter One. We're about to embark into a brave, new world. Great, eh? Listed in Other Fanfic, Stories & Things. As for what goes on in this prolific author's mind, ask her muse! Her blog link is the latest Allies & Links.

May 11, 2003
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you who are mothers, were mothers, will be mothers, and who simply wish they were born with a womb but weren't and will endeavor to make up for that omission! How to celebrate such a day? How about with some family-oriented submissions? The final story noted on the Arixi Family Tree is finally done, is posted in GFFA Fanfic, Stories & Things, and is called Autumn, sort of about how mothers are people, too. Since we are all -- the Force willing -- destined to grow old, we shouldn't limit our love stories to the young, eh? Youth is, alas, wasted on them! No? Well, enjoy the story anyway! As for another type of family tree, Shadow Chaser provides Tycho Celchu's Family Tree / The Business Family of Celchu -- a map of relationships found in her stories, including X-Wing: Lusankya, her tale of capture and torture for one of our favorite Rogues! The new submission is in GFFA Art, in Art & Stuff. In the same section, Pika-So was fascinated to see that the same women that men see as 'sex objects' were also the same women others see as "mama." When you put them together, it makes for a "new" picture of the woman you always thought of as loving and ... well, not quite like that image of Mara in the middle ... It's called Mothers Are Sexy, Wonderful People, Too! -- and you'd better believe it!

May 10, 2003
A bunch of friends were inspired by the many food-based reviews and recipes on our site, and decided to try their hand at it. "Is it too long?" they asked, nervously. Hell no! We love 'em like this! As much as they love the aptly named Great New York Noodletown in Chinatown. The told us it's across the street from "Confucius Towers," the high-rise apartment buildings at the lower end of Manhattan. We asked why they were down there, and extracted a promise for a review/field report (they haven't decided which) about that soon ... Can't wait! This one is listed in Noshery Reviews, Hut Cuisine.

May 9, 2003
A bevy of women and girls braved a field trip to Chicago, and ate at some unusual and fun places: Ed Debevic's for American diner fare, circa 1950s, including waiters with fun-rude attitude (got one of them to dance on the table for us); American Girl Place Café for an elegant High Tea (you can borrow dolls for the full tea party experience); and The Rain Forest Café where even though we had to wait an hour, it was completely worth it! Posted in Noshery Reviews, Hut Cuisine. These are illustrated with field photos; can't wait to read the Field Report!!

May 1, 2003
It's MayDay, and there are warnings going off in some men's heads of a different sort ... Annallisa's yummy slashy multi-part tale has arrived at the 'Hut, revised and everything! Part One of CorSex (this part Rated PG-13) is here! Between that and X-Wing: Lusankya, we could easily vote Tycho as most fun flyboy to hurt! Happy MayDay, indeed! Listed in GFFA Fanfic, Stories & Things.

April 29, 2003
Jabba the Hutt was an economical tyrant, though he realized that starving his slaves was a false economy. But though he didn't mean to, he still provided them with tasty and nutritious fare, no matter how little of it there was. See how he managed that, with the recipe for Scrounged Scrap Soup, which seems to share some traits with Stone Soup! On the other end of the spectrum was the fare at The Tartan Ball, which was luxurious and not that great -- but the party more than made up for it! It was held at the Plaza Hotel, on the romantic southern boundary of New York's Central Park. A date can't be much better -- horse drawn carriage ride to a luxurious hotel, to attend a ball for men in kilts! The Soup Recipes are located in Hut Cuisine, and the two Field Reports are in the "NonFic" section of Stories & Things.

April 27, 2003
Shadow Chaser follows up the VERY interesting multi-chapter tale with Star Wars: X-Wing: Lusankya, chapter 7 (Rated R), where Tycho starts to get his wits about him ... maybe. And WookieeHut member Runt Ekwesh goes to a club meeting and appreciates the barmaid, at Aelo (formerly Caffe Bondi Ristorante). No wonder so many showed up at the meeting held there? And the food and personal service was good, too! The Tycho torture tale is posted in GFFA Fanfic, Stories & Things, and the restaurant review is linked to Noshery Reviews within Hut Cuisine.

