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December 18, 2006
Happy Chanukah, and who would not imbibe in the miracle of lights? The GFFA is very much about the light, and the miracles to overcome and survive in darkness. The metaphor of a Sunset is a good illustration of the desire to "stay in the light," even if the reality is that the sun must set ... Kidan's Rated PG story is a poignant response to a first-person sentence challenge, and will remind you that darkness is inevitable. Though survival is important, one wonders sometimes if it's always the best thing ... the ImperialElvis's très disturbing Rated NC-17 tale of Vong shaping in a so-called Jeedarium called Glug flips the experiences suffered in Scene 1, but it becomes more disturbing and dark in Scene 2 ... so be careful before going there! And if that wasn't dark enough, Diana was "inspired" by the tale and drew the Rated NC-17 (for horror, violence, perhaps?) illustration for this tale, called Boxing Jeedai, based on a similarly titled movie (Boxing Helena), and it certainly could not be about boxing-the-sport! Though some boxing was probable in Gillian Taylor's Stress Relief, which may explain why Wedge first needed to be tied down in the frankly satisfying conclusion of this trio of tales, Stress Relief III ... It's an Rated NC-17 / SLASH delicacy, though you may feel that Wes got left out! Dark as some may find that tale, it also offers light for the man who suffers so badly from stress that his squadron feels they have to intervene! But Wedge is solidly in the light, though even those on the side of evil have to be cared for and fed. Like the Grand Moff Tarkin, who was always gaunt and scary looking, but became more so as the Death Star neared completion. Fortunately for him (but unfortunately for Alderaan), Daala served not only as his mistress, but his strategist and cook: she managed to get the great (but terrible) man to eat his vegetables by hiding them in Chocolate Pumpkin Moffins. They not only taste good and appeal to reticent men, children, and powermongers, but are really, really easy to make. It's listed in "Snacks & Sweets" in Hut Cuisine — make some for your favorite dark tyrant or alien species today (and bring some light to his or her life)!

December 11, 2006
Often, a craving will get you into trouble, even if its not one of those base, primeval cravings. Take, for instance, the craving to have a baby ... whether the father knows of the effort or not? Maybe it's the doing of The Seven-Foot Itch; Thrawn McEwok puns aside, the predilection for making babies runs strong in families ... that's how families are perpetuated, after all. Though that particular urge can be ignored when "enhancers" are involved, like plain, simple Boredom. Not even a Shadow Child is immune from "crack pairings roulette challenges" and the solution penned by Kidan! Both "GFFA Fanfic" are Rated PG and lodged in Stories & Things; you'll likely enjoy the addictive, craven nature of these tales! Or maybe sometimes lust is not enough and a bit of a sweet treat is needed to keep you with the less-than-perfect mate? Leia's cure for Han's ongoing abruptness is Chocolate Soufflé. Though a soufflé waits for no one, there is a way to hold an uncooked one for a bit, till the scoundrel can get his nerfherderness back into her highnessness's presence. Though if he fails that, perhaps Leia could get a transfer to the Hogwart's universe for a time, to see if Han would miss her ... while there, maybe she'd spy on the ever-needy Snape and his toils to earn Sweets Trust — it's his job to always keep Dumbledore's sweet tooth satisfied. Snape craves to be trusted, after all, and count on the clever headmaster to find the perfect way for Snape to prove his loyalty every day. These "Recipes" and "Set Piece" are in different universes, but in preparation for Christmas with special people, always remember to look in Hut Cuisine! Or feed your inner needs by going out to the perfect "Noshery," like the rainy afternoon some Hutties decided not to go postal on the masses. A good melted cheese dish can salve many yearnings, so try a place like Artisinal Fromagerie & Bistro. It's a good way to quiet the many cravings and demons one holds within, at least temporarily.

December 4, 2006
If you're into digging for information, you're rarely disappointed as long as you're willing to take what you get ... not just what you expected! Like one of our favorite male Rogues ... with a girl! TMI? Well, you should know by now that Gillian F. Taylor writes for Wedge in fun and surprising ways, like when he is subjected to Part 2 of his personalized regimen to combat Stress Relief. It's not Slash this time, but it IS Rated NC-17, so best get permission before clicking on that link. (And yes, other parts of this tale ARE NC-17 / Slash, just not this one.) And even though the grandson of Anakin Skywalker intended to get a nice gift for Tahiri, he didn't realize how poignant it would be. After all, it was just A Piece of Japor, which Kidan had written as a response to a challenge. It's Rated PG, and if you've ever lost a loved one, the poignancy will be intense. Though if you are lucky, you will find him or her again, and together you can build Something New, which is written as a "fully fledge sequel, or perhaps directly preceeding A Warrior Born. It's a Thrawn McEwok "thoroughly vongformed take" on our favorite undead Solo, and it's titillating, but a Rated PG tale, nonetheless. And you know it's not always about Anakin and Tahiri, or Wedge and everyone. Sometimes, it's about other pilots: ShadowChaser found it odd that Isard's Revenge concentrated rather hard on Corran and left Tycho's responses out in the void. So this Rumination of suffering, acceptance, and friendship was written: Star Wars: X-Wing — Isard's Revenge: My Life lets Tycho reclaim what was lost, at least to his satisfaction. This Rated PG tale takes a few "facts" from ShadowChaser's ongoing series, X-Wing: Lusankya and coincidentally is a similar rumination to last week's posted tale by Gillian F. Taylor's where she offers an AU ending, rather than missing moments. Obviously, not all of us were thrilled with Stackpole's treatment of our pilots! You'll find these and many other "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things: canon, AU, missing moments, one-shots — it's all there and they feel awfully "right" when held in comparison to some canon. And we know that satisfaction is an important part of living ... that's why we write and think and plot. And often, we eat, too! At least we know they can feed themselves, that's why we have Hut Cuisine, for the tales revealed there in the guise of innocent recipes speak of deep truths and hungers, not always about food. A man like Ton Phanan would argue that many things are worth living for, but other things are worth death, like his Ribs to Kill For — too visceral for some, but delicious nonetheless! Hey, that's a pretty neat description for the 'Hut offerings, wouldn't you say?

November 28, 2006
When you're a SW buff, you're likely a movie buff ... and nothing is buffer (in every sense of the word) than 007! When one is on carb overload from Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings, best to walk to the movie theater and let Bond do the workout for you, torture scenes and all! We have two reviews for the remake of Casino Royale, the first by the dynamic duo of MaceVindaloo and Diasala, and by 007's huge fangirl, Rosie. They both agree on the rating, and they do concur on their feelings for this new Bond. Check out the "Movie Reviews" in Stories & Things, either before or after you watch the film for yourself. The film is PG-13 for violence and torture ... which for us Hutties is kind of juicy! For Gillian F. Taylor, torture is something that is more psychological than physical, in this VERY satisfying Wedge vs. Isard AU set during Isard's Revenge, where Wedge makes a Devil's Bargain. Admit it, you didn't think Isard's ending was all that good or deserving as written in canon. This is more like it, though like the Bond, it's Rated PG-13 for violence and a kind of meanness that has to be bred into a person. Just like other things can be bred into a person. Even if you change sides and turn turncoat, sometimes an inkling of the right thing will come back to nag you, even if you have to be clobbered upside the head to loosen it up, in a Rated PG sort of way. Iella's Many Happy Returns is back with Chapter 41 sees tides turning and it'll leave you wondering if all the players are actually in place ... and what will come up next. More!! we cry, and we are hoping for more, sooner! Though we bet that for Corran Horn, his daughter's Wedding Night would come too soon, no matter how old his little girl is when it happens. It's a special type of Rated PG torture for Corran, but then how do you feel the groom might feel, knowing he was a marked man? Kidan takes on the groom's point of view in this rather funny tale. Well, what can we say, we have a thing for violence and torture in our "GFFA Fanfic" Stories & Things ... yummy!

November 21, 2006
Augh, Thanksgiving in America is coming up fast ... that's a time when everyone eats too much and naps like a narcoleptic. So what's wrong with that?? Hopefully your meal is the proscribed one, including turkey, side dishes, and plenty of dessert. Hopefully it's nothing that gets served in the GFFA ... face it, since we saw that blue milk and those icky looking food sticks, we knew the GFFA was lacking when it came to cuisine concepts, at least on Tatooine and Dagobah. But also on Akrit'tar, that Imperial prison colony where Tycho Celchu found himself after being transferred from Isard's flagship / prison. He's told to ingest the one meal provided daily "to keep our strength up" — ominous stuff indeed, and ShadowChaser is back with her Rated R tale X-Wing: Lusankya, Chapter 13 where much more is amiss than the culinary offerings. But its not as amiss as a Vong-captured jeedai's meals as they undergo shaping ... For gore, horror, and all that good stuff, it's Rated NC-17 and is called Glug,and is written by the ImperialElvis, uh hunh! And though not about a meal, Kidan's Betrayed makes a meal out of his "insane Jedi" in a "first sentence" challenge, but it's Rated PG-13, so be careful out there ... and speaking of insane Jedi, is it possible that Vader had not managed to destroy every person who'd been in the Jedi temple? Iella has kicked off a sort of catch-all series called Fallout: A Vignette Series. But for an author of Iella's calibre, you know her vignettes are juicy and incredibly well written. Case in point, the first of her "viggies," called Red Eye begs the question, what happens if a traumatized child grows up and encounters the source of his nightmares? It's a stomach-churner and it's Rated PG. All of these "GFFA Fanfic" are in Stories & Things, and the 'Hut continues to be blessed with tasty tales of every sort. Enjoy it! And if you actually want something tasty to celebrate a special event, follow along this "DIY" for a Cake From the Boss which is a tale of Admiral Ackbar's wake, and how the miscreants of Rogue Squadron chose to memorialize him, but do consider making a big decorated cake for any memorable event. "DIY" means "Do It Yourself" and it's full of tips and tricks to pull it off. Which is the secret of a fun and happy life, right?

November 10, 2006
Happy Veterans' Day, especially to those who have really fought the battles ... we read and write about galactic wars, but it's those real-life warriors who really deserve not only a day to honor them, but also time off ... lots and lots of it. We all need a break from time to time, and sometimes, that break is thrust upon us! We at the Hut apologize for missing our regularly scheduled posting ... we are so late that we're early for the next one! The peripatic schedules we're all keeping will make posting irregular, and we apologize in advance ... We're just taking a page from the very overworked Wedge Antilles, who — because he's a guy whom every Rogue does love, one way or another — finds some Stress Relief at the hands of those who might benefit from that relief best ... Gillian F. Taylor takes that thought to it's erotic conclusion in this Rated NC-17 / Slash "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, so best be wary before clicking the link to read Stress Relief: Part I. That said, it's a very jolly tale! Enjoy it for what it is, knowing that other parts will be coming soon (and they are worth awaiting)! Patience is rated as a virtue of the Jedi after all, but it's not like the Jedi are always right. The Skywalkers seem to have been forced into being by the machinations of a Sith lord, and one wonders, would they have to one day return to whence they came? And whence is that? Perhaps it's as Kidan points out, if Balance of the Force is finally achieved, what then happens to the executioner of that balance? This Rated PG tale surmises that balance must always be achieved, even if it takes a few generations to do so. So while one is waiting, why not get married? And what if your choice of mate is reluctant? Well, she'll come around eventually, if one is persistent in one's methods ... Thrawn McEwok's take on Lando's search for his perfect Trophy takes on an interesting twist in that marvelous spin he can do in the realm of the AU ... and then he inspired a quick little "GFFA Art" of the man and his Trophy Wife, which we've logged in Art & Stuff. Despite it's twistiness, both the fanfic and the drawing are Rated PG, so click with confidence! After you read the tale, you'll realize how perfect a situation that can be, even in it's kind of creepy way. Though some may argue that letting manumitted and near-sentient 'droids take care of your human needs is a bit weird, too. But in the GFFA, we love our protocol 'droids, especially when they are "different" enough to be trusted to conjure up a menu for a Solo / Skywalker "formal with flair" soirée. What's more, the machines were sophisticated enough to recognize the difference in the appetites between men and women, thus the name of this Hut Cuisine "Set Piece" 'Droid-catered Girls & Boys Soirée it's really very tasty, including a recipe for Pulled Pork, made without a smoker. GASP! The blasphemy!! Now, THAT'S twisted!!

