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December 21, 2008
Apparently, Christmas started as a Winter Solstice pagan celebration, to celebrate the end of the encroaching darkness and the now-lengthening days. Who wouldn't want to celebrate the end of darkness and the coming of the light? Some Jedi would question the increase of light ... now and always. In the 'Hut, of course, darkness comes with ratings, ranging from G to X. You'd best watch out for the dangerous ratings, okay! We're not responsible for freakiness and freak-outs! Remember, that anything above "R" requires special considerations, and don't click on the NC-17 or X links if you're faint of ... well, anything. Because days are not the only things that can lengthen or abbreviate!!

Jedi Tahiri in Bondage
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated X A new author, a new take on Tahiri, what she suffers, what she doesn't think sucks! Things that happen in darkness, don't often remain in the dark. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Jade's Scion:
by Kidan
Ch 26 — Sannah
Ch 27 — Jysella
Ch 28 — Ben
Ch 29 — Valin
Rated PG Force visions tend to show stuff that is dark in nature. These four chapters find the dark taunting our characters — dark and dangerous stuff. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Brave New World — Five
by Thrawn McEwok
NC-17 As minimalist and shiny Jacen's trappings are, trappings are trappings, and they carry darkness with them. And some trappings are more insidious than others, with dark secrets behind their beauty and form. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Undercover — Part 4
by Diana
Rated NC-17 / X Iella desires Wedge to explore the depths of her darkness, and gets it in spades, and faster, too! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Chicken & Orange Parcels
by Gillian F. Taylor
chicken breast, rice, leeks, orange, en papillote Dark intent sometimes results in a light meal. Because if you're Wes and Hobbie, a dinner invitation is a prelude to darkened lights later, so best to keep things less dark and heavy to start. Hut Cuisine Recipes: Meats: Chicken
Low-cal Pumpkin Fool
by SuSu
pumpkin purée, sugar substitute, spices, orange, salt, non-fat whipped topping, gingersnaps Girls worry about their figures all the time, but especially when waiting for the boys of Hogwart's and Durmstang Schools to ask them to the Yule Ball. That's one form of a dark path, but at least this non-fat, no-sugar dessert at least will keep their spirits up. Hut Cuisine Recipes: Snacks & Treats
Henry's Hunan
by SuSu, MaceVindaloo, Bondo, Diasala
San Francisco, CA This place is worth lurking in dark alleys and cutting other would-be diners off at the pass to get a chance to eat here. Stride wide! Noshery Reviews: Hut Cuisine

Darkness isn't necessarily a bad thing; other than being the contrast to show light up so profoundly, it's the vehicle for many thoughts and creations on the 'Hut and everywhere.

November 24, 2008
One man's lusciousness is another's gag-reflex. Or fun has a "certain point of view" aspect to it. Creativity is spawned from anything from an embarassment of riches, to the leanest of situations. And it's irresistable when some people lose their freedom; in a sense, it can set them free when they find themselves imprisoned. This kind of liberating truth can hurt a lot, at least in a galaxy far, far away! And it's true for things like food, too ... for instance, given an oyster's purported reputation for resembling a certain limited body part, is it sensual, or is it horrible? Well worth thinking about, anyway ...

Brave New World — Four
by Thrawn McEwok
Rated NC-17 The Sithy One takes away control of the relationship that is the darling of many a fanfic writer, but Anakin and Tahiri don't seem to mind sharing each other — mind and body — with their local Sith lord. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Undercover — Part 3
by Diana
Rated NC-17 / X She doesn't like what Wedge is doing to her. Or rather, she didn't like it ... but what about now? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Jade's Scion: Ch 25 — Valin
by Kidan
Rated PG A vision from the Force is kind of like a cryptic — and unwanted —gift. What does it mean? And why does Jysella says nothing is all right any more? Do much for knowledge setting one free! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Two Sides of the Same Coin
by Kidan
Rated PG Love and hate are fetters in a relationship, but what will happen when the opportunity to free oneself comes? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Salad Days
by SuSu
leaves + something juicy + a protein + savory/ sweet + fresh/ crunchy + buttery/ warm/ chewy Why is it that so many people make terrible salads? Because they don't have rules, which is a form of freedom from choice. Rules can set you free from the fear of making a bad salad. Learn how to make a gourmet dinner salad, or at least how to order one. Recipes: Salads