April 25, 2003
Some Wookieehutties have had opportunities to get dressed up and go to clubs and restaurants of the more exclusive sort. Some have just had a good time disappearing for a spell ... so expect some reports, as a way of explaining erratic behavior or time away from writing! (Hey, we like bullying each other into writing stuff we can post online -- so enjoy the hard-earned posts!) First, there is a group submission for Eddie's Sweet Shop, a rather old-fashioned, blue-collar ice cream parlor. It's very accessible and very, very good! In contrast, Easter at the Harvard Club is a field report describing this university club. SuSu went there to eat and socialize, but you can't book a table there unless you happen to be a member of a guest of one. She scoped out the other facilities for you to read, too. These are posted in Noshery Reviews, and in Field Reports.

April 24, 2003
The most frustrating thing about the X-Wing: Rogue Squadron books was that you never got to find out what the heck happened to Tycho before the books start?? The comics don't even address it ... but you know it must've been really really bad ... Shadow Chaser tells us just what "bad" means when the Empire captures a deserter ... It's scary, but so evily good! It's called Star Wars: X-Wing: Lusankya and Shadow Chaser has submitted six (6!) chapters so far: Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six! Read 'em now, so when more comes, you'll be all caught up. A must read! Iella gives us a resolution to what happened with Kerensa ... you knew it was coming, didn't you? The Mantrusian Affair, Chapter 35 is short, but it's what we were waiting for ... both of these multichapter epics are posted in GFFA Fanfic, Stories & Things.

April 22, 2003
Kerensa returns to that room in The Mantrusian Affair, Chapter 34 with escorts. Too bad they won't do her any good ... Go read it, in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

April 21, 2003
Ohmigosh, what a treat today! Iella has sent two chapters of what is now an Anakin & Tahiri urban adventure tale: Many Happy Returns, Chapter 9 and Many Happy Returns, Chapter 10. It would benefit everyone involved to remember that help will be given to all those who ask for it ... and while we're quoting Professor Dumbledore, Kelly Grosskreutz puts forward My Thoughts on Severus Snape, a well thought-out essay putting forward analyses of how and why Professor Snape ended up where he is at the end of Book 4 of the Harry Potter series. See if you agree; the latter is posted in "Essays & Rants," and Iella's fanfiction is listed in "GFFA Fanfic," both in Stories & Things.

April 20, 2003
Happy Easter to all! Hope you all had a good time, ate too much and are now groaning from the feasting. Of course, if you have been observing the fasting period leading up to Easter, you might have enjoyed the meals that Corellian Jedi are known to have partaken. The simple recipes are limned in Abstinence & Fasting, and are so good you might want to try them even though Lent is over. It's a food-speckled day of posts at the Hut, with a book signing field report. Rosie and Dancing Queen went to see Chef Tyler Florence, who visited Michigan on a book tour. If they weren't Tyler fans before, they are now! There is also a review for Quatorze Bis, a French bistro in upper Manhattan, which many say feels like Paris. Since it's springtime, what could be better than springtime in Pa-ree (or so the song says)?

April 15, 2003
For school kids, Easter means a well-earned break from the rigors of studying. Harry Potter's first Easter at Hogwart's was spent alone, though he could always count on Hagrid for a good feed and great cheer! The giant made some rather Lenten-looking fare, but it was as good as you can imagine it to be. As Ron Weasley might say, Happy Easter, Harry! -- and while the set piece in Hut Cuisine was being assembled, it was noted that some recipes didn't fit in the existing categories. They weren't really so much recipes as fundamental things that every cook/baker should know. So we created a new section, and dubbed it Beginners & Fundamentals, sort of "cooking 101" type of section. Hope you find it useful!

April 12, 2003
To the uninitiated and ignorant, delis are no different from greasy spoons and diners. They'd be wrong, of course. For one, they don't have the vast assortment of poorly made sundry offerings. Most have a finite assortment of sandwiches and such, in many variations. Classic places include the 2nd Avenue Deli -- a place to die for -- and Carnegie Deli -- where you will need heavy-duty transport to roll out of there -- and Reuben's Deli -- which still serves food in the memories of many. All are listed in "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine

April 11, 2003
Inspired by Wes Janson's punishment in Should Have Known Better (Rated PG-13), he tries to commute his sentence by buttering up the brass. The "Set Piece" Instant Party While On K.P. actually gives guidelines for creating great party food on the quick and sly -- something Wes is good at! Listed in Hut Cuisine, judge for yourself if you'd let Wes walk free after his efforts.

