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September 16, 2012
Unhappily, our world is still at war in parts of it. Sometimes, it feels like hatred and a desire to annihilate things in the quest for power and revenge is unending. Thus, we are inspired to write stories of war and its effects on the warriors and those who are ancillary to the fighting. Plumbing the depths of human nature and suffering can help us resolve our questions of why and how it happens. Or perhaps it's just fun storytelling? It's good reading, and featured this time is a story that ended up hosting a recipe — a new format for the 'Hut, but we're still also running recipes upon which we tack little stories, too. And fanfic! Yay!

Battle Scars II
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated PG It seems the Imperial Prostitute duties by Ta'tan'ia aren't going to rest; Admiral Daala is determined to keep that comlink on her wrist, no matter what! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Amateur Night
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated R It's pretty amazing how clueless Jaina could be, even when faced with a naked, writhing Twi'lek leading her round with bondage chains ... what an amateur! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Alema Rar & Jysella Horn II: Helping Out the Locals
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated PG Being a goody-two-shoes can reap some rewards, but if you annoy someone in charge, then you'll end up dealing with the paperwork and stuff. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Star Wars: The Best Star Pilots in the Galaxy ...
by Paul Urquhart
Rated PG A blog post from a good friend of the 'Hut: Paul Urquhart is a pseudonym. He was born in Scotland between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back and has been a Star Wars fan since he bought his first toy X-wing at the age of three. Although occasionally mistaken for a larger-than-life Ewok, he is a historian by training, specializing in medieval society. Doesn't that pique your interest? Perhaps he's Lt Kettch! GFFA Allies & Links
His Daily Bread
by Diana deRiggs, Susu, MaceVindaloo
Rated PG Bread is a common metaphor for life itself, and how it gets to the table should matter more than it does for some people. This tale comes with a recipe, too. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
A Child's Father
by Diana deRiggs and DorianGrey
Rated PG The right thing is sometimes not the thing you think it is, and it's not just about you. GFFA Stories & Things
by Diana deRiggs
Rated PG If you look hard enough, there are patterns — whether broken or rhythmic — that point to the truth. But it's up to your own self to tell it. [NOTE: A story that dovetails with A Child's Father, but was actually written separately.] GFFA Stories & Things
It Was Just Him
by Artemis Actaeon
Rated PG Despite it's innocent tone, this story of infidelity is rather cynical. [And interestingly, this is an unrelated tale which does actually fit in with A Child's Father] GFFA Stories & Things
Potions of Many Types
by Susu, MaceVindaloo
Plum Sauce & Fizz | Fruity Herbal Smash | Coffee Elixir People desire a magical philtre to right wrongs, wreak vengeance, and help ease their pains and tasks. So, give them something tasty from the the brews — kind and evil, alike! Hut Cuisine — Set Pieces

Well, withot war, what is peace? Without evil, what is good?

May 28, 2012
Some of you might have seen the partial lunar eclipse, and we were reminded the last time we saw it ... nearly two decades ago. Back before the prequels, when the Internet was new. And it made us think of pre 'Hut days, and our collection of story contributions this time have a more basic feel — no convoluted plot points, no confusing mainline characterizations. It's good to remember, on the US Memorial Day weekend, no less. The battles of the GFFA reflect those of our lives, now and in the past. We even have a tale inspired by the eclipse (as well as the giving and acceptance of a real ring — congratulations to PBP on receiving a long-covetted ring!), and a recipe set piece featuring spices and easy preparations, even within the tempest of war or boring starship journeys, or best wishes to long life-journeys, too! Happy Rememberance, and may our memories not fade!