Art & Stuff: DIY
Swan Oyster Depot
by SuSu, MaceVindaloo, Diasala
San Francisco, CA When you have to struggle to get into a good place to eat, you know you are free to enjoy it. After all, if it's so hard to get into, it must be good, right? Noshery Reviews: Hut Cuisine

Freedom for it's own sake can be overrated. After all, what good is a story without an enemy, or at least the stricture of some adversity, eh? And it's Thanksgiving in the USA, so ever more a reason to be grateful for your freedoms, and your constraints!

November 9, 2008
It's not everyday that serendipity bites you. Sometimes it's obvcious, hitting you like a jolt of salt, or perhaps that you can stop fighting now. Or maybe it's time to start! Sometimes the fighting is just plain dirty. Other times, the situation is simply iresistable. You know the 'Hut can take what looks like a good idea or recipe and twist it up. Or we just let ourselves stumble on new discoveries and situations, and you get the benefits!

Many Happy Returns — Chapter 46
by Iella
Rated PG Just because Tag is dead and an uneasy peace settles down, the fighting can hardly be over, eh? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Undercover — Part 2
by Diana
Rated NC-17 / X Iella Wesseri is undercover, but is not-so-slowly losing that cover to an unexpected adversary. Or at least, she thinks he's an adversary ... GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Jade's Scion: Ch 24 — Ben
by Kidan
Rated PG It seems Ben is the only one who hasn't lost any memories so far. Wonder why? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
JaporChapter 9
by Kidan
Rated PG (death) The fate of a Skywalker is to be the fulcrum of the force, and it ain't as sexy as it sounds. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Salt & Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies
by GringaMon, SuSu, LionGertler
Can you imagine someone not likeing chocolate at all? Yeah, but what if you love him, and you love chocolate? oatmeal, chocolate chips, fleur de sel Recipes: Snacks & Sweets
Kim's Aunt Kitchen
by MaceVindaloo
Discovery of a favorite food being cooked can show up in surprising places, in unexpected ways. Just go with the aroma! Pushcart in New York, NY Noshery Reviews: Hut Cuisine

Sometimes, you don't want to give discoveries away, but other times, you have to come to WookieeHut and offer up the best you've conjured up!

October 12, 2008
Ah, autumn! Those cooler, crisper days and nights, punctuated by humid hurricane-laden storms. It's all an excuse to get cozy and feel safe from the elements. Though even the tried and true can throw a curveball that sinks so deep you can't even think of hitting it ... erm, it's baseball post-season in North America, sorry ... some of us are a bit obsessed. But not so obsessed as to not keep collecting and reading and enjoying the bounty of a Wookiee Hut harvest! And that's true in any season. This week's accidental theme: we look at needs, in all their dark and dependent glories ...

Die, Jacen Solo, Die! — Go with da Flow
by Iella
Rated PG Jacen's abuse of Tahiri's gross neediness is paid back in kind ... what made him think he was so unique, anyway? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Undercover — Part 1
by Diana
Rated NC-17 / X She didn't know it, and she sure as heck never showed it, but when Iella Wessiri is forced into acknowledging her neediness ... will she do it? Can she? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Jade's Scion: Ch 23 — Jysella
by Kidan
Rated PG Humans have a need for truth, and when we get it, we think we will be the better for it. Are we kidding?? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
JaporChapter 8
by Kidan
Rated PG (death) Skywalkers tend not to learn to readily, even when the need for control is stated so blatantly! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Roasted Squash Soup
by SuSu
Jobal Naberrie cannot help herself when she sees edible vegetable centerpieces, she simply needs to make soup from them! squash, onions, peppers, chicken stock Recipes: Soups, Hut Cuisine
by SuSu, MaceVindaloo
A true version of a dish is not always the thing you want or need. The fake version is often more real. saltine crackers, pudding mix, cream, strawberries, jam Recipes: Desserts & Puddings, Hut Cuisine
Out the Door
by MaceVindaloo, Diasala, Lizard, SuSu
Almost-street food inspired by Vietnam, when the need forces you to find this place in the shadows of its more famous big sibling. Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA Noshery Reviews: Hut Cuisine
Slanted Door
by MaceVindaloo, SuSu, DollarBill
We thought we needed to go here, to a place described as the best Vietnamese food in the country. Nah. Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA Noshery Reviews: Hut Cuisine