April 9, 2003
Ever since Qui-Gon told young Anakin about midichlorians (and forever relegated Force ability to genetics), we wanted to know: so how much DOES Yoda have? And what about Obi-Wan? And Mr. Qui-Gon "Living Force" Jinn? Believe it or not, definitive values are posted on the WWW, and the call to create a chart was irresistable! Comparitive Chart of Midichlorian Counts for Some Jedi and Others is a bit of a long-winded way to say, "here are the stats," and now we know just how many more of the little buggers Anakin Skywalker had. (No wonder Obi-Wan had midichlorian envy!) Posted in "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff.

April 6, 2003
A new installment of NJO: Warrior of the Light is here! It's time for new Jedi to be "ordained," and every Jedi Knight has feelings as Master Skywalker calls them forward. Alema Rar finds herself with conflicting emotions about her view of a missed opportunity From A Distance. It's the old question: is it better to have loved and lost, rather than to have never loved? Listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. As for never loving, Ton and Face are feeling sorry for themselves, having lost their bid to date Tyria. To make them feel better, they get to compete with each other for the affections of a new girl completely unlike Tyria: curvy, dark-haired, confident ... So how do they go about Winning the Girl? A way to a woman's heart is through her stomach, too! It's a "Novelty & Set Piece" listing, in Hut Cuisine.

April 1, 2003
It's April Fool's Day! Hope you enjoyed taking the mickey out of each other, as they say ... meaning teasing and having fun at one another's expense. It must have seemed like a bad joke to Owen Lars, when the stormtroopers arrived looking for the 'droids he'd bought from the Jawas. Most fans simply assumed he had no clue what was going on ... but what if he *did* know? And ... what if he got it all wrong? Understandable for a curmudgeon like him, and you'll understand this certain point of view after you read his sort-of diary entry: Full Circle explains what he was thinking in the hours leading up to his death. One would like to give the old guy more credit than is normally given to him; after all, he spent all those years of selfless service in raising Wormie, son of whiney Annie! Listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

March 30, 2003
Considering all the Arixi Sisterhood stories, we thought about listing them, and to our surprise, much of the GFFA seems to be tied together through the efforts of the convent inmates. We were able to construct an Arixi Family Tree showing how everyone is related to everyone else ... or so we say! We also supply links to existing stories (and non-links to those being written) for your reading convenience. Hey, how about that?? In "GFFA Art," Art & Stuff.

March 29, 2003
In an odd crossover, Imperials have been chasing after the Men in Black, and have taken the opportunity to fly some sorties, a.k.a., a Strike Force! The sunset is pretty, we hope it's not caused by the effluent of the Imperial vehicles! Listed in "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. You might have noticed that the tale of the Arixi Sisterhood is quickly becoming deeper, and a new part of the unfolding tale was written. But it's a bit more cryptic too; Noble Betrayal doesn't really convince us the Sister did the right thing ... listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. Be intrigued!

March 28, 2003
Csillag first made passing mention of an order called the "Arixi Sisterhood" back in The Count of Serenno and to our delight, it's spawned several stories and even some art! Breeding Sister (careful! Rated NC-17!) carries the ideas to the next level, and it explains the origins of certain Force carriers who are very nearly familiar ... see if you can figure it out! Listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

March 26, 2003
Those Imperial clones sometimes suffer from inbreeding and stuff, or so we've heard. Some go all twisted and do a runner, living as fugitives. Alas, the Empire doesn't want it's "products" running loose in the galaxy, so they are mercilessly hunted down. So what does the newsclip look like? Imperial Fugitives Unmasked, News at 11! gives us a peek into some of the possibilities, posted in "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. They were probably running away from Han, Chewbacca and Leia; Tatooine Ghost is something to be frightened of, and not because it's written by Troy Denning, the man who killed Anakin Solo! Check out "Reviews" in Stories & Things.

March 24, 2003
"You idiots are going to ride with me to make sure you stay out of trouble!" How many times has Wedge said that to Hobbie and Wes? And how many times has he regretted it? Check out a local shuttle, the X-Blings, Yo! and note how the two tricksters didn't stay out of trouble after all! Guess what was goin' down in the back of our phat ride, yo! They might have stopped somewhere to eat, one would think; all that tension makes a man hungry! Two reviews from the center of New Jersey -- as outer space as some of us might want to get! Look at the reviews for Arthur's Tavern (mmm ... steak!) and Happy Dayz Diner (yes, that's really the spelling), and for Red Lobster (from undersea space!). All man pleasers, eh? Enjoy the "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff, and the "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine.