October 30, 2006
Things often seem easy or obvious, and you know that in storytelling, that's a set-up for situations and things being anything but! Take Judder Page, for instance. Does anyone know what he looks like? Sure, there are depictions of him in games and stuff, but none seem to really fit the description of the "man with a completely forgettable face." At least, no portrait existed till now ... Iella's poem is called Locating Page, and it describes him, exactly. Not in a graphical image of course, and you know that poetry is often more evocative and exact than any picture. It's "Poetry" in Stories & Things (and you'll note that unlike for other Iella poems, there is no drawing associated with this one ...) In contrast, there are many faces which are unforgettable, especially when you inadvertently find yourself on a First Date, of the blind and strange sort. It's Rated PG, and the faces involved have very unforgettable provenances. Just like the provenance of Wedge Antilles; his past motivates him in ways every psych101 student would understand. Back in the past itself, the irony of his parents' conversations and worries for their son is poignant. Gillian F. Taylor describes Wedge's parents and their being So Proud of their boy. It's a companion piece to Necessary Separation ... the grandparents of Syal and Miri Antilles would still be proud, we're sure. Family bonds will always be important, though maybe not always in proud or fair ways. Thrawn McEwok's AU for "Kunrakin" and Tahiri is a great tale, and a study in contrasts. One is Vong on the outside, but it is the other who is more core-Vong within, as is apparent in their display of Blood Bonds, a Rated PG tale. It features the questions every Jedi — future and former — must answer for themselves, no matter their bonds. Though bonds of blood are said to be thicker than water, it doesn't mean that those water bonds can't be called upon in time of need. In Csillag's AU Hobbie's Saga, Derek Klivian is married and the very domesticated father of a daughter who needs help getting her costume made. He's not domesticated enough to know how to sew, and so he calls on Wes to help ... no, we're not sure why Wes knows how to sew, but you'll learn how, too. Birds of a Feather: Costume DIY is a GFFA story and how-to in one. It'll help you get ready for Halloween tomorrow! Get inspiration from Hut tales in Hut DIY, our very own "do it yourself" section of such things as costumes and crafts. Be sure to sent pics of your efforts in, we'd love to post them! BOO!

October 24, 2006
Sometimes we need to take a break, but things aren't the same when we return ... that's happily not a problem author Iella ever has to suffer, because her multi-chapter tales end up rolling seamlessly from one to the next, no matter when they'd been submitted. In more ways than one, it's Many Happy Returns for us, the readers! Chapter 40 clarifies why Bomar Tag hates the Jedi so much, and the significance of his name. You know the Iella doesn't do things randomly, and knowing that this is a long tale done over a significant period of time, one marvels at how well thought out this tale of Anakin and Tahiri and Lando and ... Read this Rated PG series, you won't regret it. And she writes those battle scenes so well, donchaknow. And Thrawn does twisty angst in such a manner that you wish you thought of it first! But he did, and we're the happy beneficiaries of Unexpected results, and curious resolutions. Not that Part 2 is the end. It can't be! Let's hope Thrawn writes more of the tale which knocks Mara Jade back for a loop — though don't fear, it's Rated PG. And speaking of Lando and unexpected things, Kidan makes the most of a "random roulette" challenge and writes a little tale from when Lando was on the prowl ... for a wife! But the candidate he visits will surprise you in The Search ... and it could have ended up rated differently, but as it is, it's a relatively safe Rated PG, like most of the 'hut's "GFFA Fanfic" offerings, despite the reputation that our Stories & Things seems to have ... While we're doing unexpected things, Gillian F. Taylor does us a huge favor and compiles a review of the career works of Denis Lawson, and makes a meal of The Wedge-Watcher's Diet — and from her descriptions, it's not a diet you can or want to fall off of easily! We decided to categorize this under "Reviews" in Stories & Things, because it's really a retrospective of Denis Lawson's work as an actor since he became the wondrous Wedge Antilles. Read it, you'll be fascinated at his range and we'll bet you start looking for DVDs of his appearances! In any case, that diet is much less caloric than one of Han Solo's favorite desserts, invented to account for the fact that there is no oven on the Millennium FalconNo-Bake Citrus Custard is an easy winner for a rich yet delicate dessert to satisfy many a craving for food and for love. At least, that's what we say ... and what we say matters most, right? It's a "Snacks & Sweets" Recipe in Hut Cuisine, and pretty close to love, in any case.

October 16, 2006
Random and varied people have probably asked various members of the Solo clan if he or she may be Out of Your Mind. It's not that, really ... it's just that it's a legacy. Combined with Skywalker lineage, the men tend to do anything for love, even take a beating! Thrawn McEwok describes the lengths to which love will pursue a Solo: Part One and Part Two make it quite clear that there is something special about these Solo-Skywalkers. These are Rated PG, though do be warned there is some violence ensuing. The twisty kind, which is what we prefer! For more twists and Solos, Kidan offers Prisoner X7835241. One wonders how the one Solo managed to hold the other for so long ... we think it's great that fanfic can open up more portals for thought and experimentation! This is a "GFFA Fanfic," too, Rated PG, and listed in Stories & Things. Maybe, like some eateries, there is a level of bait-and-switch? We think so, at least for Live Bait, a big-city eatery with down-home appeal. So which is it? It's a "Noshery Review," and you can pick up some clues by visiting the link. Though sometimes, a Solo is just plain clueless, even when he means really well. Based on Iella's At the Oasis episodes, a recipe for Basic Gingerbread is culinarily successful, but a social disaster! Nothing basic about the tale in this easy-to-make Hut Cuisine recipe, though the crunchy cookie is worth getting into a tizz about!

October 9, 2006
Love is a universal thing. It has power, it can heal, it can make more love grow, and formulate the desire to make your loved one jump. Is that a good thing, ever? Jysella Horn may beg to differ, though in the dire situation, she can take some satifaction that the desired effect did take place. What is it about men that makes you want to yell About Time! Ah, but the desire to surprise is not restricted to young love. And love can endure unexpected changes and differences, too. Just ask The Lovers, for whom the past and the future intertwines in ... dinner. Of course, dinner is a symbol of love, especially at the start of a relationship. Based on Gillian F. Taylor's A Heart Full of Stars, Diana writes the tale of a very sick Wedge Antilles and how love of many different types can heal. After all, he only had Everything to Lose. These "GFFA Fanfic" are all Rated PG, and located in Stories & Things. How did Wedge manage to heal? It's a good thing he trusted Thakwaashi, for they are very big and formidable, but very happily quirky. Still, one feels very small when incapacitated, especially when confronting Doctor Haddeus for the first time. This "GFFA Art" is in Art & Stuff, check it out. Not like it's like meeting a mutant. And when mutants get mad, it's not such a great thing. Go see X-Men 3: The Last Stand, which makes the original comics lovers very happy. The "Movie Review" is in Stories & Things. And you know that happy fans suffer from a form of love, too!

October 3, 2006
Things are only occasionally as they seem, don't you think? Like when Cordé lay dying on the landing platform, what went through your mind? Was it compassion? Sorrow? Anger? Regret? Yes to all? Kidan answered a challenge to write for a non-canon pairing, and the result is The Captain's Handmaiden, which puts that opening scene in a very different perspective. But even if the pairing is canon, your perspective can be twisted. At least, Han and Leia's is! JainaTaat show so many marks of teen love, including the parental angst. Thrawn creates this great twist for another member of the Solo clan. Both "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things are Rated PG. And as twisty as Thrawn's tale is, it inspired a drawing of Jaina Joiner, which is kind of Rated PG-13, and very crawly! It's "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff, and maybe it'll give you nightmares? Invoke more soothing and pleasant thoughts then; perhaps create something that evokes good memories for Obi-wan, toward the end of his corporeal life. He'd encountered these treats at several key points in his adult life, leading them to be called Berries Circles Scones. Poor Obi-wan, for it's not his tradition, but it's delicious and nostalgic, nonetheless. Though if you're not the type who likes surprises, you may prefer to eat somewhere where the food is always good and cheap. But you know the saying: good, fast, cheap, pick two! It's worthwhile to let go of the "fast" for Szechuan Empire. It's not evil, it hasn't tried to take over the galaxy, and its in the middle of almost-nowhere. Kind of like living on an outer rim planet, waiting for the son of the Son of Suns to grow up! (And our apologies for this late posting — the admin 'droid downloaded a virus ...)

September 25, 2006
War is hell, and not just because you get to watch death and destruction rain down on those right next to you. No, it's hell because you end up worrying for the safety of those you love, no matter how far away they are from the dangers you face. Okay, it's wrong to only worry about them, but the truth is that knowledge of the dangers hit your harder when it's someone you love. Case in point: Gillian F. Taylor has set her tale of Wedge Antilles trying to do the right things but finding out they'd never be enough for some people, least of all for himself. But it's a Necessary Separation, anxiety and all. It's a tearjerker, even if it is Rated PG. New author Kidan has sent in a little nibble, a little appetizer to whet our appetites for more! Taking on the observation that Jaina's height seems to not be pinned down in canon, he presents a tale which sees The Long and Short of Jaina Solo as a very real problem in the eyes of the Vong ... well, they cause all sorts of troubles for those affiliated with the Solo kids. And Thrawn McEwok's Drabbles: Ewok & Typewriter summarize this poetically. But one can find acceptance, eventually, via Evolutions through the mind and through the heart. Both Kidan's and Thrawn's delicious morsels are Rated PG but Diana's tale of "the zipless f***" is Rated R though it may be too racy for some tastes. Well, the title is Dirty Old ..., in which a random and anonymous hookup has some squicky consequences. So now you know! All of this is great "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. There will be a lot more coming, so consume with impunity! Though if one is a royal or senatorial handmaiden, one has to watch one's figure. Not just for appearance's sake, either, but also for political reasons. So when they get together for food away from public view, it's a party of their favorite foods. Padmé's Handmaiden's Menu has recipes for some pretty elegant but very simple-to-make fare. In these little get-togethers, each of them provides a recipe from the many ribbon-cuttings, fund-raisers, and dates they'd attended, disguised as the senator from Naboo. It protected her secret for the sake of her loved ones — no wonder Padmé's pregnancy was not detected before she had a chance to tell her husband! It's a "Recipe Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine. Make some of these nibbles to whet your appetite for Hut stories, whether long or short or drabbly, and do remember the tissues when reading Gillian's Wedge tale of loved ones ...