Let's face it, some of us need baseball. Some of us need the restorative dampness and crispness and coolness of autumn. And we all need the fixes the 'hut gives us! And we're still in business, so send in your tales and art and opinions!

September 21, 2008
Some of us were just hanging out at our local bookstore, and to our delight, there were Star Wars novels there that we wanted to read! In fact, we'd been waiting to read them, but hadn't realized they were out. They glittered at us like jewels from the overcrowded bookshelves. And because we hadn't expected them, it feels like a sort of serendipity. Which, of course, is how we often feel at the 'hut when we get stories and recipes and and and ... We're so grateful and happy for all the tales which come tumbling in. They're all wonderful and remind us of the days before we knew everything about the Skywalker family and eked out wonderful tales from the Rogue Squadron comics. Heck, don't miss 'em, check out these glittering jewels:

Die, Jacen Solo, Die! — All in the Family
by Iella
Rated PG Children can be a blessing, but there is something about Skywalkers turning out to be not only jewels in the rough, but also the death of their mentors! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Happy Life Day
by Gillian F. Taylor
Rated NC-17 A lifeday celebration can have many happy surprises, especially the gift of your boyfriend's jewels! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Many Happy Returns — Chapter 45
by Iella
Rated PG It's often difficult to understand the great value of what you have until you've lost it ... or nearly so. The long-awaited next chapter in this long-running choice tale! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Shakedown Cruise
by Kidan
Rated PG Accompanying Aunt Mara on a cruise to break in her new Farmboy-built ship is never what you expect — it's a jewel of a ship, and it performs like a Skywalker-built ship should! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Jade's Scion: Ch 22 — Sannah
by Kidan
Rated PG Loss often is motivation for change ... but what happens when the change in you is the result of a loss that you hadn't known was happening? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Chapter 7
by Kidan
Rated PG (death) Ben seems to be an optimist, maybe because of his burgeoning love for Jysella Horn. And he doesn't want to lose this jewel to the person who'd murdered her parents and brother. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Jewel Fruit Salad
by Gillian F. Taylor, SuSu
The scruffy looking farmer isn't who he appears to be, and what is he doing with all that brightly colored fruit? fruit, citrus juice, liqueur Recipes: Snacks & Sweets, Hut Cuisine

Whether a jewel in the rough or in a salad, and whether to have loved and lost, or to love and fear loss, these are themes that the GFFA plus our own thoughts and lives brew into our wonderful 'hut offerings. Sigh and enjoy!

September 7, 2008
A tidbit of information for those weathering hurricane season in the American southeast: all hurricanes are born in the African Sahara. So the next time you wonder what the growth of the Sahara Desert has to do with you or anyone you know or care about ... well, now you know. The more windstorms in the Sahara, the more potential hurricanes and tropical storms. Which kind of goes to show that chaos theory really does kind of work (you remember, the butterfly flapping its wings in Beijing thing ... did that cause the olympics??)