March 22, 2003
Wee Wookies have been out and about, and we benefit! PandaCat goes on a field trip for school, and is impressed by Titanic: the Artifact Exhibit where she also got to drive a hovercraft not quite as well as Han Solo might have, and she got to "survive" the sinking of that example of man's hubris. And if you think humans are bad, how about snakes? Count DracuSnake is a friend of Nagini. Don't recall who she is? Go find out! In "Wee Wookiees," Art & Stuff. The Field Report is posted in "Field Reports," in Stories & Things.

For loyal readers of Iella's
Many Happy Returns and The Mantrusian Affair we assure you that she's working hard on new stories, and more are coming soon! She thanks you for all your emails and encouragement, keep the e-mail coming!

March 20, 2003
Diana had a birthday last week, and got taken to three restaurants to celebrate! She finally wrote her reviews for them ... what a nice present -- new restaurants to write up for the Hut! First up was a "pre-lunch" with fresh seafood at the Greek Metro Fish for a meeting, then run down the street to Peking Park for a proper Chinese banquet, family style. Finally, dinner at the sexy Rouge, a new French bistro. One of the diner's suggested returning with a bucket of red paint and swapping some of the letters around to spell R-O-G-U-E! All in "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine. Happy Birthday!

March 18, 2003
It's been a couple of weeks since we've posted a GFFA fanfic, but the wait has been worth it! Inspired by the occurances in the later stories of Hobbie's Saga, Discovering Their Past is partly a story about a broken family's missing pieces, and partly tale of parents and their children -- whoever and wherever they are. This story of Sela Klivian and her family has been a long time in the making, and was extensively researched and discussed. It spawned two accompanying entries: The Children of the Arixi, in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things,, and The Arixi Sisterhood, posted in "GFFA Art," Art & Stuff. We recommend you read the story before the other two pieces; the detective work described in Discovering Their Past (posted, by the way, in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things) is rather worth it, we think! Enjoy our labors -- a group effort if ever there was one (Csillag would like to thank everyone who discussed and dissected!).

March 17, 2003
It sounds like a joke, "What does Darth Vader do in his spare time?" Take a look, if you dare! You know that as Redneck Vader, he'd have the coolest stuff! Listed in "GFFA Art," in Art & Stuff. Well, Vader would need to relax after killing so many Rebels, but some of the pilots feel there are adequate compensations for kamikaze missions. A sort of "final meal in advance," Certain Death Mushroom Hash is a rich, creamy dish, worth dying for. In "Mains: Vegetables" in Hut Cuisine.

March 16, 2003
You'd think that faculty at Hogwart's would have a simple time of administration, but well-run schools everywhere are the same and there are meetings and things to mull over: procedure, schedules, course plans, etc. But since before Dumbledore was headmaster, the process was made more pleasurable by having the teachers give their reports about what they did over the summer, in the form of a show and tell. Only instead of academic specimens and slide shows, the reports were given via a presentation of recipes in a pot luck format. So instead of dreading the Hogwart's Mid-Summer Pot Luck Faculty Meeting, the faculty actually looked forward to it. Even if their activities had not been all that exciting or fruitful, they could look forward to putting forward a tasty recipe. Of course, there were pictures and field book sketches to accompany the reports, and those were presented too: Hogwart's Faculty Meeting Reports. The set piece is located in Hut Cuisine, and the images are in "Other Art," Art & Stuff. It's a lot of images and a lot of recipes, maybe more than any other we've ever posted!

March 15, 2003
Wee Wookiees from all over have submitted awesome stuff! Norbert, one of our resident Harry Potter fans, creates A Beautiful Evil, putting forward her ideas of how Voldemort spent his hiatus from the land of the living. It's a very lovely crypt indeed! She also offers a bookreport drawing that earned her an "A": Timeless Moonlight Ride on a Hippogriff, based on the evocative original drawing by Mary Granpré. Finally, from New Zealand, Whinini drew what she saw on the shallows of the beach where her family was staying over Christmas holidays -- a Foraging Dinosaur. Remember that Christmas is the height of summer down under? All are listed under "Wee Wookiees" in Art & Stuff. What a visual feast!