September 17, 2006
The Jedi are not the only ones to feel love for something greater than themselves. It could be argued that the rebels loved the concept of freedom equally, and very few loved the cause more than Wedge Antilles. Gillian F. Taylor's looks into the life and times of this most human of heroes investigates the question of health, where even a passion equal to A Heart Full of Stars may not be enough to battle the tiniest of enemies (think virus!). It's Rated PG in Stories & Things, and so is a post-NJO AU by Thrawn McEwok called Hot Showers in which our two favorite Jeedai-Vong hybrids enjoy a passionate cleansing together ... yes, it really is Rated PG! And so is that tale of Shalla Nelprin, who suffered being referred to as a Chocolate Tarte. Racey? No no ... it's for the love a dessert made by Runt Ekwesh, and thus the tale is logged in Hut Cuisine. Though if things go well for any of our heroes, a good cheap breakfast is a good thing to know how and where to get. And if you're in a suburb, there may be a lack of weekend breakfast spots, and we'd recommend IKEA for Breakfast. Though you're allowed to miss breakfast if you manage to get on the right Frequency and talk to the future or the past. It's a "Movie Review" in Stories & Things. No matter your passion or the source of your love, you know the Hut has the right thing to read about it. It even happens in the GFFA ... the newest Star Wars novel is called Bloodline and a grandson talks to his grandfather. Go read it and get your passion going again!

September 10, 2006
When one refers to "drabble," one may be assumed to not be saying something nice ... but when Thrawn partakes in a Drabbles: Ewok & Typewriter or two, you know it's a must-read. He's done several, and the first two are Interplay and the intriguingly titled The Reduced George Lucas Company Presents: The Galactic Civil War in 500 Words!. They're safely Rated PG, and we bet you'll enjoy this almost haiku-like "GFFA Fanfic" form in Stories & Things; actually, because it's reminiscently poetic, it'll be listed in "Poetry Stuff," too. Art forms are fluid, and let's face it, good stuff tends to follow other good stuff. One thing we can thank George for: the trilogy movie format, specifically with a cliffhanger second act. Ooh, that might've been a spoiler, but I love you? (Correct answer, "I know ...") The trio of Johnny, Kiera, and Orlando are back buckling their swash in Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest. This "Movie Review" does note parallels to ESB, though these LOTR-crazed authors stop short of referencing other movie trilogies. It's in Stories & Things, go read it for yourself and see what the obsession is about. Not that it's bad to be obsessed about one thing or another. The results can be tasty, whether you are a worshipper of a rock-star status chef, or pray at the temple of classic and tasty dishes. It's even more fun if there is some competition about the dish between those most adversarial of relatives, Booster Terrik and Corran Horn! The dish in question is Perfect Fried Chicken and whatever their differences, you know the winner is the diner forced to taste both versions! It's a "Recipe Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine. Or you go to English Is Italian, look at the menu and just say, "Yes." What does that mean? You get something called "family dinner" where they bring out platter after platter of food for the table to share, no decision required by the diners. It's something you do at home, or when you trust the chef's concept implicitly. How much do we trust him? As much as we trust Thrawn to write great things in a different form, as much as we love Jack Sparrow as Han Solo!

September 3, 2006
It's Labor Day in the US; we know that other countries use May Day to commemorate workers who make and fix things for us all, but we think people who work hard deserve a day in the sun ... or the rain. What is it about long weekends which invite rain to fall in large amounts? We'd always thought it must rain a lot on planets like Talasea and Borleais for their seas and jungles. And that's where the most worthy of NR workers is laying his head during the NJO, and Iella Wesseri Antilles is being the concerned and very loving wife and mulling over her fears while he sleeps. Gillian F. Taylor — some of you will be relieved — has submitted her latest Wedge tale, which explains the hazards of simply being Too Good at your work. It's Rated PG and like all her tales, Gillian shows us why we got into GFFA Fanfic in the first place! Then there is Thrawn McEwok's brand of fun twistiness, in the First Part of his new Luke/Mara tale called Unexpected where you KNOW the news has caught the normally externally controlled Mara off-guard. This "GFFA Fanfic" is also Rated PG — it's not that other type of twistiness ;) Both stories are in Stories & Things, but you know that the Hut's GFFA stories are not simply restricted to that category. If Booster Terrik is at work, then it's just as likely to be a Hut Cuisine entry, like his money-making Meat-like No-Meat Eggplant Parm. It's profitable partly because he can get customers to pay meat prices for a vegetarian dish, and mostly because it's just plain good! There are plenty of photos so you can impress your fellow workers should you need to serve a substantial meal to many. But if your guests run more toward the liquid refreshment sort of repast, you might want to tray a laborer's pub type of place. The beer is cold and the ambiance is great in the waterside-located Barking Crab, and make sure you have the beer ... we can't vouch for the food. Read the report to see why! It's too bad they won't be allowing you to bring your own food, but most ballparks will let you. Some Hutties purport to be baseball fans, but the destruction of Shea Stadium, Home of the New York Mets has made some rabid fans not only want to visit it while it still stands, but explain at length why ... it's no surprise that these people are serious fans ... nearly as seriously as we love Star Wars, no matter the result! Watching the labors of the boys of summer is a great way to spend labor day, too. (Get it? The original boys were the Brooklyn Dodgers ... uh, okay ...) Come, labor on, and enjoy to excess!

August 27, 2006
The final chapter of any serial story is a sad thing ... but you get to read the ending! Thrawn's Rated PG13-rated Life On the Edge's conclusion has some interesting surprises, including the probable reason that Cade Skywalker ended up being a brigand, eventually! No, Cade doesn't feature in this tale, but there are more Solos around. Part 8 is a satisfying ending to be sure, but it does leave you hankering, like every great Thrawn McEwok tale, eh? He's got more coming of other tales, so stay tune for this and more "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. In addition to Thrawn's tales, we have another series featured this week, initiated by the one and only Iella, our local filk queen! It's the start of awards season for popular media, and Iella kicks it off with The GFFA Grammies hosted by hip-hoppin' 'droids C3PBro' and R2DFeat; how can you resist? The acclaimed songs in the awards show? Kypp Do-Run and Zekk's angst lament titled His Rump and the JediBabes v Corran and MC Luke's Pretty Fly For A Jedi — you'll notice those are links to Art & Stuff. We did say we were inspired this week, see? And additionally, there is a recipe inspiration, too: Jag's Hot Rump Sandwich in Hut Cuisine. Sounds provocative? Oh yes ... and an excellent way to woo the girl of your dreams, even if she is a Jedi Babe!

August 21, 2006
There's something about our pilotboys which brings out the ... redbloodedness! In every girl, no matter how chaste the stories might have been in the author's past. So be forewarned: Gillian F. Taylor can write some hardcord smut! If you dare, check out the Rated NC-17/Slash tale of love ... and lust! It's called A Wanted Man and it only goes to show that Wedge is simply irresistable! It's "GFFA Fanfic" in the great smutty tradition that founded the 'hut, and go ahead, you know you want to know ... But if you need something more "G" but no less sticky, there is the tale of Leia and her famous hairdo, which every one of us thought looked like pastry. They're called Alderaanian Cinnamon Sticky Buns and they make a fine coiffe as well as good eating. This Hut Cuisine sweetbread inspired a digital painting; yes, Pika-So is back! The result of Leia's misbehavior and "fix" is recorded for posterity as the Portrait of an Incorrigible Princess, at least for as long as Alderaan remained a whole planet. It's a fun Art & Stuff entry, and you can admit that you always envisioned her with these pastries on her head, and you wish you had the guts to do it first! But you know what really takes guts? Welcoming the dead back to earth for the day. You have to do it right and you need rules, and the Buddhists do a good job of those, at least those in Japan do. But if you can't get to the Land of the Rising Sun, there are outpost monasteries, probably not far from you. The one some Hutties attended as part of their summer vacation is called Dai Bosatsu Zendo, where the world is really, really different. Even during a searing heatwave, temperatures dropped down to the 40s ... maybe that's proof enough that the dead were back on earth for the day? Read the "Field Report" and admire the beautiful photographs in this Stories ( Things entry. It also takes guts to walk to a foreign aid station when your parents lie dead of plague, especially when you are 3-years-old and your baby sister may die, too. Marcus Samuelsson grew up to be one of Sweden's greatest chefs, though he is ethnically Ethiopian ... and that would never stop him from opening a fusion Japanese-Scandinavian restaurant in New York, either! Riingo means "Apple," after all. And if you go to both Dai Bosatsu Zendo and Riingo in the same weekend, your dead relatives will likely smile and you'll feel totally Japanesey ... Or maybe if you go back to Gillan's tale, someone may be turning Japanese??? (Augh! So cool down with that Frozen Gazpacho from last week — we added some photos to the recipe. Chill!)

August 14, 2006
You, the loyal Huttite, are owed a mea culpa (look it up) from your loyal Hut staff, who had missed a posting last week due to some miscommunication, some illness, some vacationing, and some whole-hog ineptness. Mea Culpa, and we won't do it again! Fortunately, we have a very juicy chapter of Thrawn's Life On the Edge for you to view ... some people might want to cover their eyes for the suggestive stuff at the end! Remember, this is more on the Rated PG-13 end of the ratings scale, since certain "relationships" are elucidated ... and Part 7 is heartily worth the risk and the wait! Though there are some things one shouldn't wait to deal with, including a lump felt where a lump shouldn't be. But if you do handle it and survive, it can end up defining you ... it may not be obvious to others, but a nickname like Odd Ball Friend can be a poignant reminder of what it means to be human, defects and all. It's a Rated PG-13 story, because there is a surgery mentioned of a "delicate" (but not raunchy) nature, if you're squeemish about such things. You can click on the link or not ... we offer it as a bonus story this week, due to our not posting last week, and we hope you enjoy this extra titbit! Both stories are hard-core "GFFA Fanfic" and can be found in Stories & Things. Everyone has something they're squeemish about, and for a young Anakin Solo, he was squeemish about eating the goopy stew served at the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, back when he was very young. It was basically a clean-out, where all the leftovers were dumped into a pot and heated, and he hated it. So Uncle Luke, rather than forcing him to eat it, taught him how to make Rice in a Microwave which isn't faster, but might be safer for very young people gaining a lesson in feeding themselves. Or maybe you're squeemish because the environment is just not suited to you and your station? The Queen's entourage found themselves hiding on Tatooine, but since they were to harbor an important secret about the identity of the queen, they kept themselves wrapped heavily in their clothing of state, to the point of fainting from the heat! Maybe Obi-wan knew all along what the deception was, but he took pity on them and made them a Frozen Gazpacho, which was icy cold, but also allowed them to eat lightly and "keep a state of elegance," to paraphrase Jane Austen ... both of these fine recipes are located in Hut Cuisine. You want proof we've been away? It's been a really hot summer, and being on vacation has forced us to retreat indoors from time to time. "Field Reports" will be coming, and here's the very first: Fireworks of Glass which is a permanent installation created by Dale Chihuly, the renown glass sculptor who is famous for his intense colors and organic shapes — makes him sound like the new L.C. Tiffany, eh? There are also many other exhibits by Chihuly's studio, but they won't be staying permanently, so spend some of your summertime gazing at undersea gardens of glass! It's in Stories & Things, and more "what I did this summer" type of "Field Reports" will follow! And while we're sweltering in the heat, we can remember the sub-freezing temperatures of last winter when we huddled in the relative warmth of the Gemini Diner, where we warmed up while waiting for Elephants in Manhattan to show up last winter. Nothing like sitting in an overly air-conditioned diner and eating hot oatmeal to feel like it's winter! Oh, and if you prefer to read our crankiness, then always be sure to check the Hut Blog for our latest "state of inelegance"!