The Hut's proof that humans enjoy this; they LIKE that small things have rippling effects, whether effecting things through distance or time, and sometimes both.

by Kidan
Rated PG The balance of life depends on little things, like that teetering moment between life and death, or that hand offered to pull you back from the precipice. Is that hand real? Does it really matter? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
by Kidan
Rated PG It's best to wait, even if you desperately want a kiss. It's just a little thing to wait, no? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Vengeance or Virtue
by Kidan
Rated PG Who is Raaba? Her full name is Raabakyysh, if that tiny bit of information helps? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Jade's Scion:
Ch 18 — Sannah
Ch 19 — Jysella
Ch 20 — Ben
Ch 21 — Valin
by Kidan
Rated PG Often, remembering or not remembering something is of no real consequence, and the tale can be told without exact details. Though there is the situation of what if that is the story? The little things certainly do make a juice tale-in-progress! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
by Kidan
Rated PG (death) The little details fed to you as the Horn's home burns down ... will they be significant? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Nero di Seppia
by SuSu, Wraith6, Sakim
Tiny bits of squid ink must be sought while evicerating the water-hungry creatures — so why does Anakin Skywalker like seppia so much? His wife wants to know, but not about the evicerations! Included: separate instructions for how to clean squid and get the ink out. uncleaned squid, olic oil, garlic, parsley, tomato paste, white wine, salt, pepper, spaghetti
Squid: Cleaning, and Collecting Ink
Recipes: Seafood | Pasta, Hut Cuisine
Japanese SW Novel Covers: OT
Rated G Japanese audiences experienced different cover art. It may seem like a small detail, but you can simply wonder why they chose differently from the US and European publishers. A good, nostalgic romp through "Original Trilogy" covers! GFFA Art — Art & Stuff

See what we mean? Those little ripples and currents — whether through the Force or something more common — it makes for good eats and good reads and good fun for us lucky imbibers. (Special thanks to Kidan for being so very prolific, yay!!)

August 15, 2008
Ah, if not for mystery, would there be storytelling? Or even depictions in paint and ink, if not for our imaginations? Posting stuff on the 'Hut answer some of the mysterious questions, and opens yet others. Sometimes the characters in our heads look like the characters on the screen, other times they behave in ways they were never described. (Though we do admit to a certain deliciousness when we see "in the flesh" what had only been previously stuck in our brains, like the X-Wing icon for this posting!) Click click click on the tales, and art, and essays, and many other things and be intrigued and inspired!

The Mystery of It All
by Kidan
Rated PG Sexiness is in the eye of the beholder, as well as in the mind ... for Anakin Solo, what the eye sees is sometimes less, rather than more, and that's often richer than no mystery at all! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Star Wars: Legacy of the Skywalkers: Redemption Chapter One
by Shadow Chaser
Rated PG SPOILER: For those of you who didn't like the ending of "Legacy of the Force: Invincible," never fear — the world of AU will redeem us! The first chapter in Shadow Chaser's new series! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
The Grin
by Kidan
Rated PG You know those people who get tattoos in languages they don't read? How do you know what it really says? Though that's not necessarily a bad thing! A fun mystery that you can resolve for yourself. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
An Old Boy
by Diana
Rated PG Mysteries in life happen because life moves in circles and cycles. What's old can become new. When you meet someone for the first time, is it really the first time? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
A Fine Kettle of Red Herrings
by Diana DeRiggs, MaceVindaloo
Rated PG So HP and the Half-Blood Prince will be delayed and released later ... so we get to contemplate the plates of red herrings we were served in the HP world, and how will they now be manifested in the movies?? Essays — Stories & Things
Chez Lahlou
by Gillian F. Taylor
A French restaurant in Yorkshire is a very good thing (and unlike MPWhite's places, the proprietors are very very nice!). A great place for a gathering of friends and family! Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK Noshery Reviews, Hut Cuisine
Buena Vista
by MaceVindaloo, SuSu, LawrenceEugene
This bar has food and a full stock, but you want to come here ona cold, blustery morning for an authentic and delicious Irish Coffee — it's where the brew was introduced in the USA. San Francisco, CA Noshery Reviews, Hut Cuisine
Bolognese is So Worth It!
by SuSu, Wraith6
A meat stew "married" to pasta. Beef, Mirepoix, Tomato Paste, Wine, Water, Pasta, Parmesan Hut Cuisine: Recipes: Pasta | Sauces
The Home I Should Have Had
by Gillian F. Taylor and Astronut
Rated G Life can deal a blow that end up being more poignant and significant. The death of Wedge's parents inspires a ship's colors, and that ship makes a trip across waters to a new home. GFFA Art — Art & Stuff

Mysteries or blatant fact, the 'hut is the place to enjoy our interpretations of our fandom. And by the way, if anyone watches the new Clone Wars movie, we want reviews!!