March 8, 2003
Every parent has pulled their hair out over their children's choice of diet -- or rather, lack of diet, for many. How to get young kids to eat, especially when you have so many to feed, and they are all rebelling from what you want to feed them? Yoda assigns Obi-wan, Anakin, and elderly Jedi cook Tenzo Tendo to figure it out, with Dexter Jettster's help! They learn that though it's not easy, Feeding Younglings is within the realm of tasty possibility. Check out the menu, and see if you don't start hankering for some nursery comfort food! And speaking of comfort food, what's more dowdy and frumpy than a decent diner? Read the review for the ambitious and tiny T-Bone Diner. Both the "Set Piece" and "Noshery Review" are listed in Hut Cuisine.

March 5, 2003
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, especially for a Hoth Snowball Battle! The warriors went sledding later on, too! In "GFFA Art," listed in Art & Stuff.

March 4, 2003
Dajira returns in Iella's Many Happy Returns and who'd of thought Anakin was akin to a rock star? Listed in "GFFA Fanfic" of course, in Stories & Things. Speaking of happy, Happy Mardi Gras! Amazing as Lent approaches, some of us can only think of stuff we want to eat, that we should actually be abstaining from. Jango Fett's solution was to get rid of the source of temptation. So what was his achilles tendon? A pretty girl and a plate of fried chicken! Check out Zam Wesell's Changeling Fried Chicken Recipes Set Piece in Hut Cuisine.

February 27, 2003
Some of us will never understand what it's like to be a fat kid. Some of us won't know what it's like to be an evil kid, either. So thank goodness for Vincent Crabbe, eh? Delicious Non-Diet Bread Pudding is how he keeps his shape and disposition, until it's taken away from him! Another Harry Potter-based recipe submission in "Desserts & Puddings," Hut Cuisine.

February 25, 2003
It's Beauxbatons's turn to host a party, and they choose a fun, intimate, sexy dish, Beauxbatons Fondue. There's a drawing of the proper form -- sitting on the floor, dipping the bread into the cauldron. Find out the penalty if you drop it! These are listed in "Mains: Stews," Hut Cuisine and in "Other Art," Art & Things.

February 24, 2003
As poultry, we take turkey for granted because it's readily available, cheap, and very versatile. Molly Weasley discovers the versatility part the hard way, after she becomes the victim of an accidentally successful shooting party. How to use all that meat? Look no further than the "Set Piece" Wild Turkey Shoot & Recipe Swap, which logs the recipes of many witches and wizards who came to learn from her. This is the biggest set piece yet, and the food described really is wonderful! It's listed in Hut Cuisine.

February 23, 2003
You know all those stories where babies turn out to be more cunning that you give them credit for? They also have more adventures, too. It's a bit scary and a bit surreal, but the baby in question tells her tale, The Tiger and the Water Dragon, and it seems awfully real! Nontheless, it's posted in "Wee Wookiees" under Stories & Things. As proof, she offers her photograph, Water Dragon, "enhanced" to show you her reality better, listed in "Wee Wookiees," Art & Stuff. She could have used some help from new superhero, Panda Man! And being that in her story, it rained so much it flooded the yard outside her bedroom window, some warm, homey comforting dish is in order. But this one is really special -- it'll keep vampires away, too! Listed under "Main: Poultry & Birds," Hut Cuisine, Chicken with Garlic, Not Beloved By Vampires is really a witch's brew, really magically delicious and warming despite it's apparently simplicity. Fall under it's spell and Enjoy!

February 22, 2003
It surprises everyone that a bounty hunter is also a family man ... in Star Wars Tales, it's revealed that Boba Fett has a son -- but he doesn't want anything to do with him. Maybe it's because of the pain he felt when his relationship with his own father abruptly ended? Here is some insight into their relationship, in the form of a recipe: Jango's JinjurMelon Jam. Sometimes dreams and love can produce a monster as surely as neglect and abuse can ... in the "Condiments, Preserves, Relishes" section of Hut Cuisine.

February 21, 2003
The paintings in Being Special: Illustrations were done first, long before the story Being Special was written. But they go together pretty well. It's inspired a bit by every alien abduction description we've ever seen, read and heard. See what you think! The paintings are posted in "Other Art," Art & Stuff, while the story itself is in "Wee Wookiees," Stories & Things.