Taken on Trust
Part 1 Rated PG
Part 2 Rated R (m/m slash)
Part 3 Rated NC-17 (m/m slash)
by Gillian F. Taylor
Rated PG to NC-17 / Slash (m/m) At the start of the "Rogue Squadron" series of paperbacks, Tycho was suddenly back with the New Republic, with a back story that was later revealed over the subsequent books. But the details of how Wedge managed to get Tycho to become a part of the squadron, how it was reformed ... those bits were glossed over. Gillian F. Taylor presents not only a hot, rich story ... but we are totally convinced this is actually how it happened. And for those of you who won't read pilot slash ... you have the right to remain silent. :) GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Battle Scars
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated PG-13 Battle scars are a source of pride, especially in how they are earned, and the memories they represent. Jaina Solo has a lot to remember, and a lot to resolve. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Pirate Attack II
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated PG Alema Rar remembers her time undercover with slavers, but discovers that she wasn't all that successful in hiding her identity. Still, there is always stuff to learn and accomplish, with her apprentice — the daughter of Corran Horn. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Jedi Prisoners
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated PG-13 Sometimes roleplaying is for real, but the results can be no less memorable. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Ice Prison Rescue
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated PG We can't remember an Alema Rar mission that didn't result in a huge headcount; that makes this story of risk and rescue that much more memorable! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Worth Waiting For
by Gillian F. Taylor
Rated PG You may figure out what's going on before Iella does; Wedge does.. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Vague and Absolute
by Diana deRiggs
Rated PG Gut reactions and their associated memories are sometimes more truthful than all the logic we try to put in its way. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Contents Different From Packaging
by Artemis Actaeon
Rated PG Before you think you know everything there is to know, remember that you could more easily be wrong. Don't assume, or you make as ass of ... you remember the saying! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Part 9 (end) Rated R
by Diana deRiggs
Rated PG to NC-17 Sometimes, other things get in the way and the story doesn't end; this one does, after a long and steamy time. But ... not in Jag's mind. It's just (re) begun! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Wedding Ring Effect
by Diana deRiggs and Wraith6
Rated PG A rare phenomenon is less so if you can arrange your ship's approach properly, so to keep it rare, use the event for a rare proposal. And if you do it right, you can mirror the phenomenon outside the window. GFFA Art & Stuff
Let the Tempest Arise
by Susu, MaceVindaloo, PotBellyPig, DrachmaProfile
Saag Feta seasoned with Convenient Bottled Spice Mix | Coconut Almond Cupcakes frosted with Classic Creamcheese Frosting | Rhubarb Ginger Galette | Bottled Plum and Dried Raisin and Preserved Ginger Upsidedown Tart This "tempest" is the storm of delight when spices and seasonings are used in a contained environment like a starship — where fare can be bland and unmemorable. A spicy creamy spinach dish and three desserts sounds like a tempestuous nutritional proposal, but a wondrously memorable meal! Hut Cuisine — Set Pieces

Make good memories, and use the old ones, too!

April 23, 2012
It's been a weird time, climate-wise. Despite everyone fussing about it, there seems to be little being done about it. Of course, winds of change tend to be hard to describe or detect ... but even so, one would think that someone living on the edge as arrogantly as Admiral Daala might be wise to take care ... or those snooty Galactic Alliance types who do take prisoners ... or even when "like daughter, like mother." Yeah, lots of changes, but that's life, and thus, that's the GFFA, and ergo this 'hut of ours. We'll keep posting — slower — despite the winds of change! Enjoy!

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated NC-17 / Slash (f/f) The ongoing "Imperial Prostitute" series is titillating, especially since there aren't supposed to be any more of them ... but you can't keep a good Jedi down for long. Not unless she likes it, of course! A continuation of the "Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia" multi-chapter story. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Jedi Submissive II: Bonus
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated R A wrap-up on the Hapes consortium, on the Queen mother's royal yacht. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Carter Retrac
by Diana deRiggs
Rated PG-13 Leia's children consider Winter to be their second-mother, and Winter takes that role very very seriously. Leia remembers when she discovers why Winter has no children of her own. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Leia's Discovery
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated R The slave girl outfit has gotten Jaina into trouble before, but having escaped an uncomfortable situation, now it's Leia's turn to be uncomfortable — though in a different manner! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Tahiri Veilia: Bounty Hunter
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated R Being a woman of experience makes one more formidable. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Vestara Khai: Bounty Hunter
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated R Making a living on the edge takes some sacrifice, but it's full of fun challenges. GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Zekk Two-Pack
by Bethany Handcuff
Rated R Sometimes a story is best pithy, or two stories! GFFA Fanfic — Stories & Things
Burn Zoma, Kohl!
by GenerationZero, Iella, Diana
Rated PG It could literally be about burning some fossilized plant material, or perhaps about global warming. But if you are a Star Wars dork, it's about the planet Soma V, and why the Empire destroyed them! GFFA Art & Stuff
Your Lack of Faith
by Miscellaneous Anonymae
Rated PG This makes it really clear who is higher up in the hierarchy of the spiritual: Anakin or Obiwan. Well, duh! ;) GFFA Art & Stuff
Via Matta
by MaceVindaloo
Boston, MA Good Italian place with very creepy, big paintings. It reminds us of the movie Mickey Blue Eyes Hut Cuisine — Restaurant Reviews
Sam LaGassa's
by MaceVindaloo, Susu, Diasala
Boston, MA The two big bastions of Jewish style brisket are New York and Montreal. Boston is inbetween, but that doesn't mean the sandwiches are worse — if anything, they might be better than either! (We know ... fightin' words!) Hut Cuisine — Restaurant Reviews

And "burn some coal," because it inspires us. :)