July 20, 2008
We thought the photo of this actress we're using for this week's icon looked like what we could expect Princess Isplourrdacartha Estillo of Eiattu VI to look like when her blood was moderately fired up. Love the hair — or is it a crown? Or maybe this isn't Plourr Ilo. Or maybe it's a rancor or something ... whatever! You know you want to click on it, and click on the many fun links we have. Yeah, we're sorry that life gets in the way and we don't post as often ... but you do get more, and quality is as quality does! It's all good, even if Isplourrdacartha is hollering for you ... or maybe it's for Ninny? Be sure to check over your Rogue Squadron comics again to refresh your memory on the identity of Ninny! Or just keep reading till your gray matter catches up! And while you're reminiscing, remember to send in your tales and naughtiness in — we just love that sh**!

Star Wars: Lusankya — Letters
by Shadow Chaser
Rated PG Tycho is alive, freshly escaped from the bad ship Lusankya. And it's good to know who your friends are.
NB: A standalone related or not to the story below:
GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
X-Wing: Lusankya: Chapter 16
by Shadow Chaser
Rated R Somehow, he managed to make it home, but Tycho finds that home is not necessarily welcoming him with and open heart. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
The CorSex Chronicles: Luke & Wedge
by Banshee
Rated NC-17 / Slash There are tempting uses of the Force which Master Yoda would have frowned on, maybe? From new contributor, Banshee! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Jade's Scion: Chapter 17 — Valin
by Kidan
Rated PG Valin not only has a lot to learn about women, but when to fight and how to deliver news. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Tacorias of the Bay Area: Mijita, Joe's Taco Lounge, Papalote
by MaceVindaloo, Diasala, Lizard, SuSu
While in a foodie town which can lay claim to the invention of MexAmerican fare, a search for fish tacos in three very different venues. San Francisco, CA and environs Noshery Reviews, Hut Cuisine
Boeing Boeing
by Diana, SuSu, MaceVindaloo
Broadway farce, based on a French comedy. Once upon a time, airlines ran on-time according to a schedule, and it was possible for a man to be engaged to three women without worry. Ha! Stories & Things: Reviews
This is fun and funky, be sure to let your favorite authors know (no matter the content — fanfic, recipes, reviews, etc. — that they need to keep writing! (And go ahead and yell at the admin droid to remind her to post, darn it!)

June 29, 2008
Time is a funny and very different substance from what we'd like to think it is ... It's the matrix upon which we all must ride, and we have to follow its rules: one way only, and it's constant. We can only perceive that it stretches or shrinks, but that has to do with our wishful thinking and imperfect brains. It also heals wounds and makes us forget stuff, whether good or bad (unless you're Winter Reltac, of course). And no matter what loopholes you find in time, you'll find yourself discovering that time is like the laws of thermodynamics: you can't win, you can't break even, and time will always be time.

Remembrances of the Past
by Kidan
Rated PG Even if you think you beat the past, can you really go back in time, AND forward, too? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
by Kidan
Rated PG For one man, the time had come ... and what could it cost to be weak in his presence? GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Jade's Scion: Chapter 16 — Ben
by Kidan
Rated PG Ben is told that whether he uses the Force or not, the time has come to meet his destiny. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Japanese SW Novel Covers: EU Cover art for Expanded Universe novels. Time and time again, the novel covers from Japan are more illustrative than the US covers; very appropriate that " SW Celebration" is held this year in Japan, land of Amidala's couture! Art & Stuff
by SuSu, Diana, MaceVindaloo, Diasala, Iszy, Lizard, Gornpod, WalrusPengie, Papasan
Japanese fusion London, UK; Boston, MA
There is a place for fusion cuisine, but is there a time?
Noshery Reviews — Hut Cuisine
Cucumber Sandwiches
by Susu
Not-quite traditional sandwiches for a high tea or cocktail party. Once upon a time, a proud princess-to-be would not admit that these delicious, easy-to-make finger sandwiches were her contribution to a potluck party. Breads & Sandwiches: Recipes — Hut Cuisine
Let us know if the descriptions are more like the descriptions of old ... thanks for letting us know that the new gridded format makes finding and clicking on features easier for you! Email the Admin 'Droid with more suggestions and comments. You know that EV9D9 will make the time to torture some little piggies, at least ...