February 20, 2003
It's often said that you can't pick your family; but in some cases you can! Children adopt grandparents and aunts and uncles; parents adopt babies; everyone adopts dogs and cats and birds and fish! In the animated movie, Panda Go Panda, a human girl, father and son pandas, and circus tigers adopt one another. PandaCat submits a Wee Wookiees drawing of another family configuration, in Panda Family & Friend. The three are related by creator Miyazaki's imagination, and they look rather happy about it! It's listed in Art & Stuff -- and it's cute!

February 18, 2003
As the snow envelopes the east coast, thoughts of keeping warm are definitely inspirational, even to those who don't live where the snow is! And even though Valentine's weekend is over, let's face it, we do love stories all year 'round ... okay, some are raunchier than love stories ... but this one is a young love story with a nice warm modicum of raunch, and you'll like it! It even has a giggly title: Grease Monkeys, starring the irrepressible and sexy NJO pair, Anakin (son of Han) and Tahiri. Iella, the "Queen of T&A;" does it again, and we're so glad! (Can you tell we are still upset about Star by Star?) By the way, anyone else find Destiny's Way a difficult read? The story is posted in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

February 17, 2003
A final Valentine's Weekend fanfic entry: a tale of true love - marriage or no marriage - in Don't Marry Me, where Runt Ekwesh reveals something about his family's matriarch that is applicable to his best friend's quandry. Listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. We're sure you've seen Starbucks just about anywhere and everywhere, and this review tells you why, in "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine. Happy President's Day, by the way!

February 16, 2003
On this extended Valentine's Weekend, we are looking at a few types of love, including loving one's self (Hey, you have dirty minds! That is not what we meant!). Lara Notsil has to learn to forgive herself, something she's not used to, so she needs a lot of practice. One of her tests is tending to her battle-injured commander, and it's a real challenge. She wrestles her demons, trying to get the Pressure Down and keep sane and employed by the squadron! One would definitely be sane to eat at the unpretentious Italian eatery called Amantea's Family Restaurant where a birthday celebration was all good! Finally, ever wonder how the non-techie Nemoidians got their battle 'droids to understand what they needed to do? Believe it or not, they created works of art, of which Topographic Strategy Map is a sample. These works are listed in "Set Pieces," Hut Cuisine; "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine, and "GFFA Art," Art & Stuff, respectively. Hope you're all keeping up with your reading, it's really all very good stuff!

February 15, 2003
Yesterday's special posting of love stories were written about NJO, WS and RS characters -- our little corners of the EU in the GFFA! But co-existing on the Hut is also the wizard world of Hogwart's School, and love stories abound there, too. This is the tale of deep respect between two boys, for the love of one girl, in Valentine's Eve Detention. It's a set piece in Hut Cuisine, and fills in a bit of information that explains a friendship that ends in disaster. The recipes are good -- stuff you'd expect at a Valentine's Day fête! Make some this weekend -- since Valentine's Day fell on a Friday this year, we can use this whole weekend for affairs of the heart!

February 14, 2003
Happy Valentine's Day! A bunch of us were talking about story ideas, and decided to create some for this special day. Hey, it's for lovers of all kinds! So this tryptich of stories, while not completely representative, is a fine one -- Iella's treatments of Anakin and Tahiri's young love are so strong, we can safely say she is the Queen of T&A;, in Sweet Things, which takes place before they ... matured ... (giggle) The second story is one of great hope, even it it's mixed with bitterness. Sweet and bitter is love, like chocolate, eh? Love is Bittersweet is actually a little sad. The third story is also a little sad, when Bror Jace realizes love and marriage are not necessarily inclusive. He's asked What's Love Got to Do With It? when he tried to explain why he can't marry the woman they are ordering him to marry. These are written just for this special day, so go read them! Listed in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. Enjoy the day!!

February 10, 2003
Some people don't like Japanese food, and aren't afraid to say so. Check out the review of Naniwa which many Japanese seem to love, even if the reviewer didn't. The reviews for Bann Thai and for Lindy's are much kinder. Whether you enjoy grousing or praising, read and enjoy, in "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine.