July 31, 2006
Sometimes when you ask for more, you have to be careful what you asked for ... like that ever-so-naughty Rated NC-17 series going deep into the sexual paranoias and dark (mental) crevices of Rogue Squadron ... admit it, you LOVED that squicky, squicky tale, and now there is more of Annallisa's Corsex where The Adventure Continues, part I, and you are hereby warned not to click on that link! It's too dirty! ;) Your other choice this week: click on Gillian F. Taylor's Rated PG tale of Wedge Antilles, pariah of the New Republic! What? Did you read that right? Yes, and to some, this might be a more tragic tale than the descent of Wes Janson. She created an AU, asking the question, "What if things at the end of Starships of Adumar ended up badly for Wedge?" This follow-up tale is as good — if not better! — than many a canon novella, with shoot-outs and angst and all: the phrase In Honour Clear really does describe how we feel about Wedge Antilles, and this tale will not disappoint you, no matter what you expected! Both of these fine "GFFA Fanfics" are worthy of your time, and you'll wonder why canon isn't this good. Really, and they're in Stories & Things, and we love both of them, even though they are very different children of two very different minds, though both superbly talented. Some may say that talent is needed to make something from nothing, too, and that sort of "genius" is most appreciated when one can get fed. If things are miserable, a good meal will at least make the outlook more dealable, perhaps. You know that saying about when life give you lemons, make lemonade? How about this corollary: when the heist turns out to be for something which never could have existed, make chili out of it ... it'll make sense once you read the story for Mad Vincent's Crazy-Hot Chili though it might make you wonder at the perversity of the people who put the crew of Serenity up to such a heist. Or how about a corollary about teaching a man to fish versus just giving a man a fish ... neither action is any good unless you teach a man to cook and consume leftovers, and you can Feed a Man for Life, indeed! It's a "Set Piece" showing the progression of fillets, so that the same fish becomes three wholly separate meals. All these recipes are in Hut Cuisine as is the "Noshery Review" for Perlas ng Silangan where you actually do get what you most wish for, but more! The name of the place means "Pearl of the Orient" and is one of the most authentic Philippine eateries in New York, in the wildes of Queens, that most ethnically diverse of boroughs. It's worth the trip, and for those who are ex-pats, you will feel like you're at home ... or so it was our experience. Hey, in this week's postings, we think you get more than you asked for, no matter what metaphors you are using!

July 24, 2006
How far is "far enough"? That usually depends on which side of the question you are sitting, we suppose. Though if you are Wedge Antilles, "too far" and "far enough" seem to be a focus of your life! Gillian F. Taylor crafts that moment when Wedge reaches A Point of No Return, which, though Rated PG, you should be warned that there are some grievous injuries suffered by our favorite good boy, so be warned! In contrast, we know that members of the Skywalker clan have certain gone too far ... this Rated NC-17 tale features all the things that some people would rather not know about. Not that it stops Diana from writing those tales, and she admits to talking with Thrawn McEwok a lot ... and the result is a very disturbing take on a twisted Family Tradition ... come to think of it, don't click on that link, it's just too baaad! Both tales — the good and the bad — are listed in "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things ... and don't say you weren't warned! When faced with such temptation, sometimes a wholesome family tried-and-true dish is comforting. Like when Hohass Ekwesh remembers what it's like to be the Runt of the litter, even though he's now bigger than nearly everyone in Wraith Squadron! He likes to make Baba Ghanoush for his mates because he knows his picky siblings loved this dish, and it was a good way to get them to eat eggplant when there was a garden glut. And another delicious snack was created by the Hogwart's house elves to commemorate the Tri-Wizard Tournament; who doesnt love a crunchy Tri-Wizard Cheese Crisp? It could even be made from leftover scraps of dough from something else. Whether you make the dip or the crisp (or both, and serve them together, yummy!), you'll find these and many other "Recipes" in Hut Cuisine. Or you might want something more substantial, and you decide to walk to your favorite rib joint ... and it's crowded! Not a table to be had for nearly an hour ... well, you've come too far not to eat ribs, especially since you walked all the way. So you tap Blue Smoke for Take-out and hope that it's as good away from the place as in situ ... we haven't gone too far, have we? ;)

July 16, 2006
In life, we decry our lack of choices and regret that old friends move apart, but sometimes, those situations can define who you are and what you have to do. Take Wedge Antilles, for example — some Hutties have complained that he's so good that he's boring ... while others make a meal out of this apparent "flaw" in his character. Gillian F. Taylor investigates Wedge's real flaw, and how dealing with having Different Paths from his friends is not his fault ... but his innate goodness will make sure they all make the right choices when they matter the most, no matter how difficult it is to watch people suffer ... or sometimes die. But that's why we love the old boy, eh? Be sure to read this Rated PG "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. In contrast, Aunt Celly has discovered that she gave young Leia Organa too many choices. Well, she didn't actually intend to give the princess any choices when training her the niceties of serving tea, but she'll have to swallow the Sour Rosette, nonetheless! This "GFFA Art" was inspired by an actual result from a request for "extra lemon, please," and the need to re-craft it to show each other what we meant. Fun how inspiration hits, and thus this little "ficlet" is housed in Art & Stuff — a different approach maybe, but satisfying nontheless. The "Noshery Review" for Olga's Kitchen describes the service and food at this inexpensive eatery; the waitress gave Rosie plenty of extra lemon, you see! The sourness of lemons is not encountered in life as often as the sourness of disappointment, but Luke Skywalker tries valiant to use it to press his suit to Garielle Captisan, by using cider vinegar and many other ingredients to create Cosmic Balance Chicken for her. It's one dish, but one has to make a marinade, a sauce, and a rub for what on earth might be called one of the tastiest southern style barbecue chicken (not grilled!) one could hope to have! The meat is tender, the taste is sharp and spicy, everything Luke had hoped for ... and didn't get with Gaerial. That disappointment, forcing him to take a differing path, could make a man morose, for sure. He might end up wandering the 'verse, like they do in Serenity, subsisting on very meager rations. But if you have some know-how and some luck, you can convert plain canned baked beans into something magical and uplifting, like Baked Bean Stew which is simply one of the best bean dishes around ... though we're sure other recipes will follow, appropriately varied! That's what Hut Cuisine is all about, after all; find these and many, many other recipes and "Noshery Reviews" in that section of the 'hut. And remember that life is about the choices you make and the paths you take!

July 9, 2006
Comeuppance is something that is really satisfying for a reader to come across, but the significance is directly proportional to the skill with which the retribution is written. And if Iella is the author, you know it'll be juicy and good! There are battles a-plenty in Many Happy Returns which has reached Chapter 39 before meting out these just desserts ... and you know that more will be coming! Enjoy this Tahiri battle-fest, Rated PG, in "GFFA Fanfic," Stories & Things. And though the Slytherins might want to do battle with the Gryffindors, they are under orders to be nice ... and that includes accepting a well-intended gift with good grace and gratitude during the Hogwart's Gift Swap which tells the story and how-to of this "DIY" Project in Art & Stuff. Another sort of Do-It-Yourself might including tips on dating techniques ... as done by Dr. Ton Phanan, when he was trying to get Tyria interested in him. He did it by using one of the oldest tricks in the book, but he nearly succeeded because his recipe for Superior-Mind Marinated Grilled Chicken was at least genuine and delicious and seductive, even if it would have set off smoke alarms! If it wasn't for the powerful vent hood and open front doors, we know the grill at Pahal Zan might have made the small space chokingly unbreathable in a short time, but as it was, they simply made wonderful grilled food. Both the "Recipe" and the "Noshery Review" are in Hut Cuisine. Where to get ingredients and inspiration for such things? Try Chelsea Market, that factory in the old meat market which was the birthplace of the Oreo cookie, and now houses eateries, provisions, and television networks from Major League Baseball to the Food Network. All in the name of entertainment! Which is how you should always feel about summer, whether doing DIY or grilling food, or saving the galaxy!

July 2, 2006
You know that saying about how a woman scorned is a dangerous thing to behold? When a man is scorned he might do things which cause him to do a victory roll, which is rather a scary prospect if you're the woman. Independence Day in the US can mean separation ... and divorce. Is that a bad thing? McEwok's Life on the Edge means more than a physical or geographic edge, and Part 6 makes a case for making sure your independence is bought amicably! It's great Rated PG-13 "GFFA Fanfic" esconced in Stories & Things. And if you find yourself in a geography or social condition with which you are unfamiliar, get the lay of the land — and going to a local eatery is a good idea, especially if the denizens are so much kinder than their apparel may initially indicate. And the food at Veselka is way better than first appearances, too, so take note of this "Noshery Review." If you'd prefer to scrape by and make your own, consider making a Hefty Squished Sandwich which is so much better than it sounds. The Two Fat Saxon Witches meant to serve this great sandwich with a hot soup, but sometimes, something cold is so much nicer, with heat coming from a firey spice instead. Of course, such a fuss is made of processing the hot peppers that "borrowing" them without authorization might result in very dire consequences! Lara Notsil punctuates the point when she declares someone Guilty! Gazpacho, and these two "Recipes" are in Hut Cuisine. And remember that both Lara and the Two Fat Saxon Witches are more than able to take care of themselves, which makes them more than independent and far more than meets the eye. Not to say they aren't amicable in their own ways!

June 25, 2006
Life is about choices, though depending on how your personality is wired and the opportunities presented, you may find those choices limited. For a man like Wedge Antilles, some opportunies present No Choice At All and we think this intense Rated PG tale by Gillian F. Taylor really defines how most of us feel about our boy Wedge! Read this "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. In the same section but in a different "department" is a review of a tale which is not about any GFFA character or situation, but like the GFFA, it's about a boy's relationship to a father he didn't know. Yet with Obi-Ewan starring in Big Fish we can't but help he's playing Anakin Skywalker as he SHOULD have been ... not that that's a bad thing! It's a great Father's Day flick, which was last week, donchaknow?? Did Dad try char-grilling at least one meal last weekend? Next time he does that, try bringing an ultra-fresh counterpoint: Panzanella is like the quintessential summer dish — vine-ripe tomatoes sliced and served on excellent artisinal style bread with basil and a classical vinaigrette. It worked for Shepherd Book, though he protested being called by any paternal nickname, replying, "I never married." And it had seemed that Luke Skywalker was walking the same path, though perhaps less celibate. Though it's likely any experiences he'd had before had not had prepared him for his and Mara's wedding night, when their Wedding Foundation was firmly ... established ... and by the way, the story verges toward Rated R, so be wary of clicking on that story link! If such tales are forbidden to you, take a walk to Woorijip where, unlike Wedge, there are many, many choices; you can even take Dad here, though he might wonder why you took him to this museum of exotica which is actually a sort of buffet / deli / noodle shop. Read this "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine and wonder why they have so much but not panzanella!