June 15, 2008
Deep in it's evil, jaded heart, the 'Hut is a raucous, dirty, confusing place to learn and grow, and we like it like that! Even if growing up means we have more responsibilities in life, returning to a first love is satisfying, if not bittersweet at times ... to get stories and reviews and other content to you more regularly, let's try listing them differently:

On Duty
by Gillian F. Taylor
Rated R/Slash The ultimate cost of friendship ... and love. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Legacy of the Force: Invincible
by Shadow Chaser
SPOILER alert! Legacy of the Skywalkers, all around. Book Reviews — Stories & Things
Becoming An Adult
by Kidan
Rated PG Being grown up means too much information ... and maybe how to handle it. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
The Corsex Chronicles: Bror Jace
by Diana
Rated NC-17/Slash Challenge featuring 500-word scenes from the notorious sex club GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
by Kidan
Rated PG Sacrifices must be thought through. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Molé Poblano
by SuSu
Sauce The Wraiths have a sauce all their own. Recipes — Hut Cuisine
Jing Fong
by Susu, MaceVindaloo, Diana
Dim Sum Chinatown, NYC Noshery Reviews — Hut Cuisine
Golden Unicorn
by Susu, MaceVindaloo, Diana, CandiGrrl, RocketScientist
Dim Sum Chinatown, NYC Noshery Reviews — Hut Cuisine
Hope this format works for you? And hopefully, we can add things more frequently, even though we're growing up, growing away, making decisions. We still love the 'hut! Let us know your thoughts: email the Admin 'Droid!

May 18, 2008
Admit it, hearing the rhythmic "dun ... datuhduntun ... dun ... datuhduntun ..." reminds you of Han Solo, playing an earthling archeologist. And we're so looking forward to the upcoming, long awaited Indy4! We also enjoyed reading "Invincible," featuring the "Sword of the Jedi." But it's not all about the Solos or their earthly counterparts. We're still in love with our pilots! How much in love? To old age and death and beyond, duh! Gillian F. Taylor writes suprising — and peaceful — death for our favorite commanding pilot called, Once, He Danced. It's what we'd wish for anyone we loved, and it's a classic Rated PG. In contrast, the Hut is challenged by a WAAS-generated CorSex dare — Annallisa smacks us with her Rated NC-17 gauntlet with her opening salvo, The CorSex Chronicles: Tycho. And remember the original pilot, the guy who didn't get the original girl (Han did instead, of course!). But he did get no less of a high-maintenance girl in Mara Jade, and she comes with a high price. Why does he do it? Because, is all, says Kidan ... it's simply Where You Belong, and it's a classic Rated PG in Stories & Things, all quality "GFFA Fanfic"! But we do get back to Han Solo / Indiana Jones; they're the same guy, after all. They both might be found in a big-city cantina called Hallo Berlin, which is named for one city and located in another. It's a "Noshery Report" in Hut Cuisine, without the goosestepping, other than in your imagination, of course. And if you remember the zeppelin ride, you can imagine the "elegance of travel," and how one can get tossed out for having "No ticket!" Best to make sure you have your ticket, but is this scene New or Old? GFFA or Indy-time? It's a very classic scene, in a variety of worlds. And while you are figuring out where and when, see you at the theater this Wednesday!