February 8, 2003
It's been a busy week for everyone -- school again for some, the height of summer holidays for others, deadlines and meetings for more. But Iella's imagination never rests, and she's safely put the Kerensa and Wedge story to bed, and moves it on with The Mantrusian Affair: Chapter 33 where Han is going to be pissed off, not only for succumbing to brute tactics, but because his ship has been confiscated! Argh! Her other epic in the making, Many Happy Returns: Chapter 7 is a bit tense ... will the young 'uns get away with it??? Go read them in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things!

February 3, 2003
Valentine's Day is coming, and thoughts turn to romance and yearning ... Viktor Krumm is desperate to meet Hermione Granger face to face, but his headmaster considers her a Muggle -- a bad thing for the pureblood school. He extends an invitation to the Durmstrang Sausage-Fest and Harvest Party and hopes she shows up! Be a voyeur, read it in "Set Pieces" in Hut Cuisine.

February 2, 2003
Kamino as a planet is rainy and windy, it's true -- but every few decades, the waters are trapped in icebergs and recede, revealing mountains and shores. The Kaminoans who are alive feel fortunate to see a sunset then, something they'd never see in the normal climate. The illustration Kamino Ice Age shows the view from Tipoca City, listed in "GFFA Art," Art & Stuff.

January 30, 2003
Do you think Anakin regretted anything? Wraith6 believes he did. End of Time is the end for more than Anakin ... It's a poignant painting, listed in "GFFA Art," Art & Stuff. Relieve the sadness by going to the Outback Steakhouse, but get there before the crowds do. In "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine.

January 29, 2003
Sometimes, art is inspired by a story, but in the case of that story about Palo of Naboo, doodles of a certain princess (drawn many years ago) inspired this tale ... Two Pages from Palo's Notebook shows some scribbles by a mere child, but with the naïve intensity of one who might already know love. It's listed in "GFFA Art" within Art & Stuff.

January 27, 2003
Sarti Reot requested a Harry Potter-based story; if you've noticed, we have yet to receive a straight-out fanfic for that universe; instead, SuSu created a story involving Viktor Krumm and Hermione Granger. The girl gave him a gift, but she mentioned her best friend Harry Potter enough that she inadvertently made the Bulgarian seeker jealous. Her Letter to Viktor Krumm accompanied a basket of food she'd delivered to him while he was on detention on the Durmstrang ship. It's a "Set Piece" listed in Hut Cuisine. Sarti Reot, in return, has submitted the Mighty Bear Clan Song -- bet you can imagine the mushroom-helmeted little kids shouting it out, beating a rhythm with their mini-sabres! A poem in the "Wee Wookiees" section of Stories & Things.

January 26, 2003
When Padmé ran away from her husband, we can imagine Vader going into a rage ... but after that initial anger was done, what do you suppose he might have done? Might he have looked for her? And if he couldn't find her, would he go after the next best thing? That's unfortunate for a certain Naboo, who's last words are archived on an Imperial Recorded Log, Prisoner 11375 -- not exactly a confession, more like musing and wondering, in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. And if you get called to attend a business dinner at S. Dynasty, you won't need to wonder if the food will be good! That's listed in "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine.

January 24, 2003
What a bizarre coincidence! Two reviews of the same story, different productions! New contributer The Scarlet Manuka submits a wise and pithy review of the passive and oriental sounding movie, Teahouse of the August Moon -- you know the one, starring Marlon Brando as an Okinawa native. Lots of people huff and puff about political correctness, but if you didn't know, you would be hard-put to realize that that's really ol' Godfather Marlon! And dieFliedermaus stumbled across a live play in Los Angeles of Teahouse of the August Moon, and was impressed by this production -- no little compliment in Tinseltown! Read and go watch, or lament that you didn't; listed in "Reviews," Stories & Things.

January 23, 2003
A New York style deli-restaurant serves good food, and lots of it. They seat you promptly, and it's a good place to dissect and discuss fanfic themes! Even the cast of Seinfeld found it a good place to eat and gripe. Go to Mendy's and eat! Eat! In "Noshery Reviews," Hut Cuisine.

January 21, 2003
Garm Bel Iblis couldn't just stand idly by after what the Empire did to the grounds of his family home ... What a thing to have to wake up to, The New Neighbors are hardly the type you want to bring a "welcome basket" to ... Look at Wraith6's otherwise lovely painting in "GFFA" Art & Stuff.