June 18, 2006
In Ep3, wasn't it a bit startling how suddenly Bail Organa moved to claim Leia — specifically the girl — for him and his wife. Why was he so keen to become a father of a devoted daughter? New figures are being released called "Separation of the Twins" and features Bail Organa with Leia and Obiwan with Luke. Diana's been thinking of the backstory ever since she read one line in one of the Clone Wars comics about Queen Breha's health and her latest miscarriage. A throwaway line for some, but that's the stuff of fanfic! Succession offers an explanation of Organa's intense interest in adopting Senator Amidala's orphaned daughter. In contrast, Thrawn McEwok writes about events after the end of Leia's marriage in Life on the Edge and in Part 5 Leia and Han come face-to-face ... to-face because there's Tahiri, too! Both stories are basically Rated PG though we did label Life On the Edge as PG-13 because some of us still have problems with Han and Leia not being Han and Leia, you know? Both "GFFA Fanfic" are in Stories & Things, and by the way, it's Father's Day, and thus the posting of these fatherly tales! Wherever you are on the Father's Day status and geographies, Happy Day to you! And what's more "dad-like" than a big ol' barbecue, but not the type where dad burns all the burgers and dogs. No, we're talking about the Big Apple BBQ Block Party where some of the finest barbequers in the land congregated and smoked low and slow to feed over 100,000 New Yorkers and their friends. The pics from this "Field Report" will make you salivate and make piggy noises — so imagine the effect of that sweet fruitwood smoke wafting over midtown Manhattan ... or that other daddy-like activity — hunting! Or at least, on Agamar, where Peepaw might go a-huntin' and the likes of the men related to Dod, Fod, and Lod would use leftover beer to make Beer Braised Beef. No father would turn down such a feast as limned in Hut Cuisine — and what good boys, sacrificing their beers for their ol' Peepaw! That's way better than what some of us did for Mother's Day when we went to a "healthfood" restaurant called Josie's which was rather froufrou and pretty and all ... but we didn't go there on Father's Day because we figured our dads didn't want to get sick ... yeah, not such a good thing, eh? So don't go there, consider yourself warned by this "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine, and enjoy a day for the likes of Bail Organa, Han Solo, Obiwan Kenobi, Owen Lars ... and your dad, too!

June 11, 2006
This must be an inspiring sunspot activity time, and to demonstrate this, we have a fanfic-heavy week in preparation and inspiration for Father's Day ... and Gillian F. Taylor's sympathetic tale of a father lost, and father figure gained, prompts Wedge to Give Sorrow Words, where Luke gets to play bratty little brother, in a sense. What would any Father's Day without a bratty little brother, eh? Though in Iella's The Meaning of Friendship, Luke gets to be the father figure, this time for a well-intentioned gift which backfires in a big, bad way ... Both "GFFA Fanfic" are Rated PG and located in Stories & Things. This is why we got into fanfic, remember? And it's nice when a former Wee Wookiee has grown up and starts co-writing fanfic, even if its in another universe. Hermi2's Perfect Dress is not as much about the wedding dress, but rather it's how to create the perfect dress from what one has ... even if you have to beg, borrow, or patch up what you have! It's "Other Fanfic," though it's not our first Harry Potter inspired tale. And what inspires one thing will in turn inspire something else, and so MadamePince (the librarian, remember?) is inspired to create a recipe for the Chicken Mushroom Potpie mentioned in passing in the tale. It's a "Recipe" in Hut Cuisine, and it's so good that you will find it unfair that it was just mentioned in passing ... but you might like the tale anyway. And if you don't, then you might not want to go to Frontier Diner, though it's the type of place we think a dad would like for his special day. It's cheaper than a steakhouse, and despite mistakes they make, they do try very hard to make good on everything. It's the way in life, that despite the best of intentions, sometimes things have to be "fixed" rather than coming out perfectly. And we think that's the essence of what a good dad is! Happy Dad's Week to all, whether you are one or not, for as the GFFA had taught us, a father isn't ALL about blood relationships.

June 4, 2006
Many Happy Returns to author Iella, for though it's not her birthday, she's back with Chapter 38 (Rated PG) after a hiatus. She's been busy with a Anakin/Tahiri fanzine, hosted over at TFN — links are provided at Allies & Links because you know anything she puts her hand in, is inspired and wonderful! Who else is involved in her fanzine? Thrawn McEwok, another superlative fanfic author! One doesn't need further evidence of this, but check out his ongoing series, Life on the Edge (Rated PG-13) and Part 4, where Han runs into his ex-wife. Yes, ex ... and why haven't you been reading the previous chapters?? Get your reading up to date and get to "GFFA Fanfic" for both of these serial installments in Stories & Things. Also in that section is "Poetry Stuff" by the inimitable Iella. Don't worry, it's a GFFA canon effort, as any poem entitled Pilot Song (For Wedge) would be. It's beautiful, and reminds many of us why and how we got into this business of fanfic. We're sure Obiwan would need a reminder now and again of why he was stuck in hiding on an outer rim planet of no apparent consequence ... he would remember every time he craved a taste of Sun Tea of the Living Force where the time it takes to brew and chill this low-maintenance potable is just enough to keep watch over a particular teen hothead. The details are explained in this "Recipe" in Hut Cuisine. It's not unlike another (culinary) hothead who's decided to strike out on his own, sort of, though we're not sure why there's another name over the door of the eatery called David Burke & Donatella. We love the former executive chef of the Park Avenue Café, and have decided that whatever that other person is doing over the door, she's a convenient scapegoat. ;) It's a "Noshery Review" of a très posh locale (though they have a $25 prix fixe lunch and brunch, for a more affordable tasting — we're working on a HutCon idea!) So whenever someone goes away, they can and often do return, in another form, or with another tale. Either is a-okay for the likes of us.

May 28, 2006
Sometimes people stumble on the 'hut and they like what they see, then they send in a GFFA fanfic which turns out to be awesome and kind of vintage, too. A Duty Between Friends stars Wes Janson and Wedge Antilles, yet is Rated PG or G. We'll be posting more of author Gillian F. Taylor's works in the coming weeks and months, and if you'd like to know more about her more immediately, her site has been added to Allies & Links — woohoo, ain't we LUCKY to get this Stories & Things GFFA Fanfic? Of course, if you're a member of the Irish national quidditch team, you might consider yourself unlucky to be taunted by Bulgarian Veela looking like the bonnie lassies of your dreams! The tale is told in Art & Stuff, and be careful of those cute veela, they do have hidden powers. Speaking of green and lucky, Disney has decided to bring a movie to the Broadway stage, but Tarzan, the Musical seems to be having some adjustment issues. There were good things about the show, and we even dared to diverge in our opinions from the pros, but overall we agree it could have used a better ... something. It's a "Review" in Stories & Things, and though we feel mixed about it, we're glad we went. Sometimes places and events are like that — you go for the one thing that makes it completely worthwhile. Like going to a not-so-clean place where no one speaks your language or knows your name but they do a superlative job of the food. We go to Great New York Noodletown for CWAAAB!, that most delectable of seasonal sea creatures: softshell crab! We bet Aayla Secura wishes she could have gone there instead of to Felucia, where the clone troopers she led received "Order 66" ... but before she died, she made peace with her slave past, via a dish of mushrooms on mushrooms. The troopers who imbibed know it as Felucia Fungii Parmesan, a variation on chicken parmesan and so much better, we think! Even if your allies turn on you ... both the "Noshery Review" and "Recipe" are listed in Hut Cuisine — this week's postings should make you feel as lucky as the Irish quidditch team (who won their game despite not capturing the golden snitch, so the Bulgarian veela were good luck, after all!) At least Gillian Taylor's tale is one where friendship — however dubious — is a good thing to have, unlike the tale of Aayla Secura ... but hey, if you have friends to gripe about (or not), then sound off on the 'Hut Blog. Or maybe you want to complain about softshell crab or the Veela or the latest show you'd sat through ...? At the very least, you can complain about how our memories aren't as nice as they could be. (Happy Memorial Day, ya'll, both past and present and future.)

May 21, 2006
We are all grateful for the quirky quality fanfic which gets posted here, but in particular, we love Thrawn's AU fare, especially his latest offering: Life on the Edge (Rated PG-13), Part 3 finds our favorite nerfherder acting all guilty during an attack on his dear Falcon! You'll enjoy this little "caught-ya" moment in this great "GFFA Fanfic" and stay tuned for more chapters! Though when Padmé finally realized what her husband had been chasing, we're sure she didn't feel smug at all ... and we know for sure that Anakin was feeling some remorse and bitterness. He even says so: You Said You Love Me, and notice the use of the present tense in this "Poetry Stuff" title. Both the Fanfic and the Poem are in Stories and Things. The Art & Stuff depiction of Padmé is one we bet Vader kept in a locket built-in to his chestplate or something, maybe with a lock of that flowing hair? Maybe it requires a coded key to unlock the secrets, not unlike the new film The Da Vinci Code, which opened to not such great reviews either in Cannes nor domestically, but we at the Hut prefer to see things with our own eyes before panning something, and we're happy to report that we see no reason to pan a work of good fiction. Amazing how many people forget this very clear fact! Remind yourself of this when you read this "Movie Review" in Stories & Things. But a more delicious way to get down to earth is to go to a place named for whores (or maybe just one whore?), though it sounds much nicer in Italian: Puttanesca, and no matter the provenance of the name of the place or the dish, the food here is absolutely fab, as described in this "Noshery Review" located in Hut Cuisine ... And that's the truth!

May 14, 2006
Now and again, a line is crossed that makes you feel guilty, even if you aren't technically doing anything wrong ... not really! Han must feel relieved though, in more ways than one? Life on the Edge is Rated PG-13, overall, though Part 2 might be a touch "older" if you have allegiances to certain relationships in the past ... you know you want to know (if you're of age!), in this continuation of the juicy and well-written "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. Of course, for some of us, the "edge" is the flux point between the old world and the new, as a town of the age of Boston. This "Field Review" in Stories & Things mentions a few distinctive eateries, but Rudi's Resto & Café is less ordinary for what you hear about Boston, it seems. But it was good, and no one got sick, which makes this a good "Noshery Review' — not like when Mon Mothma suddenly took ill after the Senator from Carida threw his drink on her face! The investigators didn't figure out why she took ill, but investigating her food, they managed to unearth and excellent Curry Corn Chowder. Both the review and recipe are in Hut Cuisine and we bet that an Indispensible Assistant could have discerned both the illness and the recipe, if only he'd been around? Why wasn't he? This history might shed some light on his limitations, and his creation. It's "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff, and you have to see that bad things (like the situation in Thrawn's tale) are not always bad, or even wrong.