April 28, 2008
You know the saying: you can pick your friends, but not your family? Or, that friends are the family we can choose?. It's true, especially when you wish someone wasn't your family. Iella writes brilliant tales of the Solo boys. This one begs, Die, Jacen Solo, Die! In her world, he does, in a variety of creative and satisfying ways! This time, The Family Tree is not about a murder, not really. You'll enjoy it, just like you'll enjoy Kidan's alternative universe tales along the same topic lines. This one is like a romantic dance, and has the requisite romantic title: A Final Kiss might make you wonder about the decisions we make out of love. Even if you don't really know why you do things, it's then a requirement to follow your gut. Even outside the good ship Jade's Scion, the Force affects Kidan's young Jedi: Sannah and Jysella both find the Force talking to them in ways familiar and confusing. Featured in "GFFA Fanfic," within Stories & Things, they're the latest Rated PG additions to our library of good reading. Of course, you know that at the 'Hut, we also enjoy good reading, and Hut Cuisine showcases "Recipes" paired with stories, as well as "Noshery Reviews" for those of us who prefer to go out now and again. That doesn't mean we're always flush with cash, of course. A great Italian-style sandwich — either hot or cold — can be had at the inaccurately named Park Italian Gourmet. The shop is just about a hole-in-the-wall, so take your lunch in nice weather to the pocket or city parks for a picnic. Of course, you can also get quality fare in venues without a brick-and-mortar location. Don't let silly names like Kwik Meal & Kwik Gourmet or Mister Softee deter you from trying them out. In fact, with the weather getting nicer up around here, the lines around the street carts can get longer. And sometimes, the weather changes suddenly, a hallmark of spring-time. Get something warming in you then, or at least make it for others you care for. Booster can enjoy the effects of Corellirish Coffee, even if he can no longer imbibe. This version is actually based on a recipe served at a pub in San Francisco — we'll be sure to write more travelogues. What better way to remember trips with friends who are family? Stay tuned!

April 13, 2008
We're really really late for Valentine's Day! And Easter ... and ... But really, the Hut is full of love and hope stories — which we hope have inspired your love lives — as well as the "other end" of love. Relationships with others always leave a mark. We're not talking when love simply fades; in a sense, it never goes away, but it warps and mutates. Perhaps that was the point with the Force: when you have love, you also have hate. Kidan delves into the depth of hate following love in The Gallows which also investigates some masked aspects of the Force, too. In Jade's Scion, Valin discovers that manipulating the Force doesn't always end up as you'd expect. Then again, the Horns have hardly proven to be smooth operators when it comes to matters of love or hate. In contrast, some people just have to be accepting of themselves, and their heart's desires will come to them. Perhaps this couple is unexpected, but they'd been alluded to in their canon depictions, but maybe a Rated R with spice is more "real" for some of us? Diana may know a thing or two about how love is manifested only if you Set Her Free, based on the Harry Potter universe — a way to keep the story throbbing and alive! Iella's ongoing Many Happy Returns is still fresh, almost visceral! And viscera ia always important in wondrous tales of classic-style skirmishes and lightsabre battles!!! So we know you'll love Iella's next two chapters: Chapter 43 and Chapter 44. You'll still be on the edge of your seat, maybe even lightly cursing that the 'Hut has not posted these Stories & Thingssooner! Yeah, well ... nothing to say about that except we'd suffered many crises in resources — time, talent, treasure. We've had our embarassment of riches in the past, and are still blessed with angry and disappointed fans who wonder WTF ...? We're sorry. Thus all the yummy stories, and we hope to continue to post and inspire. Other inspirations include excellent food and challenging food — sometimes they can be the same things. Chris Cosentino's Incanto is a bit of an enigma. It's old-fashioned use-of-all-parts-of-the-animal-and-plant style of fare. But given that this is America, it's scary to encounter a pile o' chopped heart and veggies! Yes, adventure is more than just imagination, and romance is more than a steak. And if you think the 'Hut looks different ... we are trying a few new things to make posting less of an endurance thing (as it can sometimes be, as pleasurable as the efforts are at other times). Thank you for hanging with us, and please continue to contact us — it keeps us going on and happy to do what we do! (Serious!)