Put a song title together with a Wes Janson antic, and you get a really dirty story, showing that boys will always be boys. Very messy state of affairs in Should Have Known Better, and because of a squick factor (and we don't mean like Mr. Filch), it's been rated PG-13. Eeeuw! Read it if you dare, in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

January 20, 2003
Wes's notorious attitude toward women specifically -- and sex in general -- is the result of his personal history. Turns out he's a romantic boy, willing to give Everything For Love, but unlike the Meatlof song from which the title comes, is there ever a time when he cries out, I won't do that ..? We discussed the rating at length, and ended up compromising on NC-17 ... in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things.

January 19, 2003
Long ago, Csillag wrote Hobbie's Saga, still one of the most requested set of stories on Wookieehut. She described Hobbie and Sela's wedding, four hours after he proposed! Not enough time to even tell her mom that they were engaged! So now he's got his mission cut out for him -- how would he manage to tell his mother-in-law (the phrase sounds scary, doesn't it?) that he's been sleeping with her daughter, "... but it's okay, we're married!" Hopefully, he didn't do it like that! Read Telling Mom and you decide whether Hobbie did it right, in the "GFFA Fanfic" section of Stories & Things.

January 18, 2003
You might remember Sarti Reot as a Wee Wookiees fanfic writer, writing diary entries in her days as a Youngling. Now she's a Padawan and Apprentice, but all is not well. She contemplates the question, if the negative of a negative is a positive, what is the negative of hate? A Negative Hate shows a familiar complexity in the armor of evil that surrounds a certain cyborg. Read her latest diary entry, in the "GFFA Fanfic" section of Stories & Things.

January 15, 2003
Iella continues the intrigue, but some happy news to report in The Mantrusian Affair: Chapter 32 -- Wedge gets the girl, for sure! Really! But all is not well, of course. Others are imprisoned, in that story, as well as in Many Happy Returns: Chapter 6, but leave it to the girls to note the obvious ... In "GFFA Fanfic," listed in Stories & Things.

Diana spent some time in California, and tried out some eateries with dates:
Killer Shrimp, Jinky's Café, V.I.P. Seafood Harbor, Fatburger, and Prego Ristorante. What kind of dates are these, anyway? All listed in "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine. Bon Appetit!

January 7, 2003
For those of us who are Harry Potter series fans, and those who watched the move Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, you notice some Han Solo:Princess Leia=A Certain Boy:A Certain Girl chemistry happening ... We thought it appropos for the parents to have met, so we got them to meet, and the Set Piece Barbeque at the Granger's, Dessert at The Burrow was created, where you can find out what Mrs. Weasley thought of Mrs. Granger! Listed under "Novelties & Set Pieces" in Hut Cuisine.

If you're meeting people who are not your family, try
Zocalo, for Mexican food that's bright, fresh and really tasty. Nothing at all like what would be served in a normal home, nor is it normal fare to be found in a normal train terminal. Yet another jewel in New York's Grand Central Station! Listed in "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine.

January 5, 2003
Happy New Year! Hope you have all been partying hard, making lots of noise! We've rounded a corner into the new year, where doomsday forcasters are telling us that new virus attacks are likely and will be more brutal than 2001, a big year in viruses. In contrast, 2002 was a pretty slow year, if you believe the reports. We dunno ... we've had our share of computer woes, so be careful out there! When you're healthy, do as Hobbie does and indulge in Healthy Fried Rice, and if you're lucky, you can get your roomie to make it for you! And if you're hankering for comfort food after all the "gourmet" indulgences of the holidays, try Baked Ziti Without Hesitation and the notorious Stewed Tauntaun. Those who attended that first WEBcon a few years ago might remember Wedge's attempt at cooking tauntaun on Hoth? Don't worry, he finally got the recipe right! Enjoy, they're all good recipes! The first two are listed in "Mains -- Pasta, Noodles & Rice" and the other in "Mains -- Stews" in Hut Cuisine.

The pages that point you to the content are getting unwieldy -- we're sure you've noticed. So, other than the Directories, we've divided up other big pages: The Latest, Stories & Things, and Hut Cuisine. For the most part, the navigation changes shouldn't be a problem for anyone -- the links are on the navigation frame on the left (
click here for the full-frames view if you don't see the navigation panel to the left); if it is troublesome, be sure to let us know. All other comments are welcome, too! (We include December, 2002's entries on this page for now, too.)