May 7, 2006
Thrawn McEwok has been called "the AU twisted matchmaker," but this title would mean nothing without the substance: wondrous fanfic that works! His latest series is called Life on the Edge and that's a double-entendre, depending on the type of twisted mine you may have. the first installment (Rated PG-13) will be a bit of a shock to some when they realize what post-NJO realities are depicted here ... and you will enjoy it! Run to "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things for this multi-parter, and tune into subsequent weeks, too! Iella (the author) has been injured! But she is recovering well and has created "Poetry Stuff" for the Hut, and we all love that. Dreaming in Shades of Grey is her ode to Jango Fett from a mourning son, and in turn this Stories & Things piece inspired a sketch of the same title in Art & Stuff. But, it's not sadness to enter into a new relationship, or to dedicate your life to one you love. In fact, in the Harry Potter universe, the trials and tribulations of growing up and trying to fall in love (sort of) leads to odd contests, like Hermione's and Ron's desire to pin the odd nickname Couscous & Couscous on one another. It's a sort funny love story, but it's actually two excellent recipes, and so you'll find these recipes and tale the in "Recipes" side of Hut Cuisine. But if you desire a tasty dinner without animosity, you should try the small and unexpected Fagiolini, an Italian restaurant which has the dishes you expect an Italian place to have, unless you expect a lot of acidic tomato sauce and overboiled pasta. Fagiolini is none of that, and all wonderful, especially the specials! And we all know that a good meal will make any sort of angsty situation palatable in itself, whether it's mourning, divorce, murder ... or just being really, really hungry!

April 30, 2006
When things are wrong, how does one make them right? Love is a good way to start — and end — a lot of hurt, emotional or physical. Thrawn's continuing investigations into a particular AU pairing is familiar, yet still he can surprise us! We know who he's referring to in Jade Shadow (Rated R), but prepare for the unexpectedly horrifying ... yet tender. This "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things is AU, for sure, but we sure do wish the NJO was this interesting! Like, if Middle Earth was in fact part of our history, that might mean that Hogwart's and the wizard universe is a natural and understandable evolution of that world. Which might explain how a cave troll and a mountain troll are one and the same? Nonetheless, maybe one had evolved from the other? You decide, after reading The Evolved Troll in Art & Stuff — is the troll who went after Hermione in her first year possibly related to the ones who destroyed some walls of Gondor? Or maybe either one could have used some lightening up. They might have enjoyed The Gotham Comedy Club in Gotham City herself. Stand-up comedy is not an easy thing to do, but as this "Field Report" points out, someone's got to do it! Read about the big city experience in Stories & Things. Or instead, maybe have just have a snack with friends? If you decide to go that route, maybe trying a place like Mandoo Bar is a nice change of page over the usual dim sum parlors? It's located in Gotham City too, but in a section which is turning into Koreatown, and a mandoo is a dumpling, similar to the snacks sold in Chinese teahouses. Or maybe just accept An Invitation to Tea with Mitth'raw'nuruodo ... not that you'd get a chance to refuse such a thing. The one time Palpatine refused, he discovered that Pride Comes Before the Fall! But with such delectable recipes, you won't want to turn down the Chiss Grand Admiral, if you know what's good for you ... and just plain good!

April 23, 2006
Sometimes, a man's got to do what a man's got to do, especially when your only brother is having trouble seeing the forest for all the creatures he shows off as a xenobiologist. Even if that means modeling inappropriate clothing so he doesn't make a romantic blunder later on! Iella's much-beloved AU universe called At The Oasis has a new chapter to the Solo family archives: Bikini Detective (Rated PG). The title is intriguing, eh? So is the story — go check it out, a great "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. Anakin shows solid Solo genes, but also those of his maternal grandfather, who was also known for impetuous behavior for the sake of his friends. His ideas were challenged on Ansion; he's stubborn and doesn't appear to learn things, but he does, especially when it's accompanied by food! Master Lumaria Undali demonstrates that you cannot smear judgement over everything about a culture based on a series of bad experiences, with Non-Negotiable Ansion-style Corned Beef and Cabbage with Parsley Gravy which on this world might be called a feast to please St. Patrick himself! Ansion has variable weather, and sometimes the bad type of weather is perfect for some eating experiences. If you have a chilly, blustery day, a fireplace and grilled food and people who love you are the perfect recipe for a great meal ... or go to Casa Mono, Mario Batali's tapas-themed eatery, which is perfect in almost every way! These Hut Cuisine entries — both the "Recipe" and the "Noshery Review" — are perfect early spring meals, with friends, or those you'd like to be friends. Imagine how good a meal would taste in Elizabethtown with Paula Deen as your aunt and Orlando Bloom as your cousin? It's a "DVD Review" in Stories & Things of a movie which wasn't spectacular, but a great film to watch with funny details. And it opened some of our eyes to the nature of southern USA funeral food. Just as seeing a bikini on your brother might change your view on women in general! Anakin Bikini might make you wonder how one family can be so ... talented? It's "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff, which is always kind of cheeky, in one way or another (or more!).

April 16, 2006
Thrawn's brain has expanded our understanding of the Tahiri/Anakin relationship, and he's intrigued by Mara Jade's relationship with one of her apprentices, the grandson and namesake of Darth Vader. Get set for some remarkable revelations in Mistress / Apprentice (Rated PG); we're fairly sure Luke would not approve! It's a "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. But Luke might approve of a place like Boston's Museum of Science, not only because they put together the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibition, but because it's actually a well-maintained museum with high dorkage volume, and the adults and children who visit — even if only for the IMAX or the Duck Tours — might actually learn some real facts instead of stuff they read about in "the paper" ... This "Field Report" doesn't include everything which happens at the museum, so a second visit will be warranted sometime. However, don't bother going to Durgin Park despite its reputation and its Indian Pudding. The bad service experienced long ago when we were much younger has scarred us and colored our perceptions of this place. Eateries like this should learn that being overly "clever and snappish" in service is harder to achieve than "normal" standards of service. People are generally not bright enough to carry it off, was what we learned. But it does have a long history, but ends up second place to Ye Olde Union Oyster House, purported to be the oldest still-running restaurant in America. The menu apparently hasn't changed in many years, but really, if you're in New England, how many ways are there to do an excellent fish sandwich? These are contrasting a "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine, and you probably can't find Corran Horn's seductive Quick Impressive Niçoise , which limns he could get information (or anything else) through this constructed, composed dinner salad. You should NOT skip the anchovies — learn to love them, and enjoy this "Salad Recipe" in Hut Cuisine. By the way, Happy Easter! To have some old and new Easter dishes, Hogwart's style, consider this set piece: Happy Easter, Harry! , where we can see that "family" is where you find it, and good food is everywhere ... but it's better to share a meal than to partake alone. Really, hope you had a very happy Easter!

April 9, 2006
Years ago, a fanfic by Iris Bailey stimulated the imaginations of many a budding fanfic writer, and Csillag's The Rescue (Rated PG) used characters and situations (with permission!) from Ms. Bailey's excellent tales. Csillag's ongoing efforts delving into the life and emotions of Wedge Antilles is Family Pride (Rated PG), which takes place just before the events of ESB. It's (hopefully) a multi-tale fanfic, in Stories & Things. If you need a refresher on many things GFFA, there is an "educationally based exhibit" here on earth. The Museum of Science in Boston created a show- and tell- and play-fest called Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination. Some of us didn't want to go, but we're glad in the end that we got beaten and dragged to the venue! It's a "Field Report" in Stories & Things, with lots and lots of photos — some of us are starving for GFFA now that the movies are all done, after all. When starving, it's best to find a GOOD place to eat, rather than wasting your calories on a ubiquitous McDonald's or stuff you can get anywhere ... at least, try to find a restaurant that is distinctive to the area. For Boston, it's fish, and No Name Fish Restaurant is so good that for many, many years, it didn't need a name. It's a "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine, and it'll make you pine for the places where you don't know their name! But it's best to move on, to clean out ... it's springtime in the northern hemisphere, the traditional time to clean out the overfull garage, but many of us simply have no idea where to start. It would help to have house elves, and Sirius uses the three we know best from the Harry Potter 'verse for Cleaning a Garage: 12 Grimwald Place. It's actually a "DIY" with good tips on what to think about, do, and look out for to help clean your garage, in Art & Stuff. And meet the House Elves: Dobby, Winky, and Kreacher. We hear rumors that J.K. Rowling might be holding out Book 7 till 2007 ... so enjoy these practical tips combined with HP fanfic, just like we create our own GFFA tales in the absence of anymore movies.

April 2, 2006
Inara is a name from the Firefly/Serenity 'verse, of course, but this Inara is our newest GFFA fanfic author. She was introduced by Thrawn McEwok, which is a fine endorsement! Star Wars: Cages is an AU story of a boy and his aunt ... it's Rated PG and we hope this isn't Inara's only "GFFA Fanfic" sent to the 'Hut and posted on Stories & Things! (Thanks M'Ewok!) A more canon/EU type of tale is the raison d'etre for a "Recipe," created by a loving father for his daughter; Mirax is a picky eater, so Booster creates No-crusts Broccoli Quiche for his one-and-only princess. Of course, other emotions will also cause the creation of a recipe (like anger and frustration, maybe?), and an emotion like pride will cause you to make a success of it even when you'd nearly burnt the pot of Aule's Ambrosia: Quick-Thinking Two-Boil Mushroom Soup. It's a Middle Earth based "Recipe" but despite it being made of mushrooms, it's not the hobbits which concoct it. Check out both stories and their recipes in Hut Cuisine. And if the quiche and the soup don't tickle your fancy, in our world the humble hamburger is the universally acceptable viand, though it's possible to do badly, of course. But not at Joe Junior All Beef Burger Restaurant Coffee Shop, where the name promises the goods, and the short order cook delivers, even if your burger is not beefy in the least. "Noshery Reviews" which are about inexpensive places do excite us, it's true! Have a look at this and other reviews in Hut Cuisine. Food is about more than nutrition, of course, though at its base it's about survival, but also about other things. In exile on Dagobah, Yoda has the time to practice cultivation, and he develops the Yodapple, a pineapple plant which grows in the lack of direct sunlight. It was inspired by a comment made by Iella after she'd read ther "Recipe Set Piece" and story in Yoda's Last Supper. Developing such a breed in isolation was a form of meditation for the Jedi Grand Master, as he awaited the opportunity to train either Luke or Leia ... sometimes, it takes a while for the kids to come around, eh?

March 26, 2006
You remember the Wookieehut-canon Arixi Family Tree, that idea-arc of many stories which accounts for some missing gaps in EU, including AU and movie "data." Though no Arixi are involved in Thrawn McEwok's Chosen One (Rated R) also shows how genetic material can end up in places it isn't expected to be ... we struggled with the rating on this one ... it's "adult" in concept, rather than explicit ... sort of ... um ... it's a "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, that's for sure! Also for sure is the night we saw Elephants in Manhattan — honest! We weren't imbibing anything, though it was a cold night and we waited a long time and we have pictures to prove it! It's a "Field Report" because it's true, not fiction! A report of another type (and no less true) is the "Noshery Review," where we try to assess places to eat. This is usually a restaurant, though it has often been a pushcart or hole-in-the-wall take-out place. Or something inbetween any of those, and maybe mixed with a touch of entertainment theatre, too. Like at Dumplingman, where you can watch the dumplings being made and seared or steamed before taking a bite into the pillowy goodness of Chinese-style dumplings with a variety of fillings and toppings. It's listed in Hut Cuisine and if you plan well, you can buy some frozen dumplings and drop them into Chinese Meatscraps Noodle Soup, though it's plenty tasty even without them. It's a useful "Recipe" to have on hand, just check out the listings at Hut Cuisine for this and other bargain meal ideas. It's certainly cheap, which is something to strive for (just as watching elephants on parade or dumpling making is free entertainment, too.) And some kids are good at playing dress-up for free too, borrowing the clothing of others. Or in the case of Sana Komad Vrakil, she sings, I Enjoy Being a (Human) Girl! in front of her mirror. Why would she sing this? Well, she's a teen and she's a Twi'lek ... her father is a Quarren, and her best friend is a human boy who wishes he had been born a bothan ... seems like Wookiehut canon is a rather porous, flexible thing, especially as Art & Stuff!

March 19, 2006
The term Fully Loaded (Rated R) can mean a variety of things, but if Anakin had been told it applied to his wife, we doubt he'd even think of this one ... if anyone wondered what Padmé was doing before Anakin came home in Ep 3, this is one supposition ... it's a "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things and goes some way to explaining why Anakin didn't go ballistic when he was told the origin of a dish nicknamed Anakin's Puttana ... yes, that's rather a racy name for this spaghetti dish, but it's far from a pedestrian pasta "Recipe," listed in Hut Cuisine. It may even seem exotic to some, as the The King & I was exotic to American moviegoers in 1956. True, the story did upset a whole Asian nation, but try to see past the details of the tale for a highly enjoyable romp of a musical! It's a "Movie / DVD Review" in Stories & Things. And though a papaya drink and a hotdog is now a New York classic, it was exotic at one time, too. 14th Street Papaya is a copycat of the original Grey's Papaya, but it's no less classic, and even offers more tropical drinks ... probably not attempted by the King of Siam, but we can pretend as we read this "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine. It wasn't what was served to master GFFA novelist, Timothy Zahn when he appeared for a Book Signing, but the 501st and others did show up to honor and accompany the man responsible for the Expanded Universe as we know it ... the good parts, anyway!

March 12, 2006
It must've been tough to be Palpatine ... being evil meant being alone. He even had to stop trusting Vader eventually, but it was another Force user on whom he placed his trust and love. It's not a Surprise (Rated PG) considering she was beautiful whether Dressed Up or dressed down in assassin work clothing. Though Palpatine felt she was beautiful no matter what she was wearing or what she was doing, there was something special about watching a beautiful woman cook in her formal evening gown, and Mara indulged him with Eveningwear Supper (Mock Tikka Masala), a simple recipe. The toughest part was how to keep the red-hued sauce off your clothing — eat it slowly and carefully, even though its good enough and quick enough to gobble down indelicately! These three pieces represent a Hut first: a "matched set" of pieces all related to one another directly. Thrawn's "GFFA Fanfic" (in Stories & Things) is the inspiration for Diana's "GFFA Art" drawing, in Art & Stuff, of Palpatine's muse (after all, Thrawn did provide a detailed description of the Hand), which in turn inspired the simple supper dish, which is actually meatless, and listed in "Mains: Vegetarian" in Hut Cuisine. It's fun to roll ideas from one medium to the next! The recipe, in turn, inspired another idea where simplicity is something much to be desired, and a full dinner party menu was created for a Krummy Meal, named for the arrival of Hermione's paramour at the Granger household, based on the Harry Potter books! It's a good menu, and everyone should learn from Mrs. Granger's errors, a "Set Piece" of many recipes in Hut Cuisine. Viktor Krum probably would have done well to have a bite to eat at Europan, where Hutties found themselves when they found themselves "grumpy-hungry" before a brunch party, and reported what they found in "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine. We're sure the hosts appreciated that they did have a bit there, though be careful not to overeat and insult your hosts by having no appetite! (Mara had the right idea — bring your host home and feed him there, eh?)

March 5, 2006
Author Paul Urquhart has a mission: to create an "authentic" style Star Wars novel within the realm of fanfic ... it's due to come out sometime this year, but the novel is actually done! As a tease and a preview, Urquhart has forwarded Dark Paths: Excerpt (Rated PG) and the very nice (and really clever) Dark Paths cover art. Careful, it'll make you want MORE, but it's not ready yet ... tune in to the 'Hut regularly for the 500-page e-book! When? We don't know when ... but we do know that there are times for hotdogging and times for paying attention without showing off. Remember that Olympic snowboarder who lost any chance at a gold medal even though she had been way up front? She tried to hotdog and wiped out! Combined with an English assignment from school, PlazaQueen and Diana created a "GFFA Fanfic" called The Empire Supremacy Building. It's about Leia, hotdogging, of course! The tales are in Stories & Things and the cover art is "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff, enjoy the GFFA-ness! More GFFA tales are wrapped inside a "Set Piece" in Hut Cuisine which details Yoda's Last Supper. It's a feast to celebrate a long life, the seed of the New Jedi Order in Luke, and a way to clean up before he leaves his home in exile. The old so-and-so is a stickler for discipline and cleanliness, after all. The recipes are very good and quite simple; much of it you can nap through the cooking time. Though Yoda's preparations are all very good, anytime of day on a planet where sunlight doesn't tend to penetrate the cloudcover, so when is morning? But sometimes, you want a hearty and perfect breakfast that is not quite American, yet is not a "continental breakfast" (which, let's face it, means "you don't eat," as one of us Hutties defined it). To each their own, of course, whether about breakfast or fanfic. When you wake up, try Cuccina, for breakfast, which we'd previously reported for their wonderful dinners for two. Check out the "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine; heck, check out everything on the 'Hut — you'll like it!

February 26, 2006
The Winter Olympics closed tonight, and we think those athletes must be elated and sad ... but what was that whole hour about the war for? True, the Olympics are about sports, and sports are practice for war ... so, our "icon" for this week begs the question, when angels go to battle, do they don protective gear ... inspired by the closing ceremonies! And to sooth a body's (whether human or ethereal) aches and pains, we bet Oil Bath Therapy (Rated PG-13 "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things) "is going to feel SO good!" as declared by a certain 'droid. Or maybe they'll try to extend the experience by taking up the next-best thing to short-track skating, but maybe not at a place like Bonaventure Skate, where we doubt we'd see Apolo Anton Ohno or even a Flying Tomato! It's a short "Field Report" in Stories & Things. Speaking of red-heads, Ginny Weasley is straddled with not only the Weasley legacy her first year at Hogwart's, but as the only Weasley daughter in many generations. Her mother, the former Molly Prewitt, made sure the girl would not forget how to make Not So Portable Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler, which got her in some trouble at school. The "Recipe" is excellent, and appropriately a bright pink, and it's listed in Hut Cuisine. Other red/pink things are not so innocent, but in the case of a Trey Parker film called Orgazmo, it's actually much more innocent than it's theatrical NC-17 rating, even if it is about the sex industry and Mormons ... Keep your mind open and check this "Review" in Stories & Things. And if you prefer to go back into the spirit of the Olympics but lack "prowess" of the appropriate (or inappropirate) sort, you can eat internationally. In most places, "ethnic" means "cheap" and often "extraordinary"! One such place is Salute, a superlative Uzbeki restaurant (with a soup that one of us keeps referring to as "the Ludo Bagman" though there's nothing Leprechaunish about it) with excellent vittles for very little money. Now THAT should get us into the Olympic spirit of sharing and comraderie! (For other thoughts on the Olympics, check out the Hut Blog, or Battalia, inspired by the closing ceremonies.)

February 19, 2006
We hope your Valentine's Day last week got you your heart's desire ... but in some cases, what goes up, must come down, and not everyone is sad about that. Take that relationship between Wedge Antilles and Qwi Xux — we know many among you hated that one and cheered when the Starships of Adumar came out and put the kabosh on that one! But some of us wanted to know more about how it ended, since it started so oddly, and Broken Up is as confused and jumbled (and as Rated PG) as any of us might have felt, even if we have to admit what we said we wanted wasn't really what we wanted ... or something like that. And perhaps Obi-wan felt that way, too, when the woman he loved died in his arms. He refused to even dream of her ... until very late in his exile. But the woman in the vision was Changèd: Siri Tachi, and nothing like the woman Obi-wan remembered so many lifetimes ago ... The Qwi Xux tale is in "GFFA Fanfic" and the Siri Tachi vision is "Poetry Stuff," and are both in Stories & Things. The poem was inspired by a doodle done while watching the opening ceremony of the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics; pretty sweet how anything can inspire a 'Hut entry! That doodle on a piece of scrap paper is now "GFFA Art" in Art & Stuff. A dear friend's funeral inspired a tale of a much-overlooked GFFA character: Cordé, the handmaiden who lost her life as a decoy for Padmé Amidala when she returned to Coruscant to vote against the military creation act. Her co-workers had a private funeral and reception, the recipes for which appear in Requièm Hors d'Oeuvres. To honor her, her quirky recipes and presentations were served, which inspired many fond memories of the dead woman, and everyone found they'd eaten more than they expected to! (It happened in the real life inspiration, too ....) This special "Set Piece" is listed in Hut Cuisine and the individual recipes can be found throughout the "Recipes" index, too. Some people like to sooth their sorrows by ingesting as much meat as possible; a sort of carnal exchange. If you're going to do that to yourself, we recommend doing so at a decent place worth the subsequent gastric distress! One such place that just about makes the grade is the scarily named Spanky's, which we'd actually gone to see after viewing the very frenetic Charlie Ross's One Man Star Wars which is not a requièm other than a reminder of the zeal we felt when Star Wars first came out and sucked out our souls! Ah, to feel like that again ... whether in love, in death, or in life!

February 12, 2006
Finding Happiness is a difficult thing, no matter what your born talents, or who your family might be, but for Anakin Solo, Fixing Things is an ongoing fact of life, whether the results of his search for happiness is his fault or not ... despite being dead for over a decade, this tale is Rated PG; enjoy the final chapter of Thrawn McEwok's multipart "GFFA Fanfic" listed in Stories & Things. And in a sense, when Anakin first died, he suffered because so many wanted him to Stay, albeit in a somewhat different plane of existance. When you life flashes before your eyes, are the flashes true ... or merely some god-like reflection of the truth? This movie didn't do well in the box office, but it's intriguing and worth a rental on DVD when its released later, and it does star Obi-Ewan! It's a "Review" in Stories & Things. You can always view it as a sort of "arthouse movie" or see it as a psycho-travelogue of New York City. Then you can go to a nice, warm, bustling eatery like Café Fiorello afterwards to "discuss" the movie. It's in Lincoln Center where many of the expensive arts (opera, ballet) are staged, so that's not really arthouse ... but you can always make a visit to that weird Victorian-era psychedelia fountain, then come further downtown for a life-imbuing bite. If the food doesn't put life in you, the bill might! It's a "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine. Or go cheaper and perhaps more romantic and make a steaming mug of Hot Dobby for Winky for someone you care about, even though they are hurting themselves badly. Or try Crashing a Grindylow Tea Party if you're really hard up for treats, though you might find yourself a target of their ire, rather than being invited as a gesture of love? Speaking of love, it's Valentine's Day in a couple of days; the Hut has featured many a love story, but here are some which were created specifically for Valentine's Day in 2003:

Sweet Things, a sort of Gift of the Magi for Anakin, and for Tahiri (Rated PG, written by Iella)

What's Love Got to Do With It?, the unrequited yet forced tale of love unwanted and/or lost for Bror Jace (Rated PG, written by Diana deRiggs, Wraith6, Csillag)

Love is Bittersweet, the unrequited yet forced tale of love of Hohass Ekwesh for Shalla Nelprin, or maybe it was Myn Donos for Lara Notsil? (Rated PG, written by Diana deRiggs & Csillag)

Valentine's Eve Detention, a Recipe Set-Piece outlining how Cedric Diggory had managed to beat Harry Potter toward asking Cho Chang to the Yule Ball (recipes and tales written by SuSu, Hermi2, Dumbledwarf)
Old or new, may love and heartache always incite — and inspire — new fanfic and stuff!

February 5, 2006
Children are "ready" to break free of their parents much sooner than the parents themselves might be ready for it. In his "researches," Thrawn McEwok found evidence of rebellion with the Jade/Skywalker camp, authored by a young Ben Skywalker (Age 7) titled, When I Grow Up, Rated G. At least the people Ben finds to be preferable to his parents are "good" bad people, like Han Solo, or Obi-wan Kenobi in this "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. Someday, he may understand why his parents talk so much of "legacy," even if they themselves didn't understand their own. The Force will force it upon them, it seems, like in this tale of the Skywalker Legacy Rooster Beak Relish, which turns out to be a recipe that has affected three generations of the family, directly or indirectly. And only R2D2 knows the whole story, though it's C3PO who makes it, though he doesn't know why ... It's a great relish, nonetheless, and is listed as a "Condiment" or "Sauce" recipe in Hut Cuisine. Luke asks, "What's a rooster?" though he could have just as well asked, "What's a dragon?" Those of us who enjoy the Potterverse know all about the Hungarian Horntail, a "nasty piece of work," even according to Rubeus Hagrid who normally points out that dragons are simply "misunderstood." We're sure Harry didn't feel any misunderstanding when he was being pursued by this monster! It's the final of four dragons in PandaCat's illustration set, in Art & Stuff. There is little misunderstanding when you expect to stay in a certain type of place or a certain type of price, but it ends up being way below any reasonable expectation! That's what happened to some Hutties when they stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott, which was chosen for the TGIF for Breakfast, and that it was across the street from the LOTR Exhibit ... it was convenient, breakfast was included and hearty, but if ever we end up in the area again, we'll look for another place to stay! The "Field Review" is in Stories & Things and a "Noshery Review" is in Hut Cuisine. Try to keep your expectations open and low, whether you are dealing with your children or a hotel; when things out well, then you can be pleasantly surprised!

January 29, 2006
Last week, we featured a "Field Report": Dressing A Galaxy: FIDM Star Wars Costume Exhibition, and this week, we find ourselves somewhat inspired by the thought of "human dolls" ... Thrawn McEwok's twisted imaginings to create the story of willful imprisonment of Jedi warrior by the Yuuzhan Vong. It's a bit BDSM, and maybe not for the squeemish and rated Rated PG-13 for rather a gruesome situation ... but it's a Thrawn tale, and you know you will NEED to read Forced Perspective ... you'll see how the Vong create a "living doll"! Contrast this with Darth Vader, who is no less cruel when he creates a Mannequin out of a formerly living, breathing woman, just because they had the misfortune to resemble his former wife ... it's a twisty tale, too, something you might expect from Diana DeRiggs, and totally inspired by the Biggar Show (even using photos from it to illustrate the tale), Rated PG, since its a love story, at it's essence. Both tales are "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, and they may make you wonder about representations of humans ... Of course, there are some living humans who seem not-quite human, simply because they may be magical. Take, for instance, Nanny McPhee, the movie adaptation of Nurse Matilda, who was described as a "dreadful looking woman" who took on a multitude of incorrigible children with the help of a magic walking stick ... or maybe she was just way smarter than the kids? The "Review" in Stories & Things gives nothing away in terms of the tale, and you'll find that it's a movie which might make you want such a clever nanny, or maybe teach kids some incorrigible tricks! Another magical amulet is a LOTR-based piece called Enthraller Avatar, which explains how the tragedies of the royal house of Rohan had come to pass, from the mental decline of the king to the death of the crown prince. It's in "Other Art" within Art & Stuff, though it's fanfic, too. It's a lesson to be wary and look out for things which seem innocuous, but turn out to be really bad! Like a late-night venture into a neighborhood Coffee Shop, where a cute waitress turns out not to be worth the molecules in her brain and the food is so bad that a greasy garlic bread is pronounced "edible" in comparison! It's a "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine, and it's better to turn into a doll, either living or dead, than to have to suffer that sort of "cuisine"!

January 22, 2006
The book was published to coincide with Dressing A Galaxy: FIDM Star Wars Costume Exhibition. This is nothing about special effects, sets, technology — this show celebrates Trisha Biggar and her crew and predecessors who clothed the denizens of the GFFA! All the things we complained about with the LOTR Exhibit didn't exist here: there is a spectacular book (and collector edition, too), nonflash photos were allowed, there was a bathroom within the exhibit space, and it was in a warmer clime, too! PadawanRose and JediJen came back with lots of interesting pics and pieces in this "Field Report," in Stories & Things, you won't want to miss this one! The clothed mannequins made many of us pine for sewing skills and space and time ... but being that it's a busy time of year, we opted for playing with online paper dolls — you know, those sites where you can pick bodies, heads, tops, bottoms, shoes, hair, etc. to create your very own doll? It inspired a Harry Potter-world story called Living Doll, a Rated PG tale where Harry and others try to win dates with some of the ladies of Beauxbatons ... it's listed in "Other Fanfic" in Stories & Things, and "Other Art" in Art & Stuff, you can view the Living {Spello} Dolls on their own. What do those dolls eat, anyway? Since they are magical and likely exist on gossamer and such, maybe they'd be the only creatures who might enjoy a little café called Chez le Chef, which despite its pretensions and aspirations, it isn't good. There doesn't seem to be anything we'd want to eat, but maybe they're a front for fairy gossamer? As for the travelers who went to see the GFFA Costume Exhibit, they had to take planes, so would have run into Asian Chao which actually offers less unhealthy alternatives to airport food court dining in most cases. We liked it, en route back, in any case — find both of these "Noshery Reviews" in Hut Cuisine. And get Biggar's book, so we can start on Cosplay again soon!

January 15, 2006
It seems everyone needs saving once in a while ... maybe from a dreaded enemy, maybe from bad memories, or environment, or situations ... or even from one's self. Anakin Solo finds himself with Strange Bedfellows; you will be a bit perplexed if you take too much knowledge of canon with you when you read this Rated PG "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, but you know that it's worth imbibing a Thrawn McEwok tale. And you'll wonder how he can use his epiphany to save ... well, to save himself, from many things. In contrast, Samwise is learning that one can save people with food, in the sense that mourning is a necessary part of death and life. Legolas, who comes from a race whose members do not normally die (and thus death is "special"), shows him the Mirkwood Mourning Chokes, listed in Hut Cuisine. And in the ancient GFFA, no one signifies redemption more than Ulic Qel-Droma, our favorite fallen Jedi long before Darth Vader broke the hearts of those who loved him. Iella was moved to write a beautiful Poem, Aubade, which in turn inspired Diana to draw the relationship of Qel-Droma to Vima Sunrider. It's becoming kind of traditional to pair up scribbles with "Poetry Stuff" — you'll find the poem in Stories and Things and the drawing in Art & Stuff, and rather than saving each other, they boost and augment each other. Which is something a restaurant like Sette should have kept in mind when they decided to do a bad job of service during a recent visit. It seems nothing could have saved them that night; was it really that bad? Check out the "Noshery Review" in Hut Cuisine. Just save yourself the trouble of putting too much significance in anything, and simply enjoy this week's posting!

January 8, 2006
Thrawn is not only know for canon-compliant fanfic, but also for AU stuff, and it's always more interesting than the "official" stuff, that's for sure! See if you recognize the Girl On A Swoopbike before it's obvious who her father is! It's Rated PG "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things, and yes, it's a ThrawnMcEwok tale de resistance! For a tale-lette which is canon, try the Harry Potter universe ... how did Draco Malfoy earn the trust of you-know-who to receive the ultimate assignment? It started with Dark Mark Cookies, a Hut Cuisine recipe. If that's too snacky for you and you're chilly, a rib-sticking soup at a reliable cafeteria would be better for you as well as the dark lord. We've reviewed the Canal Café & Terrace before, but this time, it's all about the hot food rather than the snacks. (The recipe for this premium soup is actually listed already in Hut Cuisine, as Velvety Soup for Lurtz.) Or maybe wear a furcoat, like the one worn by King Kong. It's likely the shortest review posted in "Reviews" for a movie, and you'll need to decide if a big nose is a good thing. ;) But for those of us who aren't dwarves or hobbits, a Stockpiled Blanket would be far warmer. You can make one yourself! It's "DIY" project listed in Art & Stuff, so you'll be able to, honest! There are photos of Leia's Aunt Celly in there, too, making it a "GFFA Tale" as well. And if you have ideas for anything else, be sure to post granules and nuggets of content ideas in the Hut Blog, where our tempers get the best of us. Keep warm, this northern hemisphere wintery day!

January 1, 2006
Happy New Year to all! We hope auld acquaintances were not forgot, and that you didn't suffer things like hangovers or other nasty surprises. Though nice surprises are fine, like the extended Solo clan did when Anakin appeared after being "dead" ... in Tahiri's bed! Part 3: The Arms of the Family of Finding Happiness is a good New Year's treat, as any Thrawn McEwok tale would be! It's a Rated PG "GFFA Fanfic" in Stories & Things. But before you get to New Year's, there are the sales on The Day After Christmas, encouraged by Ol' Saint Nick himself! It's a Filk in "Poetry Stuff," and you always knew Santa was in on those sales, eh? And when you are on your feet and feeling in need of a restorative, try some of that Gorram Chai, which is rich, luxurious, tasty ... in fact it's all the things about coffee and hot cocoa you'd find relaxing, but it's tea, gorram it! And you can even prep a base in advance so you can make it up when you want/need it. It's a "Potables & Beverages" in Hut Cuisine entry. We could have used it one night when we went to a place called The Library, which had been touted as a good, inexpensive steak place, but we ended up wondering why they were here at all ... a cup of chai would have saved the meal, we think. See what we mean and check out the "Noshery Review." Why were we there? Because we wanted to visit Lord of the Rings: Motion Picture Exhibition one more time because it disappeared back to the Antipodes, and they were in the same town. Other reports from that "Field Trip" will show up in subsequent weeks, just like the Hut Blog will continue to host our rants and whinings ... and admit it, reading about others' misfortunes is fun! But we hope you don't have any misgivings on this new year's day!